Just In Case – My View On Cell Phones

Hey guys, it’s TheAndySan hurr with a post about my cell phone. This was inspired by a post on TokyoCooney’s blog.

My brother got me a prepay cell phone for my birthday last year. I’m not much of a cell phone user, but I’d like to have one “just in case.” I never text, mostly because I find texting to be pointless and very costly unless I have a plan, which I don’t. In all honesty, I could go without a cell phone. However, I keep one with me “just in case.”

What do I mean when I say, “just in case?” In case my house is on fire? In case I get in an accident? In case my friends wanna do something? It’s because of all of those reasons and moAr.

Although I love gadgets that are versatile, I like to have my cell phone just be a cell phone. You see, when you go out to buy a cell phone these days, you’re not just buying a cell phone. You’re also buying a camera, a PDA, a calculator, a calendar, a clock, an alarm clock, a notebook, a means to get online, an MP3 player, a video recorder, a sound recorder, a video game system, a video player, a map, and much moAr!!

Perhaps my opinions on cell phones would be different if I had one that was better-equipped than my el-cheapo prepay cell phone. So if you have some cash lying around, you could donate that dusty ol’ moolah to me via my PayPal donation button in the sidebar so I may purchase a better cell phone. Just kidding of course! But I would greatly appreciate it if you did donate to me (liEk zOmg, TheAndySan’s become an Internets panhandler!!).

In closing, the reasons I keep my prepay cell phone sufficiently funded with minutes is to call someone “just in case” I trash my car, my house is on fire, or to see if my friends wanna do something.

Well, I’m gonna warm myself up since it’s pretty darn cold down here in the basement. Later days!


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Non-Working Class Hero: Is It Something To Be?

Hey guys, it’s TheAndySan here.

When I was working at Wal-Mart the other day, I had to restrain myself from walking out. I have had enough of working for someone else, much less working for Wal-Mart. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with Wal-Mart; I feel that I’m at a stage in life where I need to really make something of myself. I also don’t want to end up like my parents who work and work and work just to keep everything afloat. Whenever I go behind the register, my inner integrity’s screaming, “WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING HERE?!! YOU NEED TO BE YOUR OWN MAN AND WORK FOR YOURSELF!!!” I totally agree with my integrity.

That’s one of the reasons I started TheAndySan.com; I need to generate income by working for myself instead of selling out my time to be someone else’s slave. Starting a blog is one of the smallest investments anyone can make. It costs me a little over $100 a year for TheAndySan.com (space and domain) and hell, I’ve used free blogs since 2004 starting with GeoShitties. The only thing more cost-effective than free is if the blog pays you to blog. Oh wait, it does! The only limit to what you can make on a blog is what you put on yourself, and even then you could still make more by using content-generators like forums.

While working at Wal-Mart, I calculated how much I’d need to make in order to cover my expenses. My expenses in a business month (30 days) add up to $410. That’s $102.50 a week, $14.55 a day, or $0.60 an hour. Roughly guesstimating from my AdSense clicks, that’s about 3-4 clicks an hour on average. In other words, I could have ALL of my monthly expenses paid for by my visitors clicking 3-4 ads an hour on any of my sites. That’s nuckin’ futz!

After the whole Kontera & AdSense fiasco, I took it upon myself to completely reevaluate how I blog. I found out that a lot of people don’t like it when you change topics in a blog. Hell, I change topics in every post! I told myself, “This is how I write. I’ll listen to what other people are telling me, but I’m not gonna bend to their will. If I did, then this blog would be no better than Wal-Mart or any other job for that matter.”

Then, I decided to make another blog, this one being better on topic than TheAndySan.com. My idea for SpicyMelon.com is for it to be a free online cookbook of offbeat, cost-effective, and/or simple recipes that users can submit as well as ones that I submit. I plan on incorporating a forum into it in the future so keep an eye out for that. If I get enough recipes, I might make it a book and sell the book with all the available free recipes as well as a lot of recipes exclusive to the book.

You might have noticed that I switched out the Chikita ads with different ads. I’m using ads from AdBrite, but I’m still using Chikita’s Linx. You can sign up for AdBrite by clicking on the AdBrite button in the sidebar.

Last night, Eriopolis and I hung out with Cody at his apartment. We played some Magic: The Gathering, ordered another killer pepperoni and Jalapeno pepper pizza from Domino’s, and we watched all of an anime called Kiddy Grade. I didn’t sleep at Cody’s and got home around 8 in the morning and tried to sleep, but those damn debt collectors kept calling and waking me up!! NYAHH!!!1

In other news, I’ve decided not to get the Yamaha CG-170SA with a hardshell case for $360 at the music store. I looked up on Musician’s Friend to see if I could do better, and I can. Check this baby out: Luna Muse Series Folk Cutaway Nylon-String Acoustic-Electric Guitar. Luna Guitars is owned by Dean Guitars so I already know that this guitar’s gonna be excellent. Here’s a link of the guitar with moAr pics on the Luna Guitars website: Luna Muse Series Folk Cutaway Nylon-String Acoustic-Electric Guitar.

I’m also once again in the market for a new amp. This time, I’m debating between the Line 6 Spider III 2×12 combo and the Line 6 Spider Valve 2×12 combo. I’m gonna save up around $300 and try to find a deal on eBay and if I can’t, then I’ll save up moAr and get something from either eBay or Musician’s Friend.

Well, I’m gonna take a shower before I get ready for work (grr, work). Take care!


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Das Team! Das Team!! Das Team!!!1 Ahoo! Ahoo!! Ahoo!!!1

Hey guys, it’s TheAndySan hurr to tell you about my day.

I went on my daily bike ride a bit earlier than usual (around 10 in the morning) so the music store wasn’t open. It’s cool though since I needed to stop by the bank to withdraw money, so I still had an objective. After all that, Eriopolis and Ben picked me up to go to the Magic: The Gathering tournament.

The main prize of the tournament was a Bazaar of Baghdad that would be given out lottery-style at the end of 5 matches. If you won a match (2 out of 3 games of MTG), then you received 2 entries. If you lost a match, then you only get 1 entry. Although winning increases your chances of getting picked, you could lose all 5 matches and still have a chance of winning the Bazaar of Baghdad. There also were booster pack prizes for the Top 4 players: 10 for 1st place, 5 for 2nd place, and 2 for 3rd & 4th places.

Eriopolis told Ben and I that when groups of players go to tournaments, they usually have a team name. We picked “Das Team”, which is literally “The Team” in German. Whenever a member of our team won, we did the Das Team chant: “Das Team! Das Team!! Das Team!!!1 Ahoo! Ahoo!! Ahoo!!!1” Each member says “Das Team!” and for every member in Das Team that’s present, we then all shout “Ahoo!”

So you’re probably itchin’ to find out how we did, amirite? All of the members of Das Team scored 2 wins & 3 losses. That’s crazy-nuts! Oh, and none of us won any booster packs or the Bazaar of Baghdad. The Bazaar of Baghdad went to Andy…Kill. When they announced the winner, my heart stopped for a beat ‘cuz they said Andy, but it was the other Andy and not me. Sonnuva!! Oh well, Das Team will get ’em next time!! Das Team! Das Team!! Das Team!!!1 Ahoo! Ahoo!! Ahoo!!!1

At work today, I was talking with Cody (who also works at Wal-Mart) about him starting his own website. He doesn’t quite know what he wants to begin with yet, but he’s pretty sure that it’ll be about his view on various hot-button topics like religion and politics. I’ll definitely be helping him set things up when he’s ready so stay tuned for that. Obviously, when his site’s up and running, I’ll put a link to it up here.

Well, I do believe that’ll do it for me tonight. Before I go, I got an email from a guy at OCReMix.org about this really good Mega Man X3 reMix. He linked me up and I downloaded it. It’s definitely a keeper. You too can enjoy Dain ‘Beatdrop’ Olsen’s latest audiogasm (that’s audio orgasm, n00bz) at http://djpretzel.web.aplus.net/songs/Mega_Man_X3_Revolutions_OC_ReMix.mp3.

I’m gonna take a shower and watch me some moAr Bamboo Blade. Later!


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Happy Happiest Day, Everyone!!!1

Afternoon, it’s TheAndySan here to bring you t3h happyZ!!1

According to an article I read in USA Today a couple days ago, today is the happiest day of the year. So get out there and live a little today! Here’s the article just in case it gets moved or something:

The Final Word: Mark your calendar for tail-wagging happiness
By Craig Wilson, USA TODAY

E-mail cwilson@usatoday.com

You probably don’t know this, but Friday, yes this Friday, June 20, has been declared the happiest day of the year.

Who knew? Not me.

The news came in an e-mail from something called the Stress Institute. It reports that a researcher at the University of Cardiff’s Center for Lifelong Learning devised a scientific equation using a variety of physical, emotional and stress factors and came up with this Friday as the happiest day of all. At least this year.

In short, the stars aligned.

It’s the beginning of summer, we’re at the pool, reliving childhood memories of firefly nights, working in the yard and spending vacation time with loved ones.

I’m not sure I can handle this much fun at one time.

Kathleen Hall, founder of the Stress Institute, says: “Happiness is a physical state of the brain. When we’re happy, our brain produces neurochemicals that result in us wanting to eat, have sex or maybe sing.”

But all in one day?

I understand the barbecue. I understand the sex. But singing, too? It feels a bit like Christmas. Too much pressure.

And what if we’re not in the mood to cash in on the steak-sex-song trifecta Friday? Will we have missed our chance to experience ultimate happiness for another whole year?

An old friend of mine would be very suspicious of all this. He was always a bit perplexed, albeit amused, by Americans’ obsession with happiness.

For years he’d ask me why we think we’re entitled to be happy all the time. It’s not the way the world works, he’d say. People aren’t supposed to be happy all the time.

I never had an answer for him, so he’d sulk for a while, which I suspect brought him a certain amount of pleasure, if not happiness.

Coincidentally, Friday also is the 10th annual Take Your Dog to Work Day. The organizers, Pet Sitters International, hope the day will spark pet adoptions after dogless workers see what a great companion a dog is.

I took our late dog, Murphy, to work on one of these days once. She wasn’t happy at all. I suspect she even looked upon it as dog abuse. She spent most of the day under my desk wondering when we were going home.

She wouldn’t talk to me, but I knew exactly what she was thinking: The best thing about being a dog is you don’t have to go to work, so why did you bring me here?

I knew she’d rather be home attacking the mail that was coming through the front door or at least sleeping on the sofa dreaming about attacking the mail that would be coming through the door.

I had no answer for her, either, so we walked home early, never to return. Murphy, that is. Being the human, I had to go back.

I’ve yet to take our new pup, Maggie, to work, and I doubt if I will on Friday. I’d like to keep at least one member of the family happy on the happiest day of the year.

I have no expectations for the day myself. I’m going to play it all by ear. If happiness wants to wash over me, fine.

Maggie and I have agreed on one thing, though. There will be no singing.

I went to the newly opened Sonic and had a SuperSonic Burger combo. It cost me almost $7 and it took awhile to get to me, but it was all worth it! It’s official, the SuperSonic Burger is the best burger I’ve yet to taste. The Papa Burger from A&W comes in at number 2.

In other news, after I was done with my lunch at Sonic, I went to the music store. I played this classical nylon stringed guitar and boy did it sound good! I told the guy to put it on hold for me until I get paid on Thursday. Then, I’ll slap down $72 as a down payment and make payments on it with every check.

Well, I’d better get ready for work. I’ll see you guys later. Happy Happiest Day, everyone!


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It's Spicy Inside!!1

Hey guys, it’s TheAndySan hurr with most excellent news!

Yesterday, I purchased a new domain name. What, you’re moving again?!! Nope, I now have another site. It’s called SpicyMelon.com and it’s an online recipe blog. I got the idea, innocently enough, when I was eating watermelon. I wondered if watermelon tasted good with cayenne pepper. Unfortunatly, the water in the watermelon made the pepper slide off so I couldn’t taste much spice. It did give me an idea though: what if I put up a site with all my oddball recipes and allowed others to submit their own recipes? And SpicyMelon.com was born! I’ve expanded it from my initial idea of oddball recipes to budget-friendly and very simple recipes as well. So if any of you guys out there have a killer recipe that’s off the beaten path, easy on the wallet, and/or fairly simple, send me an email at xadawg@gmail.com. You can find a link to SpicyMelon.com in my sidebar in addition to the numerous links in this post.

Well, I’m gonna eat some Spicy Melon in celebration of my new domain. Have fun!


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The Niche Itch

Hey guys, long time no blog. It’s TheAndySan, the one and only, hurr again…with pants!

Okay first up, I’ve been stupid-busy as of late so if my blogs were a bit inconsistent both topically and chronologically, I apologize. This is the jist of my days lately: Wake up, eat something, call or get called by Eriopolis or Ben, hang out with them and then work or visa versa, come home at a ridiculously late hour, and sleep/pass out on the couch.

Despite all of this going on, I have managed to make some rather big changes to this blog. You might have noticed that I removed the group of share buttons in favor of the Share This! expanding button. This also made the Technorati button in the sidebar obsolete, so I scrapped that as well. Since my AdSense has been super-nuked, I’ve put up Chikita ads in the meantime until I get my Yahoo Publisher Network account approved. More to come on that so stay tuned!

So, why is this post called The Niche Itch? Because it’s a bitchin’ rhyme? Well, yes and no. I’ve been doing a lot of reading from the bloggers that pull in a shit-ton of money. We’re talking hundreds of dollars daily, if not thousands. They all pretty much say the same thing: “Find a niche and don’t jump off-topic too often.” In other words, “Be specific! B-E specific!” There is a large amount of evidence to prove that if you settle on a main topic and talk about nothing but it, then you’re gonna get tons of viewers followed by tons of money. Who am I to buck the trend? I am officially announcing the main topic of this blog: my life. With my life as my main topic, I am now free to talk about whatever I want since EVERYTHING has some sort of relation to my life. Whether it’s an interesting article that I read in the newspaper or what I did with my friends the other day, everything has some sort of relation to my life. The only things I can’t talk about in this blog are things that I am not aware of. As I become more aware of things, I can incorporate more topics as well as shuffle out the topics that I’m bored with. This is how I can talk about Magic: The Gathering, playing guitar, working at Wal-Mart, and my life goals ALL IN THE SAME POST! All of these topics relate to my life because they play a part in my life, however big or small in importance.

In other news, my lesson with Rich today was really awesome! I learned that I only really need to learn any scale in one key since they can all be transposed by however many half-steps the initial key is to the new key. For example, if I wanted to change from G to A, I would move wherever I am up two frets since A is only a whole-step up from G. I never realized that until today. In essence, I have learned to play lead in any key possible. I also learned that the minor pentatonic and the major pentatonic are very closely related. For example, the 1st position minor pattern is exactly the same as the 5th position major pattern, just starting somewhere different. It was such a revelation for me!

Also in other news, I’ve added new st00f to the Eights and Aces MySpace page. It’s not a lot, but it’s something. You can take a gander at www.myspace.com/eightsandaces. I jammed with Ben today and he said that I’ve improved so much as a player. I taught him how to play Still Got The Blues by Gary Moore last night and he played it for me, but it was a bit off. Not by much, but he’s got the first part pretty down so it’s all good.

Fairly recently, Cody, my friend and the bassist for Eights and Aces, moved out of his parents’ house and into an apartment with his girlfriend Danielle. It’s a pretty sw33t pad, especially for his first apartment. We played a lot of Magic: The Gathering there. It’s also a million times cooler, in relation to temperature, than Eriopolis’ room since Cody’s apartment has excellent circulation and Eriopolis’ room has ziltch.

Well, I’m gonna go to bed so I’ll see you guys on the flip-side! Laterz!!


P.S: It’s been 28 days since www.theandysan.com has been up. As I’ve said before, I took away the social bookmarking site buttons and replaced them with Share This! because it’s easier and much moAr aesthetically pleasing. If any of you guys use Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit, etc., you can submit my stuff to them that way.

This Does Not Look Good…

Hey guys, it’s TheAndySan hurr with some more bad news.

My AdSense account was closed today due to excessive clicks. I guess the same dude that uber-clicked my Kontera ads to death did the same for AdSense. Dammit! I lost over $140!! *sigh*

Don’t worry though, all is not lost. I’ve recently signed up with Yahoo’s Publisher Network to replace AdSense. It’ll be up in a couple of days. I really hope that nothing bad happens to my YPN or my Chikita account (editor’s note: I replaced Kontera with Chikita. It’s basically the same thing, but with a different company.). I feel like this site has been 2 steps forward and 3 steps back ever since my Kontera account got closed down. At least now I know what to do if I get a stupid amount of clicks again: email the companies and tell ’em what’s up. Also, my site’s been up for awhile so I have traffic now; not a lot of traffic, but some.

Anyway, I’ve been watching this new anime called Wagaya no Oinari-sama. It’s an awesome anime about a kitsune who gets unsealed in order to protect these 2 brothers and their dad. It’s really good and I recommend you guys watch it!

Well, I’d better head to bed. I’ve got a Wal-Mart Double-Feature tomorrow with a meeting at 8 in the morn’ and coming back in to work at 2:30 until 11. Fortunatly, I have Tuesday off. Yay. So, I’ll see you guys later. Bye!


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Super Hat Womanz

Hey fellas, it’s TheAndySan here with a new post.

I saw in my stats that someone found my site by searching “super hat womanz”. Because this is one of the funniest things I’ve yet to see, I’ve decided to make this post about, you guessed it, hot women wearing hats. Enjoy, fellas!

And ladies, don’t think I forgot about you:

Well, that’s it for me. Take ‘er easy.


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Top Ten Things You Can't Do With Your Dead Dad On Father's Day.

Hey guys, it’s TheAndySan hurr with another quickie post.

If you couldn’t tell by the redunk-yo-mamma-liss title, this post is about the Top Ten Things You Can’t Do With Your Dead Dad On Father’s Day (copy-pasted for teh win). Before we begin, for some of my new viewers, this is obviously not meant to be taken seriously. Coming from someone who lost their father, I know it can be a rough experience. That aside, here we go:

10 – Walks on the beach.

Sun + salt water + seagulls = x eternally haunted children, where x = the number of children your dad had. Gotta love math humor!

9 – Picnics on a grassy knoll.

Okay, so maybe you can pull this one off if Pops was buried in a hill. Just don’t pass him the Worcestershire sauce!

8 – Shopping.

Whether it’s trying on a fancy new set of threads or picking out the right steak to throw on the grill, your Dearly Departed Daddy’s gonna attract a lot of unwanted attention. Best to do the shopping beforehand.

7 – Backyard BBQs.

Speaking of throwing meat on the grill, Perished Papa’s not gonna have much of an appetite this Father’s Day. Unless you’re grilling brains.

6 – Car rides around scenic places.

With gas prices rising stupidly high, it’s best to keep your deceased dad local. Even though he could use some fresh air.

5 – Camping.

Bears. ‘Nuff said.

4 – Go to the local bar.

Getting your dead dad a nice, cold brewski after he’s bitten the big one sounds like a good idea, right? Well, his rotten liver disagrees.

3 – Watch a movie at the theater.

Watching Indiana Jones & The Kingdom of The Crystal Skull seems like quality father-child bonding time. However, your festering father is more worried about his sinking-in skull.

2 – Surprise Mom with a present.

It’s a twist that’ll make even M. Night Shyamalan proud. It’s Father’s Day and Mom’s getting something?! Wow-wii!!!1 Honestly, I think she’ll be more surprised that your Decaying Dad’s around than any set of diamond earrings you’ll ever get her.

And the Number-One Thing You Can’t Do With Your Dead Dad On Father’s Day is…

1 – Say you’re sorry for all the crap you’ve given to him during his lifetime. What a twist!! Yeah, Putrid Pops won’t have much of an ear for those kinds of things so don’t even bother. As a matter of fact, he won’t have much of an ear at all.

Well, there you have it. The Top Ten Things You Can’t Do With Your Dead Dad On Father’s Day. This is TheAndySan signing off. Stay classy, always


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I've Just Been Violated…

…or at least my Kontera TOS has been. Sup, it’s TheAndySan hurr with some most unsettling news.

When I was checkin’ out the ol’ Gmail, I got an email from Kontera about a possible TOS breach involving fraudulent clicks. This came as an unwelcome surprise since I just started using Kontera a week ago and so far have earned around $14 with it. I emailed the guy back, saying that I didn’t have a clue as to what was going on. I admitted that I’m still a n00b when it comes to using an ad-generating service like Kontera. I mean, I did what I was suppose to do. I put the code in my website, it made hyperlinks out of certain words, people click on those words, and I get money. Simple, right? Well, people have been clicking and I’ve been getting money so who am I to question that? It’s doing what it’s suppose to do.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to discourage or encourage clicking on any of my ads. That would be a definite breach in all of the programs’ TOS (TOS means Terms Of Service by the way) and I would get nothing. I’d lose. Good day, sir! Sorry, I had to pull out a Willy Wonka quote because it’s not everyday that I can.

Anyway, getting back to the point, I have no idea what’s going on. All I know is that people are clicking on my ads, both Kontera and AdSense, and I’m making money from that. That’s it, plain and simple.

Meh, I’m tired. I think I’ll pack it in for the night. G’ night!


P.S: It’s been 22 days since www.theandysan.com has been up.