An Appealing Appeal…Letter That Is!!! Also Starring: Marty Friedman's New Video!!!

I apologize for being inconsistent with my posts. I’ve been busy writing an appeal letter to BGSU.

As some of you long-time readers might know, my grades were terrible coming out of high school and ITT Tech. Because I was on the edge of a 2.5 GPA (I think it was a 2.0 or 1.93), they allowed me to appeal and state why my grades were so low. Here’s what I wrote:

01 – My purpose in transfering to Bowling Green State University is as follows:
I intend on learning, exploring, and creating as much as I can within my stay at BGSU, whether it’s in the classroom or outside of it. Specifically, I intend to learn a new language, Japanese, so that I may continue to learn, explore, and create even beyond the limits of language. I also intend on improving my writing skills in English as well as learning more about computers and their roles in the public and business worlds.

02 – The following statement supports my belief that I can maintain a successful academic record at Bowling Green State University:
I have learned not to put any job over my passions and personal growth. I have also come to terms with my dad’s passing and I have moved on. I am now ready to progress as a person. I feel that I am now able to handle what BGSU has to offer me and will dutifully accept the workload. As stated above, my goals in attending BGSU are to learn, explore, and create to the best of my abilities and beyond them.

03 – The following circumstances or conditions have prevented me from achieving the 2.5 GPA required of transfer students wishing to gain admission to BGSU:
In high school, I was accepted into ITT Technical Institute at the end of my first semester of my senior year. They said that all I needed was my diploma and I can attend. This gave me a case of senioritus. I became very lax about my homework and even tests, which I’m best at. Shortly after graduating, my dad passed away. It had both a negative and positive effect on my life. It motivated me to do something with my life and work harder than I ever have at ITT Technical Institute. On the flipside, his death hampered my work on a subconscious level because I put it off to the side and didn’t actually come to terms with his death. Also, because I had to travel sixty-five miles to school two to three times a week, I worked around thirty-five hours just to make end’s meet. I made the mistake of putting my job over my education.

04 – Additional comments in support of my petition:
My goal in life is to learn, explore, and create using any and all media available to me. I feel that BGSU can help me in achieving this goal by offering me a stimulating learning environment, many new places to explore, and the freedom to create.

I sent it in earlier today. I hope that BGSU will allow me to attend, but I dunno for sure. Because of what happened the last time I was in college, I want to make damn sure that the financial aid department knows what they’re doing and can give me enough grants & st00f to get me through BGSU.

Besides working on my appeal letter, I’ve been absolutely HOOKED to Salaryman Kintaro. Just when I think I have this anime figured out, it takes an unexpected twist (in a good way, mind you)! If you get a chance to see it, please do! Sure, the animation appears a bit dated compared to modern-day cell-shaded anime (it ran in early 2001), but it’s still quite an enjoyable show to watch.

In other news, I just got wind that Marty Friedman’s teamed up with Shinichiro “Sin” Suzuki to form a new group called Lovefixer. Although it’s receiving a lot of criticism from the heavy metal community, who want Marty to “nut up and come back to Megadeth”, I personally like it. Here’s their first video. I don’t know what the name of the song is, but it’s either “Yakou” or “Crystal Rain”:

As I’ve said before, some of the main reasons Marty Friedman is one of my biggest influences, besides just his music, is his versatility as a player and his determination to do whatever he wants to do, regardless what others may think of him. When he left Megadeth, who at the time was at a commercial peak, lots of people lambasted him for “going pop” and “wearing a thong and playing for some chick in Japan”.

Marty took an incredible risk, and it paid off handsomely for him. When he was in Megadeth, he was just the lead guitarist. An amazing lead guitarist mind you, but not much else. Sure, he did Cacophony with Jason Becker back in the day, but that was about it. When Marty moved to Japan, very few people knew who he was, so he basically had to create his identity all over again. He worked with various Japanese musicians, producers, television programs, magazines, etc. over the years and has established himself as something more than just Dave Mustaine’s fretboard co-wizard.

He is Marty Friedman: Guitarist Extraordinaire, and an inspirational figure for me.


P.S: Do any of you guys know what guitar Marty’s playing in the video? It kinda looks like a Dean Soltaro to me.

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