Vlog 106 – April 2012 Update

April 2012 Update – Vlog 106

In this long-ass update video, I talk about a lot of stuff.

First off, I want to thank you guys for helping support my friend Sean aka SecludedOtaku by buying his handmade Ponies on eBay. At this time, he doesn’t have any ready-made, but if you want your own custom Pony, be sure to talk to him via the link above and he’ll draw up a commission for you!

I’m thinking about starting up Twitter again & creating a Facebook fan page. What do you guys think?

Over this weekend, I’ve uploaded the rest of the Eric Johnson set so be sure to check out my Playlists for that! With that said, I’m now working on some of my older projects that have been on the backburner for awhile, such as my BOSS BR-80 & Korg Pitchclip unboxing videos and a Life In Video where Sam and I go to the San Diego Zoo & a car exhibit in the Gaslamp District.

As far as Love Hina Abridged goes, I’m still searching for a replacement voice actress for Shinobu. If you want to audition, send me a 1-2 minute audition video of you acting as Shinobu. You can use lines from the show or the first episode of LHA if you want to. If you have any questions about auditioning, feel free to send me a personal message on YouTube!

Once my tax return comes in, aside from paying my parents back for helping me pay off one of my debts, I’ll be trading in my Jet City 20w combo for a Blackstar HT-5R combo, so look forward to that unboxing/demo!!

Finally, I reveal how I’m holding up after Sam left for Norfolk, my new diet, and discuss the future of my videos & the relevency of my website.

I know there’s loads that I talk about, but I hope you watch all of it! Please subscribe and leave me a comment below!


AMV – Jellyfish

AMV – Jellyfish


You Jelly?




Anime Used:

– BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad

– Princess Jellyfish [Kuragehime]

– Maburaho

– Another

– K-On!!


BGM: Jellyfish

BGM Artist: Jeffery Dallas (Julian Smith)

First Impact Anime – The Second Impact (Teaser Trailer)

First Impact Anime – The Second Impact (Teaser Trailer)


There’s nothing like your First Impact!




BGM: Fugue (A Revelation)

BGM Artist: Trivium

[*OPEN*] Love Hina Abridged – Shinobu Auditions

[*OPEN*] Love Hina Abridged – Shinobu Auditions



Link to Episode 02’s script


Shinobu’s original VA audition video



I’m holding auditions for a new Shinobu. Here are the rules (not copy-pasta’d this time):


1 – To submit your audition, post your audition as a video response to this video ONLY.


2 – The audition has to be at least 1 minute long, but no longer than 2 minutes.



Happy auditioning!!




Love Hina Abridged Episode 01 – Pilot

Love Hina Abridged Episode 01 – Pilot


This is my first attempt at making an abridged series so don’t be too harsh on my crappy editing 😉


Cast List


Keitaro – OreimoAbridgedSeries

Naru – MagicalHelena

Shinobu – MinokoNya

Motoko – Ressey101

Su – cameraguy4sale

Kitsune – AndySan

Aunt Haruka – sydsnap

Kentaro – yuoaman


Written by: AndySan and thechuckwood

Edited by: AndySan