…And I'm Back!

Hey guys! It’s good to be back home again!

My mini-vacation was definitely needed. I didn’t do much, but honestly, it was what I didn’t have to do that I liked the most: working.

It’s official: everyone in the developed world has seen The Dark Knight. I thought the movie was great. It did drag in some parts, but its minor imperfections and my nitpickery don’t take away its awesomeness.

So Jon made a total ass of himself the whole weekend. He was being an attention whore and stepped on everyone’s toes all while we were there. I was embarrassed. Oh, and because I want to pursue a career as a stand-up comedian, I’m no longer in Rust. Oh well, I was gonna quit if he went through with that whole Grand Slam thing anyway. I doubt that he really meant it, but I dunno about Jon these days. I can’t wait for life to rip him down to size, seriously.

Moving right along, I saw some videos of my cousin’s trip to Japan. I didn’t realize that Japan had such an eclectic taste in arcitechture. Sometimes, it was clever. Other times, it made you go, “Huh?”. There’s definitely a lot more chrome and glass in Japan than I thought. I can’t wait to live in Japan!!

I have three majors/minors at BGSU that I’m debating between. Here are the pros and cons of each:

Creative Writing

– Will help my writing tremendously.
– My potential jobs from this are incredibly varied.

– Might not get me a solid income.
– Might have waaaay too many really long essays to write.

Management Information Systems

– Will put my ITT Tech credits to good use.
– Will widen my career opportunities.

– I’m not into it as much as I was back in 2004.


– I’ll learn a language that I’m really interested in.
– I’ll have opportunities to study abroad and work as an English instructor among other occupations.

– It’s a fairly narrow niche market compared to other majors.
– My expenses living in Japan may be too much for my income as an English instructor.

Because I have 3 majors that I wanna study, I’ve decided to go through the following plans depending on whether or not BGSU accepts my credit from ITT Tech:

If BGSU Doesn’t Accept My ITT Tech Credits

– Major in Creative Writing and minor in Japanese.

If BGSU Accepts My ITT Tech Credits

– Major in Creative Writing and minor in Management Information Systems while taking Japanese classes as my electives and try to study abroad.

Well, I’m gonna watch some videos and head to bed. Good-night!


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