Vlog 9 – Getting To Japan

Hey guys!

I’m back with a brand-spanking new vlog! Check it out:

TheAndySan – Vlog 9 – Getting To Japan

Here’s the description for the vid:

Hey guys, I’m back after a long-ass hiatus!

I has a job now, and I’m actually making money with this one!

Since I’m making money again, I want to buy a degree online via InstantDegrees.com. A scam? Maybe, but it would still be nice to have.

I want to get my 4-year degree so that I can teach English in Japan.

I’ve been learning Japanese for awhile now so that I can be a more effective teacher. Also, being able to speak Japanese will open up more opportunities in Japan (liek zOMG, no wai!).

I’ve been watching several gaijin (foreigners) in Japan for some time in order to learn more about living and working in Japan.

Here are the people I mentioned in the video:

TokyoCooney: Definitely my favorite vlogger and my source of inspiration when it comes to vlogging. http://www.youtube.com/user/tokyocooney.

TokyoSwan: Although he’s not in Japan at the moment (he’s trying to come back via the JET program), his videos are fun to watch and informative. http://www.youtube.com/user/rodgerswan.

Tkyosam: His videos are funnier than I make them out to be in this vid. http://www.youtube.com/user/tkyosam.

Gimmeabreakman: Not my favorite, but he has some interesting stuff up. http://www.youtube.com/user/gimmeabreakman.

Lensei: A real nice guy, but he has a habit of deleting his vids. http://www.youtube.com/user/lensei.

Here’s a link to my other account (there’s nothing there right now): http://www.youtube.com/user/theandysan. Leave me a comment below and tell me if I should stick with this account or move to the new one.

Well, I’m off to do some other things so I’ll be seeing you guys!


Ohayocon 2009 Pictures Are Hurr! Also, I'll Be 100 Percent Back Soon

Hello everyone!

I know I should have posted these pics sooner, but with getting a new job and all, my weeks have been a little crazy.

Dan-Da-Da-Daa!! The Pictures!!!


Buildings 2

FMA Panel

 Sean as Mao from Code Geass

Buildings at Night

Buildings on the 20th floor

Buildings on the 20th floor 2

Buildings on the 20th floor 3

Ouran High School Host Club Panel

Buildings at Sunset

Buildings at Sunset 2

Buildings at Sunset 3

 So where are the pictures of inside Ohayocon? Well, I didn’t take any. I was too busy enjoying (and at times ogling) what was going on around me to take pictures. Oh well, there’s always next year!

When Am I Gonna Be Posting Regularly Again?

Good question! As I’ve said before, I’m now working full-time as a customer support guy (and the job’s pretty sweet too!). I’ll be getting paid every week, so my first check won’t come until next week.

That check’s gonna be gobbled up pretty quick because I owe Jon money for gas. I need to get my car looked at as well because I don’t want it to break down on me.

I’m also planning a super-special-awesome surprise for my second or third check (depending on when I’m out of the hole). You’ll just have to wait and see what it is!

My best guess for when I’ll have my own Internets again will be sometime in March. Until then, I’ll be posting at an irregular rate.

Well, I’m gonna rewatch some Nanaka 6/17 (it’s a damn good series) so I’ll be seeing you guys again soon; different Bat-Time, same Bat-Place!


Ohayocon 2009

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College – 2008

I had an excellent time at Ohayocon!!

I would definitely go again next year, pending my schedule and money situation. This year, I got lucky. My room and Ohayocon pass was already paid for by one of my friends who opted out at the last minute. As far as food money, my friends took care of that. Thanks guys!

What I Did At Ohayocon

In all honesty, I didn’t really do that much at Ohayocon. I came with the intention of learning how bigger conventions work, not so much catching special events and all that. Besides a lot of wandering around aimlessly, I caught several voice actor panels. I was at the FMA panel, the Tiffany Grant panel, the Aaron Dismuke panel, the Ouran High School Host Club panel (best panel evAr!), the Beck panel, and the anime improv (seconded only by the Ouran panel). After watching these panels, Vic Mignogna is now my new hero! And yes, he did “the line” (Col. Mustang is dead sexy…in a miniskirt!).

Speaking of Vic, on Sunday as we were checking out of the hotel, I saw him coming out of the elevator with some voice actress whose name escapes me. I wanted to take a picture with him, but he appeared to be in a hurry so I let him be.

What I Will Do Different At Next Year’s Ohayocon

After looking over the schedule again, I found a TON of stuff that I wanted to see. The big thing that’ll be done differently next year is to have a gameplan. Now that I have an idea of where things are in the hotel (the place is MASSIVE!), I can go from one event to the next with less Ryoga moments (getting horribly lost).

The next thing that I’ll do different is get autographs/pictures of people. I did take a couple pics of the weekend, but most of them were cityscape shots from out of our hotel window. They’re beautiful yes, but I want to take more pictures relevent to the con. There were several voice actors whose autographs I really wanted to get (Tiffany Grant, Mike McFarland, and Vic Mignogna to name a few), but I missed out on the autograph sessions.

In addition to more pics and autographs, I’ll also record some video clips for YouTube. I didn’t record any, although I tried to record a vlog entry with little success.

I’ll also be waking up earlier for food next time around. The lines were CRAZY-long from 11-1 and didn’t die down til around 3-ish.

The final and most obvious thing that I’ll do differently at next year’s Ohayocon is to bring money. There was such a good selection of items in the dealer’s room that I wanted.

Well, I’m gonna watch College so I’ll see you guys later!


Deja Vuesday – Why I'm Convinced That Ohio's Becoming Tropical Again

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It’s that time again folks! It’s time for Deja Vuesday!!

In today’s Deja Vuesday, I look back at the post Why I’m Convinced That Ohio’s Becoming Tropical Again:

Hello everyone it’s the Andy-San here again on this unseasonably warm day. It’s 65°F outside, which makes it quite nice for a good walk (I can’t go on a bike ride due to my back tire blowing out and I also haven’t picked my bike up from my aunt’s).

It’s quite the opposite today! It’s 29°F outside and I just got back from shoveling a thin layer of ice and snow off the driveway. I also heard that the local area is under a winter weather advisory. Fun!

Eric and Ben went back to UU last week for the new semester. Actually, Eric left earlier than Ben to go to Ohayocon with Sean and the rest of Genshiken UU as well as the Wittenburg and I think the BGSU anime clubs. I bet they had a blast and it sucked that I couldn’t go, but what can you do?

Ohayocon is at the end of the month this year so they’ll be doing that later on. I still won’t be going this year because I have no money. This seems to be a recurring element for me, no?

I finally had my orientation at Taco Bell this past Friday after two reschedulings (if that’s a word) and I won’t start work until my uniform comes in, which they said would be a couple of days so basically anytime now.

I hated working at Toxic Hell!! Granted, it did serve its purpose of being my interim job between Andy’s Roadhouse (which closed last month) and Wal-Mart.

By the way, I’m still looking for a job so that I can pay my bills (which includes my $70-a-month internet). If you guys know of any openings for online or offline jobs, please leave me a comment below! You can also donate to me by clicking on the Donate button at the bottom of this post. I don’t know when my internet will be disconnected so I’m hoping to get a job and/or the money before that happens.

I felt like such a loser in front of my friends the last time we hung out because everyone seemed to know what they wanted to do with their lives and were working towards it except me. I know what I wanna do, it’s just that I can’t do it without a college education. I want to live in Japan, even if it’s for a short time. In order to do that, I need a bachelor’s degree because the main source of income for American gaijin besides the military and such is teaching English. By law, you are required to have a bachelor’s degree to teach English. They don’t really care what field the degree is in so long as you have one. My plan was to get my BA from UU and go into the JET program or something similar so I can go over to Japan and teach English. If I wanted to stay, I’d have to find another job in order to change my visa since you only get a one or two year visa with JET. If I changed my visa, I would only have to apply for renewal every three years unless something came up. Since I would have a BA in the IT field, I could go into that if I didn’t wanna teach English anymore.

I’m not beating myself up anymore over my collegiate underachievements or where my friends are in relation to myself.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still mad that I flunked out of college, but I’ve learned to accept and learn from my failures rather than let them consume me.

When I’m able to attend college again, I will put forward what I’ve learned and not let myself get caught up in a depression again. I have an article that I’m working on that’ll go into more detail about my college experiences.

Because it’s highly unlikely that I’ll be able to go back to college, I’m preparing a new life plan. I’d like to pursue a career as a musician, but I don’t wanna do it full-time until I’m able to sustain myself with it. The big problem is that I don’t know many musicians around here and even less that aren’t in a band. I would love to join Ben’s band, but they’re not doing anything at the moment because he’s in college and they like their current singer Goofy. We could shuffle Goofy into Ben’s spot while he’s away and put me in as singer, but I’m already sounding like a pretentious SOB so I’d better move on to a new paragraph.

The big flaw in this paragraph is that I’m putting the cart before the horse. In order to really succeed financially as a musician, I need to develop my skills first. Otherwise, I’m just bragging about nothing.

I still want to be a musician, but I want to go back to college before I do that.

Well, I gotta pee so piss, er, peace-out everybody!!


P.S: It’s been 636 days and 251 posts since I joined Xanga.

Today’s Deja Vuesday has been fun, but I’ve got another article to work on (I plan on having it out within the week, preferably tomorrow) so I’ll see you guys later. Bye!!


P.S: It’s been 230 days and 485 posts (including my pre-TheAndySan.com posts) since TheAndySan.com was launched. Yay!

Merry Christmas!

Screw The Yules I Have MoneyCat Ate Your Christmas Lights

Totally festive!!

This Christmas is absolutely fabulous, just like Pegasus!

I’m quite angered that Wal-Mart’s not open so I can get my presents with my Christmas money. As the super-special-awesome picture says, “Screw The Yules, I Have Money!”

Attention duelists, my hair has to go take a dump…In America!


Editor’s Note: TheAndySan is too preoccupied by Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series to write a decent article. Or do anything else of worth for that matter. So if you’re looking for an insightful article, I’m sure you’ll find one in the archives. Maybe. Probably not.

…In America!

4 Reasons That Anime Will Thrive In A Recession And Help Us Live Consciously

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Recession = Reset. This is the equation that the world is experiencing right now.


Billions of people (that’s right, billions with a B) perceive this equation as the end of their self-contained world. All that they have slaved for is being wiped from existence right before their very eyes.

People are not only losing their jobs, their homes, their cars, and their toys. As the world is shattering, so are their families.

My stepdad is straining my family’s connection with one another. Because he quit his job and has been unsuccessful in finding another job, he’s taking out his frustrations on us. He’s nitpicking our every move and acting as if all of his decisions are absolute.

The Big Cleanse

Although there are a lot of people that buy into looking at the recession in a negative light, there are others such as myself who see it as an opportunity to start over. To us, Recession = Refresh.

If you look close enough, you can see that the world isn’t crumbling into nothingness; rather, it’s shedding its skin.

The world is changing, and as people change their views on what is really valuable to them, the old makes way for the new.

What Does This All Have To Do With Anime?!

It’s simple, really. Despite the world shedding its skin, there are several things that this new wave of change will have  rooted in the old skin. As far as anime goes:

1. Everyone will always enjoy a good story:

Since the beginning of time, man has explained events by telling them in a story.

Stories bring relief to those in despair and in boredom. They capture our faults, our joys, our sorrows, our passions, our losses, our pasts, and our futures.

One of the reasons I enjoy anime is because it presents an exciting exotic culture. It encourages me to further explore, within reason and reality, the culture firsthand.

2. Sex will always sell:

Despite what you might think of the FCC and the RIAA in trying to regulate sexually explicit content, I believe that they’re doing us a service. Let me ‘splain, Fraudian style.

Our id is the crazy part of your brain that tells you to eat, drink, and to fuck anything with two legs. Our super-ego is the obsessive-compulsive part of our brain that strives for the ideal and the flawless. Our ego is the rational intermediary between the instinctual id and the perfectionist super-ego.

In other words, The Joker and Adrian Monk are fighting for control of your brain and the only one that can stop them from wrecking the place is Spock.

When an external force, such as the FCC or your mom, tells you that you shouldn’t look at lewd pictures of the opposite sex or watch stuff that glorifies gore, your inner Spock tries to subdue Joker.

Although Spock is trying his damnedest to uphold the external request, Joker will at some point overtake him and you’ll go against these external principles. Monk will then make Spock feel guilty about not keeping Joker in line. Spock will then put the Vulcan Nerve Pinch on Joker, stopping you from acting against these outer rules.

To put it simply, we desire what we cannot have. If properly controlled, our id and super-ego can help us work towards our goals in ways that the ego cannot.

The Joker, despite making rash decisions and goals that are incredibly short-term, can allow us to grasp onto abstract concepts and propel us into experiencing new things. Monk, though he may be over-organized and a total nag, can help us differentiate between right and wrong as well as help us strive to improve ourselves.

Just think about this before you go super-ego on ecchi anime, okay?

3. Animation tends to bring us into a state of wonder:

Although escapism should never be a permanent respite against the harshness that reality can bring us, breaking away temporarily can allow us to reflect and become open to new possibilities.

Do you remember when you were a child and the world was as open to interpretation as a box full of Legos? Do you also remember when your parents and society glued your Legos together in what they see as the world?

Although your Legos are tightly stuck to one another, you can still pry them loose and make your own world! It just takes a little resolve and some elbow grease.

4. We’re constantly looking to connect with ourself and others:

This goes along nicely with my first point. By telling our stories to others, we can share ourselves with people and through their perspectives, learn something new about ourselves that we were unable to do otherwise.

We can also relate to characters in a story that are similar to us or people we know. This brings a sense of reality to the story, thus making it more compelling.

In liking or disliking a story, we may also find common ground with others. Although their extreme devotion can be annoying at times, a fan base is a godsend if you want to spread your story to many people. The anime otaku subculture is also one of the biggest fan bases of this generation. So if you like anime, you’re in good company!

Is It All About The Benjamins?

Did you guys notice that I didn’t mention how anime can still make money in a poor economy? It’s because money doesn’t matter. Money is mearly a tangible form of value. There are millions of different ways that someone can present value to the world and to those who present value of their own. Money just happens to be a common way of expressing value.

Once you realize that presenting value to the world is much more important and fulfilling than simply making money, then you’ll be one step closer to being unafraid of what omnious economic storm clouds may come.


P.S: If you want to buy what I’m currently listening to, just click on the link. I thought that I’d mention that.

Anime Review – Sekirei

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Girls! Action!! Shiny!!!

Do I have your attention yet? Good. Let’s review the fan-service anime Sekirei, shall we?


We follow the exploits of Minato Sahashi, your basic loser everyman Keitaro clone. He has failed the college entrance exam twice, is awkward around women, and is unemployed.

One day, Minato meets a girl named Musubi, who quite literally falls from the sky. Minato soon learns that he’s an ‘Ashikabi’, who are humans with special genes that allows them to partner with ‘Sekirei’.

Sekirei are super-powered beings created by the mysterious MBI corporation. Made up of cute girls, excessively buxom women, and bishonen (pretty boys),  the Sekirei fight in a dangerous and at times deadly competition called the ‘Sekirei Plan’.

With the entire city of Tokyo as the battlefield, the Sekirei seek out those humans who are destined to become their Ashikabi partner. Minato soon learns that being the partner of a beautiful girl is not all fun and games, especially when he discovers that an Ashikabi can have more than one Sekirei partner, and that’s where the real trouble starts.

Character Overviews

Sahashi Minato – The basic, loser everyman male lead.

Musubi – The bubbly female lead and Minato’s first Sekirei. She specializes in hand-to-hand combat.

Kusano – The cute little girl who can control plants. She’s Minato’s second Sekirei.

Matsu – The smart and stealthy computer hacker who works behind the scenes for Minato. She’s Minato’s third Sekirei.

Tsukiumi – The overly aggressive member of the group who can manipulate water. She’s Minato’s fourth Sekirei.

Homura – The aloof bishonen Sekirei who secretly protects the unwinged Sekirei.

Asama Miya – The group’s fearsome landlady. She’s also the very first Sekirei.

Story: 3/10

Sekirei is an anime that doesn’t bring much to the table story-wise. Pretty much all of its storyline has been rehashed from various manga, and not in a good way.

Normally in cases like this, I would look for the creative spin that would set this anime apart from the rest. Unfortunatly, I couldn’t find it.

Also, whenever a character was in trouble, someone would save them at the very last second every time. Every single time!

I give it a 3/10 for a storyline that follows the magical harem cookie-cutter genre to a T without adding its own uniqueness to the mix.

Animation & Music: 6/10 for Animation and 4/10 for Music

The animation quality of Sekirei has some flaws with proportions (watch the female characters for two seconds and you’ll know what I mean). The backgrounds are decent, but nothing notable.

One good thing about the animation is that the characters are really unique to each other. It didn’t take me long to figure out who was who in this series.

The opening and ending themes fall flat for me. However, the second ending theme was okay.

I give the animation a 6/10 and the music a 4/10 for a disappointing job.

Characters: 5/10

I was annoyed by pretty much all of the characters in Sekirei except for Kusano. Little Kuu-chan made me laugh several times throughout the series!

Fun Fact: Her seiyu (Japanese voice actor) is also the same one who did the voice of Potemayo, everyone’s favorite little face-raper!

Like I said before, the other characters are pretty bland and predictable. There are a couple plot twists, but they’re either “saw that coming a mile away” or “WTF?” The W stands for “Why” by the way.

5/10 for mediocre characters that have both predictable and weird plot twists.

Enjoyment: 5/10

One good quality to note about Sekirei is that each episode went by fast. I can’t believe that I watched the whole 12-episode series in two nights. Normally my anime ADD would kick in and I’d do something else for awhile, but not this time!

To be honest, despite the fast pace, I didn’t really enjoy watching Sekirei that much. Kuu-chan’s interaction with Minato and Tsukiumi was the only noteworthy aspect to this series. Although the ending leaves things open for a second season, judging from how this season faired, I doubt I’ll watch the second season as intently. If I would watch it, it would only be to see how the loose ends were tied up.

5/10 for a small amount of enjoyment, and that’s being generous.

Overall: 4.6/10

Sekirei really needs to develop their story if they want to make a second season that’s worthwhile. Although I didn’t like it, I encourage you to make up your own mind about it and watch it for yourself!


Anime Review – Myself ; Yourself

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When you’re confused about where you should go in life, it’s best to take a step back and rediscover yourself. Enter Myself ; Yourself.


Sana Hidaka, a sixteen year old high school student, returns to the fictional town Sakuranomori in W. Prefecture five years after his family moved away. He reconnects with his childhood friends Nanaka Yatsushiro, Aoi Oribe, and his best male friend Shusuke Wakatsuki along with his twin sister Shuri Wakatsuki. Sana lives by himself in the apartment building Aoi’s family runs. Sana soon finds out that while some things have stayed the same, there are many things that have changed.

Character Overviews

Hidaka Sana – The basic, everyman male lead.

Yatsushiro Nanaka – The cold love interest of Sana who was a sweet and caring girl when he left.

Oribe Aoi – The cute, childish girl who lives next door to Sana.

Wakatsuki Shusuke – The other male character who is your basic anime best friend (a bit rowdy, but at times uncharacteristically serious).

Wakatsuki Shuri – Shusuke’s athletic twin sister.

Story: 8/10

Myself ; Yourself may appear on the surface as another fan-service anime with lots of fluff for a storyline, but it’s more than that. Without giving away too much of the plot, I can say that there’s quite a few plot twists that come in past the halfway mark in the series. I like that Myself ; Yourself uses character development to push the bulk of the story along. It makes the characters more memorable and you can connect with them pretty easy.

I give it an 8/10 for a deceptively interesting story that focuses on the characters’ development instead of completing some “goal” (like defeating the biggest bad guy in the world or completing the puzzle from hell).

Animation & Music: 7/10 for Animation and 8/10 for Music

The quality of the animation in Myself ; Yourself is passable; nothing really startling. Although I did enjoy the characters’ designs, I’ve found that their designs are not very unique and you could easily swap them out with characters from another series.

The opening and ending themes are really enjoyable. I especially love the opening sequence with the characters playing the song on stage.

I give the animation a 7/10 and the music an 8/10 for a good, but not that great, job.

Characters: 7/10

The character I enjoyed the most, even though she may annoy some viewers, was Aoi. I thought that she was funny! The other characters were pretty bland and predictable at first, but a few plot twists later and I began to appreciate them a bit more. I was kinda disappointed that Aoi didn’t have an “OMG, WTF?” plot twist like the others, but I still liked her sweet-to-a-fault character. 7/10 for mostly mediocre characters that get better later on.

Enjoyment: 7/10

Despite having good character development and several plot twists, I didn’t really enjoy this series as much as I would have liked to. Myself ; Yourself needed a wacky side character. Aoi was close to being a wacky side character, but the show really needed a Rock Lee-type character to round it out. Although the ending leaves us on a satisfactory high note, it’s unlikely that there will be a second season. 7/10 for a decent amount of enjoyment.

Overall: 7.4/10

Myself ; Yourself did some things right, but it could have done a lot more. If they only had a wacky side character… In any event, I still enjoyed watching this series and encourage you to make up your own mind about it and watch it for yourself!


Eights and Aces BONUS Footage

While I visited my friends, I found a clip from Eights and Aces’ 7-12-2008 practice session that didn’t get put on the main video. I don’t know exactly why, but it’s probably because I didn’t have proper video editing software.

Here is Eights and Aces doing their Intro Jam:

You might have recognized that this is similar to what they did way back in their first video:

It’s a little different, but I liked their “new” intro jam a bit better just because they’re so much better as players in that video. Watching all these videos makes me wish that Eights and Aces would kick out the jams again! I can’t wait for summer when everyone comes back from college!!


My Acoustic Cover of Heart Turned Black

I was kinda bored today so I decided to record some videos of me playing my acoustic. This video is of me doing the rhythm part of Heart Turned Black, one of Eights and Aces’ original songs. I fudged up a couple parts and played the whole thing way too fast, but it’s okay I guess. Enjoy!

I’ve also added some cool features to the site like a post ratings system and different stats of the site in the sidebar. Check ’em out!

Well, I’m gonna practice my guitar playing some more. I’ll see you guys later!