AnJa Has Been Recovered!!!

That’s right, all of the data from my very first website has been recovered!

It all started with a quick Yahoo Mail check. I read an email that said that Geocities is going under on October 26 so all of my data from my Geocities account will be gone forever. Curious, I looked around at what I still had left there and found something amazing.

Despite some major HTML problems, I found all of my old posts. Back then, I had a site update section called Whuzzupp!! instead of posting updates on the main page. Although the majority of the posts had something to do with what I had updated at the time, there were several posts that showed early signs of blogging as well as the rough beginnings of my current writing style and topics. I have now taken all of those posts and put them in the archives for you to see.

When I wrote my very first post, I was a senior in high school. I had tried updating from there afterwards, but the librarians got on my case and I wouldn’t be able to access my website until after I graduated and got a computer that could handle Yahoo! PageBuilder, which was my Dell desktop with a whopping 128 MB of RAM. Although it could barely handle PageBuilder at the time (I upgraded it later on with an additional 512 MB of RAM), it was able to get me through up until earlier this year when I purchased my HP laptop on eBay and relegated my Dell to backup computer status. It’s hard to believe how long I’ve had my desktop and that I’ve only recently upgraded (five years with the same computer is a very long time).

Well gang, it’s very late so I’m going to bed now. Good-Night!!


P.S: I won’t be online for most of tomorrow and until most likely Tuesday. See you guys then!!

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