I Bet Martin Luther King Jr Wasn't As Bored as Me…

Hello everybody it’s the Andy-San here after watching The Naked Mile. The movie surprised me cuz I thought it would suck or not live up to the American Pie Trilogy. Boy was I wrong! That movie was hilarious!!

It’s been really boring ever since I got back from break despite a couple attempts to liven things up. Dan, E, and I went to Yellow Springs yesterday to look around in the many shops. I liked the Ravenhouse (mystic stuff), Dark Star Books and Comics (lots of manga), and DINGLEBERRYS (they had a lot of cool musicians visit them over the years including Vince Neil and Pantera).

On Saturday, I was playing my guitar after a fit of sheer boredom and there was a party right across from my room. I cranked up my amp a little bit louder and went crazy with a tap solo. It got some people’s attention and they knocked on my door. They were pretty drunk and thought that I was playing Guitar Hero (nope, a real guitar). I showed off a bit more and got handshakes and compliments despite my occasional mistakes. I think I now crave the stage more than ever. I’m looking to start up a band here at UU. I want to play mostly metal/punk/rock music but I also want to dabble in other genres as well to freshen things up.

I’m thinking about what I wanna do over the summer. After the fiasco over Christmas Break, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to coexist with my stepdad for more than a weekend much less three months. I have 3 probable courses of action: 1) Take summer courses at UU and get a part-time job. I’ll be able to complete my major much quicker and I’ll be away from the house. 2) Work at Ceder Point/King’s Island. I’m not entirely sure about this one since it sounds a tad iffy, but if all goes well I’ll get a shitload of hours/money and I’m far away from the house. 3) Get a factory job in Celina (probably at Crown or CAPT) and work 12 hour shifts so I won’t see my stepdad at all. I’m leaning towards #1 but it’s good to have backups.

Well I’m gonna go watch some Bleach so peace-out everyone!!1


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