How To Play Chrome Sparks' Riff Idea #1

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In this video, I show you how to play things, and you play them!

This marks the online debut of my mom’s lovely tiger painting and my very first guitar, a Kay Les Paul copy. RIP LP (1915-2009)!!!

Here’s a list of what gear I’m using and in what order: a Kay Les Paul copy running into a Behringer Ultra Chorus, into a Digitech Metal Master, and into an uber-crappy Johnson Reptone 15 amp. Cables are irrelevent.

Be sure to spread the word of Chrome Sparks to all your friends and enjoy the video!


Vlog 16 – Apartment Changes & Goal Boards

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Hey guys!

In this video, I’m showing you some of the changes that I did to the apartment since my tour video. I forgot to mention, although you might not be able to see it, that I propped up my mini-fridge with two pieces of wood that were shelves that I got from an entertainment center that was being thrown away nearby.

On my goal boards, I have the following goals/intentions:

“I deliver $1,337 worth of value to others and am rewarded accordingly.”

“I am grateful for owning a Peavey Vypyr 75.”

“I am in a relationship with a beautiful woman.”

“I am the proud owner of a Paul Reed Smith SE Custom 24 in Whale Blue.”

“I weight 180 lbs.”

“I am the frontman for my band Chrome sparks as the lead vocalist/rhythm guitarist with *blank* on lead guitar/backup vocals/screams, *blank* on drums, and *blankitty-blank* on bass/backup vocals”

Here’s the links to the Steve Pavlina videos that I mentioned:

Steve Pavlina’s house tour and the goals boards

Steve Pavlina’s views on polyamory

As I had mentioned in this video, I will be uploading videos here of me playing the riff ideas that are on the Chrome Sparks MySpace page, which you can listen to here:

Well, I’m finally off to see my folks for the weekend when I should have left around 3:00, lol. As always, enjoy the video and comments here and on YouTube are appreciated, even if I totally give you crap about them, haha!!


Owl City OCEAN EYES Album Review

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Grab your copy of Ocean Eyes here.

What? Two posts in one day?! You damn right, son!!

After being quite the lazy bastard for too long, I’ve decided to do two posts of two videos that I did recently. The first one was my entry into the Sanyo Xacti Sell-a-Bration. This one is my very first CD review, which is of Owl City’s newest album Ocean Eyes. Here is the review:

TheAndySan – Owl City OCEAN EYES Album Review

TheAndySan – Owl City OCEAN EYES Album Review

Okay guys, I just got done listening to Ocean Eyes, the newest album by Owl City (and not nifty fishing shades, contrary to what Google says). With that said, let’s begin the review:

Personal Backstory

Before I get a cavalcade of fangirls giving me guff for not giving Ocean Eyes a unanamously positive review, let me tell you that I am a huge, HUGE Owl City fan. I remember getting blown away by the first song I heard from them; it was “I’ll Meet You There” from their full-length debut album Maybe I’m Dreaming.

Ever since first discovering Owl City, I’ve been chomping at the bit in anticipation of their next album. Their first EP, Of June, laid the groundwork for what they’re about: electronic pop so sugary sweet that many listeners got The Beetus from listening to it too much.

I always thought that despite the sacchrine feel, Owl City was like the sensative techno dance freak flipside to a hard-edged punk rocker. Listen to the riffs on songs like Captains and Cruise Ships, Rainbow Veins, Super Honeymoon, and Dear Vienna. Can’t you just feel frontman/onlyman Adam Young’s inner punk trying to escape? Listen again, closely now…

The Goodies

If you’re afraid that Owl City’s gonna completely throw everybody off track with a distorted guitar, no worries. This is still the same Owl City that we’re used to: synthpop cranked to the max, with no distorted guitar in sight.

I like that Adam is changing up his sound with every track while still sticking to the straight and narrow when it comes to his core tone. Not very many musicians can pull that off successfully.

Many people cringed when they listened to the song Dental Care, which is about Adam taking a trip to the dentist. What were you expecting, oceans or something? It actually reminded me of the song My Shiny Teeth & Me from the Fairly Oddparents, which is a mixed bag of hilarity and annoyance.

The Baddies

Before the release of Ocean Eyes, three singles were released to build up Ocean Eye’s release. Of those three, only one is on the album.

So here comes Critique Number First: why on earth are Strawberry Avalanche and Hot Air Balloon missing? I’d take those over the remade version of The Saltwater Room any day.

This brings us to Critique Number Two: If you’re gonna add older songs, don’t just make slight changes to the instrumental parts and redub your vocals, complete with occasional but VERY noticable lyrical changes. Either make them bonus remixes or live versions, kinda like how the Hello Seattle remix was done.

Take note that there are TWO versions of Hello Seattle: the remade version and the properly remixed one. Granted, the remix was an iTunes bonus track, but still!! It’s bad enough that you’re putting old material on a new album, but TWO of the same track?!

The Uglies

Since Day One, there’s always been at least one nay-sayer whining about how Adam uses an auto-tuner on all of his songs. I guess he finally listened and although the auto-tuner isn’t completely gone, it has been toned down A LOT. Because of this, we can hear Adam’s natural timbre instead of the auto-tuner’s signature stacatto pitch changing. This is most evident in his recut older songs on the album.

This is like a two-sided coin. I’m glad that Adam is using his natural voice more, but in the same sense, I feel that his auto-tuned voice was a staple to the overall soundscape that is Owl City. Take that away, and people are gonna notice.

The Verdict

Despite the long wait (a year is a mighty long time in the age of the internet), rehashed tunes, and singles that are MIA (Missing In Album), Ocean Eyes is still a wonderful addition to the Owl City discography.

Tracks To Give a Clicky-Click

Cave In
Umbrella Beach
Meteor Shower
The Tip of the Iceberg
Hello Seattle (Remix)
Strawberry Avalanche (the single that’s not on Ocean Eyes, but should have been)

Sanyo Xacti Cookie Dough & Reese's Blizzard

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As you may be well aware of, thanks to my numerous ReTweets, this is my entry to the Sanyo Xacti Sell-a-Bration. It was recorded in one take on a blurple (that’s blueish purple) Sanyo Xacti CG-6.

If I win, then I promise NOT to upload a video of me singing a cover of Selena Gomez’s cover of Magic. On a bed. Naked. Fortunately, there won’t be a shower scene because my Sanyo Xacti CG-6 isn’t waterproof, but still you get the idea.

Once again, you can vote for this video, and bring the world one step further away from a singing naked Andy, by voting in the above video or by clicking here.

Also, you can buy a spiffy new (not old like mine) Sanyo Xacti dual-camera and help support me thanks to a 3% commission for every camera sold by clicking here.

Enjoy and spread the word!!


Deja Vuesday – New Anime Is Always A Good Thing…

…Unless you have no time to watch them! Hey everyone it’s the Andy-San here.

In this week’s Deja Vuesday, we turn the clock back two years. Before I moved back in with my parents. Here is the post New Anime Is Always A Good Thing…:

I got back from my parent’s house not too long ago. We went out to the Mongolian Grill to eat with my aunt, uncle, and cousin (she’s really into anime and definitely knows her stuff). Even my stepdad went, and although I was really against it at first, I figured even he can’t stay mad at me forever and went anyway. We talked about my job situation and although he was mad that I don’t have a job, he didn’t make a big fuss about it. I was really thinking about eating Chinese for dinner before they called, but I’m glad that I didn’t go before they called or it wouldn’t have been as good, but I regret eating 2 Triple Cheeseburgers from McDonald’s 2 hours before. Damn, now I’m gonna have to really work my fat arse out tomorrow! After dinner, we watched the Lakefest fireworks which were loads better than the 4th of July fireworks and they brought me back shortly after that.

To avoid confusion, the relatives I’m talking about came from Michigan and are not the ones that I was living with at the time.

Yeah, I’m on good terms with all of my family ever since I moved out so no complaints there. Not really much else to say for this paragraph.

In other news, I’m working on some scales that Travis taught me the other day and they’re totally killing my hand. He showed me his new Marshall TSL head and JCM-900 cabinet and his secondary Les Paul Standard fitted with an EMG ZW set as well as his new basement setup that’s a lot neater and better organized than before. He said that he was gonna buy a Gibson SG that’s at the music store so I can’t wait to see and hear it!

Man, I haven’t talked to Travis in ages! He’s moved out on his own since that post and I have no clue if he’s got another band going yet or if they fell apart already.

I’m still saving up for a Paul Reed Smith SE Custom 24 in Whale Blue as well as a Peavey Vypyr 75 watt combo amp. As of now, I have 9.7% of the money for the PRS or 21.5% for the Vypyr. I would prefer to get the guitar first since the electric I have now doesn’t sound very good. I want to upgrade it, but I feel that getting a new guitar is more urgent than that or a new amp simply because once I have the guitar, the other stuff will be a breeze to save up for.

I’ve been watching some new anime to check out and I like what I’ve got so far. I’ve watched Umisho and Doujin-Work, which are really new in Japan. Umisho is a sports romantic-comedy about the adventures of a high school swim team. It’s very funny and I like all of the characters, but the stand-out character is the captain. Think Gai-Sensai in swimming gear. Doujin-Work is about a girl who wants to become a doujinshi author in order to make money. Basically, it’s like Comic Party but with a female lead. Doujin-Work’s not bad, but I prefer Umisho over it.

Well, I’m gonna go take a bath and watch some moAr anime. Peace!


Right now, I’m rewatching Umisho actually. What a coincidence!! Also, I’m watching Chi’s Sweet Home and I recently finished up Gakuen Alice and Big Windup!

Well guys, I hope you’ve enjoyed the look back. Now, it’s time to look forward!!