The Andy-San's Shining Super Miracle 200th Post!!1

Welcome everyone to The Andy-San’s Shining Super Miracle 200th Post!!1 (I <3 CopyPasta)!!1

As promised, I do indeed have a surprise for everyone. I bought another guitar Wednesday night off of eBay. I was expecting it to be delivered sometime early next week. I told my aunt after I’d finished lunch that I can’t wait for the package to show up. I reflexively looked out the front door and loh and behold, a huge package was on the doorstep. I told my aunt, “You remember that huge package that I’m expecting? Well, it’s here!!” I lugged it in and after what seemed like endless tape cutting and pulling out miles of packaging, I pulled out the guitar. It’s a Silvertone Apocalypse Special, made famous by Paul Stanley of KISS. Aside from some cosmetic scrapes here and there, it looks great. The nut had to be glued in so I got out some super-glue. Not knowing how thin super-glue is, I spread enough on the bottom of the nut and covered my left middle finger and some of my index and my ring fingers in super-glue. I ran to the sink to pour warm water and kept my fingers separated while the glue hardened. I forgot that I put the nut on the table and pryed it off and reglued it to the guitar’s headstock. The guitar also came with a set of new strings and a little drawstring baggie too (the strings are Fender 10-52s and thick as fuck). After putting on the new strings, I adjusted the action because the strings were buzzing super-bad. I cut the high E string too short so I’ll have to go to the music store tomarrow (or later on today actually) and pick one up as well as a guitar case, a strap, and some heavy picks cuz those thick strings’ll tear into my medium picks.

Hey, I just thought of a joke! Why did the stripper go into the music store? Because she broke her “G” string! *silence* …Ok then, on to moAr good news!

I recently uncovered some pictures that I’d forgotten about and I’ll put ’em up on my Facebook. I’ll also put up a new profile pic of me and my new guitar. It was the most difficult pic to take and it took some l33t toe skillz for it to work so enjoy!

Work was tiring today because it was Friday and all the kiddies were out in full force. One guy told me that I’m the only one back in the grill that knows what he or she’s doing. I took it as a compliment and grinned. My cousin’s in talks with the personel chick of the factory that he works at. Hopefully I can get in and make a re-dunk-yo-momma-liss amount of money so wish me luck!

Well, I hope you enjoyed The Andy-San’s Shining Super Miracle 200th Post!!1 (again, much luv for the CopyPasta!) and thanks for sticking with me through the good, the bad, and the weird. See-ya!!1


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