I <3 Mission Hill and Suff!

Hey guys it’s the Andy-San here kickin’ it after another long day of work.

I got up around 7:30ish and went to work until 6. E and I also had lunch at Burger King today and I tried the Xtreme Spicy Chicken that came without the jalapenos I wanted but it was still a good sandwich. I walked the dog, ate some tuna, and chilled the rest of the night by watching Mission Hill. I loved that show back in the day and I love it still.

I also caught some of that new ECW show on SciFi Channel. It looked too WWE-esque and lacks the underground feel of the original. Although this ECW is supposed to be completly different from the original while still maintaining some of its feel, it came off to me as another WWE show like Raw or Smackdown. I can’t give a complete opinion on it because I haven’t watched the whole episode and the new ECW just got started so it’s bound to have some kinks to work out. If Paul E. wants ECW to not be WWE Presents ECW, then cut the budget a bit. Remember what happened to Batman? Batman & Robin; ’nuff said (Arnold was a badass Mr. Freeze though). 

Well I think I’m gonna turn in after one more episode of Mission Hill so peace guys!


Today Was Weird…

Sup guys you got the Andy-San here.

Like the title says, today was weird. It seems that I did a lot but I feel that I did nothing. I watched the movie Cars today and fell asleep periodically not because it was boring but because I was tired. After that I picked up the doggy doo and hauled the trash over. Then I went over to E’s to kick it for a couple of hours. I discussed with him about how ODK needs to buckle down and get some group practicing in and also about my side-project for an anime cover band. He pitched an idea for a serious Free Month DoD entry that seems to be easier to play than our previous efforts, but I won’t know for sure until I tab it out.

I’m tired so I’m gonna hit the hay. Peace-out everyone!


P.S: I’m gonna work on AnJa sometime this week so stay tuned.

Keytar Is Down (x__x) or The Post of Nothing II

Hey guys it’s the Andy-San with suff.

Last night I was jammin’ on my keytar and the power connector that my stepdad sodered on fell off. I’m gonna see if Radioshack could order one and if not I’ll see if he can resoder it back on. I watched Cheaper by the Dozen 2 last night and it was a good family movie. I’ve been trying to get a clip of Mean Gene Okerlund from Summerslam 1989 dropping the F-bomb but they removed it from Youtube. That girl I like was at Wal-Mart today. Oh and Tetris DS is the best game ever! If you buy only one DS game, get Tetris DS.

Holy crap this is turning into another Post of Nothing! Well I gotta go to a meeting at Wal-Mart today for only an hour and I’m free the entire day so peace out!


AnJa Lives!!!!

Hello one and all it’s the Andy-San back with a major announcement.

AnJa, my personal website, is now operational. It still needs some work as I’m retooling it and adding suff to it but it’s still something.
http://anja.freehostonline.com/AnJa_Index.html¬†is where it’s at so check it out sometime.

I didn’t get to practice with E and Ben today because Ben’s girl Lydia (hey XangaBuddy¬†^_^) came back from her trip to NYC. I really wanted to get that accomplished today but even if I could have jammed with them, my keytar was out of commission at the time because I was replacing the power connector which was the reason my keytar was shorting out all the time. My stepdad fixed it for me and now it works just fine as long as I don’t directly touch the plug.

Well it’s beddy-bye time so see ya later!


Keytar Has Leveled Up! You Got: Nickel Straplocks

It’s the Andy-San again with most excellent news.

I went over to the local card shop this morning for a Yu-Gi-Oh tourney. Apperently Eriopolis read the email wrong or the email itself was wrong because when we got to the shop it was opening up and the guy there didn’t know what we were talking about. So we decided to go get some food from Arby’s after E got and cashed his check. When we got our food, Eriopolis discussed with me what he, Ben, and Jake came up with at their last jam session. He came up with the idea of doing a music video of ODK songs and he drew a concept sketch first with sauce cups and then a literal drawing.

After I dropped off my stepdad, E and I went to the music store to look for some straplocks for my keytar and all they had were the expensive ones so I got those and had to forego the strap because I didn’t have enough. Oh well I’ll get it today when I go back to see if the guy can fix my adapter plug because the keytar shorts out on me whenever I move it. After that we went over to E’s crib for a short jam session. I told them that we’ll practice more today and hopefully know more about the setup.

Well I’m gonna go to bed so good-night and peace-out!


Layaway I Have Learned!

Hey it’s the Andy-San kickin’ back from another day of work.

I worked the Layaway section of Wal-Mart for most of the day. It was kinda boring in that there wasn’t a lot of customers but it was fun in that I could go to break whenever I wanted instead of having a manager telling me when to go. Overall it’s fun but I don’t want to do it everyday or I’d be bored out of my mind.

I’m also learning more stuff on the keytar such as the chorus riff to Cruel Angel Thesis (the opening theme to Neon Genesis) and I want to learn scales and things like that.

Well I’m gonna go to sleep now. I got suff to do with E today like a Yugioh tourney if I can go. Oh and a semi-belated happy 18th birthday shoutout to Martin; sorry I didn’t come to your party dude. Peace-out!


It Came…From McDonald's!!!

Hey guys you got the Andy-San here to tell you about my day.

I actually worked at McDonald’s today instead of Wal-Mart. It killed my legs to stand that long. After work, my family and I went to Arbys then to Burger King to pick up food for supper. I really wished that I had gotten the Jamocha shake from Arbys to go along with the philly steak & swiss sub and curly fries that I ate.

I talked with my mom about going to Wright State after graduating ITT Tech and she really wanted me to but she didn’t think that my stepdad would let me stay at home if I would go. So now I’m torn between going to school to further my education and getting a job with my degree that I’ll get from ITT Tech. I’ll discuss it with my stepdad after our vacation.

Well it’s time to go to bed so peace my homies!


My Keytar Rocks!!!

Hey it’s the Andy-San here again chillin’ like a villian.

I worked at Wal-Mart today and met this cute girl who’s also a cashier. She said that I looked familiar and I said the same about her. We talked for a bit because it was so dead and learned that she just graduated from high school. I’m not sure if she’s taken but she probably is (just my luck).

I also practiced on my keytar for a bit and wore my hands out doing so. I’m getting myself into band shape for the Keys spot on Ben’s band Viral Blood.

It’s time to hit the sack so good-night everyone!


Just Another Day

Hey guys it’s the Andy-San with news.

I worked at Wal-Mart in the morning and came home to chill. I got the vacation time that I needed so I can go to Disneyworld this summer. I also learned that I won’t be able to be full-time just yet because it goes in a rotation or some weird thing. So until I get full-time with Wal-Mart I can’t quit McDonald’s. I still need to get my schedule from ITT Tech so I’ll call them up tomarrow and see what’s up.

Not much else to say so see ya later.


6:30 Is Too Early!!!

Hello this is the Andy-San again kickin’ it in my room.

I had to get up at 6:30 this morning to work at Wal-Mart today. It was way too early but luckily there weren’t a lot of people there so I had it easy. After work, I came home and took a 2-hour nappy (yes, nappy) and enjoyed the rest of the day doing nothing. I did put up Gormak Is Invincible on ODK’s MySpace so be sure to check that out.

In other news, I’m seriously considering furthering my education after I graduate from ITT Tech which might be either the end of this year or sometime early next year. I was thinking about going to Urbana but then I realized that if I went to another college I could have more friends that way. By combining Eriopolis’ friends with my own we are…CAPTAIN PLANET!!!! Not really, but the point is that I want to go to another college so I can have a real college experience and further my education in the process to make myself more marketable to employers.

Well it’s that time again so I’ll be seeing ya around. Peace out!