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When you’re confused about where you should go in life, it’s best to take a step back and rediscover yourself. Enter Myself ; Yourself.


Sana Hidaka, a sixteen year old high school student, returns to the fictional town Sakuranomori in W. Prefecture five years after his family moved away. He reconnects with his childhood friends Nanaka Yatsushiro, Aoi Oribe, and his best male friend Shusuke Wakatsuki along with his twin sister Shuri Wakatsuki. Sana lives by himself in the apartment building Aoi’s family runs. Sana soon finds out that while some things have stayed the same, there are many things that have changed.

Character Overviews

Hidaka Sana – The basic, everyman male lead.

Yatsushiro Nanaka – The cold love interest of Sana who was a sweet and caring girl when he left.

Oribe Aoi – The cute, childish girl who lives next door to Sana.

Wakatsuki Shusuke – The other male character who is your basic anime best friend (a bit rowdy, but at times uncharacteristically serious).

Wakatsuki Shuri – Shusuke’s athletic twin sister.

Story: 8/10

Myself ; Yourself may appear on the surface as another fan-service anime with lots of fluff for a storyline, but it’s more than that. Without giving away too much of the plot, I can say that there’s quite a few plot twists that come in past the halfway mark in the series. I like that Myself ; Yourself uses character development to push the bulk of the story along. It makes the characters more memorable and you can connect with them pretty easy.

I give it an 8/10 for a deceptively interesting story that focuses on the characters’ development instead of completing some “goal” (like defeating the biggest bad guy in the world or completing the puzzle from hell).

Animation & Music: 7/10 for Animation and 8/10 for Music

The quality of the animation in Myself ; Yourself is passable; nothing really startling. Although I did enjoy the characters’ designs, I’ve found that their designs are not very unique and you could easily swap them out with characters from another series.

The opening and ending themes are really enjoyable. I especially love the opening sequence with the characters playing the song on stage.

I give the animation a 7/10 and the music an 8/10 for a good, but not that great, job.

Characters: 7/10

The character I enjoyed the most, even though she may annoy some viewers, was Aoi. I thought that she was funny! The other characters were pretty bland and predictable at first, but a few plot twists later and I began to appreciate them a bit more. I was kinda disappointed that Aoi didn’t have an “OMG, WTF?” plot twist like the others, but I still liked her sweet-to-a-fault character. 7/10 for mostly mediocre characters that get better later on.

Enjoyment: 7/10

Despite having good character development and several plot twists, I didn’t really enjoy this series as much as I would have liked to. Myself ; Yourself needed a wacky side character. Aoi was close to being a wacky side character, but the show really needed a Rock Lee-type character to round it out. Although the ending leaves us on a satisfactory high note, it’s unlikely that there will be a second season. 7/10 for a decent amount of enjoyment.

Overall: 7.4/10

Myself ; Yourself did some things right, but it could have done a lot more. If they only had a wacky side character… In any event, I still enjoyed watching this series and encourage you to make up your own mind about it and watch it for yourself!


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