It's Nice…

…to have my first whole day off in a while! Hey it’s the Andy-San back again with an update.

I went over to Eriopolis’ place today and chilled for a bit. We played some Magic, watched various video clips we got, and ate some ‘za. I also gave him episodes 50-80 of Naruto. He also explained to me of a top-secret project he’s thinking of entering into DoD sometime, and I agreed to help him out with it (no it’s not a collab). So today was surprisingly productive as well as a good day to chill.

Well I’m gonna go to bed since I gotta get up early. Peace out!


Life Is Teh Grate!

Sup all it’s the Andy-San back with more news.

Wal-Mart is working out grate; I’ve had nothing but compliments from both customers and employees. I even got a card today from a customer asking me to help him with his website.

In other news, I’m still deciding which Magic deck I should purchase. I have determined that I would like to run an Aggro-Control hybrid deck and the only Magic decks available at Wal-Mart are from GuildPact. Advice would be nice (haha rhyme lol rofl >__<)

Speaking of MTG, Eric loved his birthday present of 52 episodes of the subbed Naruto (more to come). I got horribly lost leaving Urbana and ended up in Findlay which was a total pain in teh ass to navigate back home. But other than that I had a great time at Urbana playing Magic, eating Casano’s, and just chillin.

Well I’m gonna hit teh sack. Peace out!


I Return…

Aloha errbuddy it’s the Andy-San again with news.

I apologize for my lack of updates as I have been preoccupied by Wal-Mart among other things. I did orientation yesterday after a last-minute reschedule and did my training today. Tomarrow I think I’m gonna be on a register or something for a brief shift and after that I’m going to visit The Big E aka Eriopolis for his birthday. I got lots of suff for his b-day that he’ll love, but I can’t say anymore or it will ruin the surprise.

Peace out all and see ya next time!


Cleaning Fryers is Teh Suck!

Sup homies it’s the Andy-San with more news.

Today wasn’t very productive; in fact it just plain sucked. I had to clean the fryers for the first time today, during a rush, while Mary (one of the co-owners) was there. So not only was I doing something that I’ve never done before, I had to do it closely surrounded by people with the heat of the fryers flying in my face making it almost unbearable. And my right hand is a little sore on top of all that.

I also told a lot of the McDonald’s workers that I got the job at Wal-Mart but I haven’t told the managers because I’m not sure how to set up my schedule/availability yet. I should get a confirmation call from Wal-Mart either tomorrow or Monday for orientation. Like I said before, I’m probably gonna work at Wal-Mart in the mornings and work at McDonald’s at night and on Saturday I won’t work at all (I do need one full day of rest).

I got school tomorrow so see y’all later!


I did it!!!

Hello everyone it’s the Andy-San back again with some important news.

I went in for my interview at Wal-Mart expecting a short 15-30 minute interview with the interviewer saying at the end “We’ll see you back here on so-and-so date for the next interview”, but that didn’t happen. I got all 3 of my interviews done in succession and they sent me home with forms for a required drug test, to be completed at the hospital on 127, which will take about 3 business days to complete. I cashed my check from McDonald’s, pissed in a cup, and went home to tell the good news. Although it’s not technically official until the results from the test come in but since I don’t do drugs of any kind I can say that I’m now a part of the Wal-Mart team. I plan to work at Wal-Mart fulltime most likely in the morning (like 9-5 or something like that) and work at McDonald’s from the time I get out of Wal-Mart until 10pm. I’m so happy that I got the job (I’m a cashier by the way), but I’m not gonna get full of myself and walk-out of McDonald’s if things get tough and if I do decide to leave I’ll put in my 2 weeks and work until I’m done.

I’m gonna go and chill for the rest of the night so peace out and much love to everyone!


Oh the allergies…

Hellos errbuddy it’s the Andy-San back with more suff.

Well today was pretty non-eventful. I watched Scary Movie 4 and part of Wrestlemania 22. I also had to endure teh allergies of suckdom at work. I’ve got a small crush on this new girl at work. I get along with her friends pretty well and I want to talk to them about her before I do anything with her. Tomarrow’s the big day. “<ref=”Scott Stapp>Wal-Mart, I am ready to work.”</ref>”

I gotta get up at 5 tomarrow so catch ya later.


An Interview…

Sup guys it’s the Andy-San comin’ at ya with some news!

I called Wal-Mart today to see if they’ve looked at my app and got my 1st interview of 3 this Wednesday. The last time I got interviewed at Wal-Mart I nailed the 1st interview but bombed the 2nd because the guy pulled out some tough questions and I wasn’t prepared for that. This time I know what to do and I won’t let that crap happen again. A lot of workers from McDonald’s (where I work) have been quitting and going elsewhere for higher pay and better treatment (Travis and Wade being the most notable). If all goes well, I’m gonna work at Wal-Mart full-time and work at McDonald’s part-time so I get enough money to cover my new expenses. Who knows, I might be able to save up some money for once instead of slipping further into debt. But I can only dream for now.

Well guys that’s all for tonight. Peace.


Family Crisis: Averted!

Hey guys it’s the Andy-San. I’ve been away from the Internet for a bit due to my parents pulling the plug on said Internet. They told me that I had until the end of May to find another place to move to but luckily we reached a compromise. I now have to pay them $200 in June, $250 a month afterward, and pay for my own Internet at $56 a month in addition to my usual bills & chores. They’ve agreed to pretty much lay off me if I pay up. So I declare this family crisis to be averted and I sincerely thank everyone who supported me through this potentially dark situation.

In other news, I’m not gonna be transfering anywhere because most colleges only accept transfer credit at a “C” or above. I’m staying at ITT Tech and I’m gonna need a tutor to get outta this mess otherwise known as my grades. The RPG Project went to the wayside again because we all went to Jake’s house to party. It was kinda boring cuz the girlfriends were there so Eric and I left around 11 so he could teach me to play Magic: The Gathering, which was much more fun than walking around not knowing what to talk about because I’ve become so isolated from the group in general. It’s sad and painful, but also inevitable I suppose since I’m not around them as much as I used to be. I think Eric might feel the same way but I digress. This RPG Project MUST BE FINISHED!!!!

The Shizz hasn’t agreed to let Eric back on because they’re total douchefags and cannot handle any kind of individual thinking whatsoever. Oh well at least he’s got time to work on his Xanga now.

That’s all for today. See ya next time!!


Welcome to Andy-San's Xanga!!!

Hey guys it’s the Andy-San here welcoming you to my Xanga site! You probably know me from my band Oof Da Kitty’s MySpace account or from The Shizz or perhaps you just stumbled here and are wondering what the hell’s going on. If you want to know about me just check my profile or IM me sometime.

Till next time, peace out!




Hey, y’all! Sorry about not being able to see the site. I forgot to change the images’ directory to match my site on Geocities and not on my computer. But I believe everything is working as planned. If anything is out of whack, you know how to get a hold of me. Peace out!

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