My Modest Proposal

Hey guys it’s the Andy-San here with a minor update. I posted this suggestion about Facebook in a group called Facebook is for college, NOT HIGH SCHOOL. Here’s my post:

I think that Facebook should be for STUDENTS ONLY. This includes high school students. But just so I don’t get fragged for the students comment, my definition for student is someone who’s currently attending high school at the least or a higher institute of learning. Middle schoolers and lower (8th grade and below) shouldn’t be included simply because I don’t believe the majority of them are capable of conducting themselves properly online.

I choose to see both sides of the argument. On one side, you have people who want Facebook to be exclusive to college students to eliminate annoying spam and more stalkers. On the other hand, you have people who want Facebook to be open to all students. I agree with this mostly, but to a point like I said before. To appease both parties, why don’t the powers that be simply put the high schoolers in a different section than college students (something that’s already been suggested)?

Well I’m gonna get some fod and watch Mahou Sensei Negima. Peace!

I've Finished Azumanga Daioh!!!

And it’s a grate anime! Hey everyone it’s the Andy-San back at Urbana again after a weekend at home.

This weekend was okay. I chilled with my folks and relaxed for awhile. I even learned how to play part of the opening theme to Mahou Sensei Negima on the keyboard.

After coming back to UU, I finished up on Azumanga Daioh and it’s now one of my favorite anime of all time (with Dragon Ball being #1).

Umm, not much else to say so I’m gonna go to bed soon. Night!


To Celina I Go…

Hey everyone it’s the Andy-San here with a disturbingly sweaty ass (I about slipped off the toilet seat taking a shit).

Today started off terribly. My new roomie Matt (if I didn’t post it earlier, my 1st roomie Devin dropped out of UU because he didn’t like the direction he was going with the soccer team) forgot to turn off his alarm clock and as soon as he walked out the door it went off. Keep in mind that it’s 5 in the morning. I turned it off and tried to get back to sleep. I failed at sleeping so I woke up and went to Programming class. I totally vegged and went to lunch afterward. I forgot to get a form for my Third Reich English class (for those playing the home game, this is my 2nd Nazi reference involving UU). By the time I got the form and went back to my room to get my stuff for class, I was 5 minutes late so I just skipped and watched some Azumanga Daioh. Then I went to my other computer class and barely paid attention. I did however contribute the definition of a byte (8 bits).

In other news, I’m going home this weekend to relax and get laundry done (only 1 shirt left!!!). Leto, our female Golden Retriever, is gonna have puppies in a couple weeks so that’s good news. I also made 2 new YTMND sites. The first one is called The Adventures of Team Lilac (an anagram of Metallica). It’s an experimental series to give you guys a heads-up. It’s at . The second one I did today is called Yomi’s Konami Code. It comes from a scene of Azumanga Daioh where Yomi is reciting her cheer routine in a fashion similar to the Konami Code. And before you totally lambast it for not actually being THE Konami Code, I realize that it’s not THE Konami Code but it’s similar to it so there. It’s at .

Well, time to head off so peace to all my homies and see-ya on Sunday!


So The Weekend Was Short

Hey guys it’s the Andy-San back here at Urbana.

My visit back home was fun. I didn’t do much except kick back and relax. When I came back to the dorm, I brought along my guitar, amp, pedal, and my bike. I’m not sure if I can have my bike in my dorm so I’ll talk with the housing guy about it.

Well I’m gonna watch some more Love Hina before I go to bed so see ya!


The Andy-San's 100th Post Celebration Extravaganza!!!!

Welcome one and all to The Andy-San’s 100th Post Celebration Extravaganza!!!! (ctrl+c’ed because I’m lazy). Wow it’s been 100 posts already. Some life I have eh? But anyway, on to the goodies. I’ve uploaded a new profile pic in celebration (I’m eating mint chocolate chip ice cream although you can’t see any of it). I’ve also made a new MySpace Band site involving my newest project (it’s been bouncing around for months). The band’s name is “The ReDeath No. 7”. I’ve decided that you can pronounce the “No.” as either “Number” or simply “No”. Check it out at

I was gonna unvail my first Xanga videoblog but due to technical difficulties (a lack of a webcam that can capture footage and sound at the same time), it’ll have to wait until another time. But on with the good news!

I’ve now received word that I’m able to go to Urbana and move in this Sunday at noon. The thing is that I must take Wee-Todd English because I have no English credits from ITT Tech. I’ve informed Wal-Mart that I’m leaving and they’re quite sad to see me go. I can’t transfer to another Wal-Mart because I haven’t been there for 6 months or more. Oh well I can get another job down there easy. And besides, Wal-Mart’s Open Availability Policy (it means that I am available to come in anytime between 6 AM and 11 PM) would make college impossible. So the tentative schedule will be; Fri: work and return cable modem (no Internets till Urbana), Sat: move all the stuff I’m not taking to college down to the basement and then go school shopping like a crazy mofo and use/abuse my discount card one last time, Sun: move in and get a feel for the place etc etc. Sad to say that this will be my last post from my home for a while. Oh well, I’ll see if I can save up for a laptop and look for WiFi hotspots during the breaks.

In other news, I’ve run into everyone at work that I haven’t seen in ages (I half expected my dearly departed dad to show up at Wal-Mart). I’ve seen my aunt and little cousin (yes, that aunt), my 5th grade teacher Mr. G, and a bunch of other people that I can’t remember now because my short-term memory is crap today (and I’m not on drugs, really I’m not). I even got pwn’d by a senior citizen on counting the correct amount of change after he handed me some more after I punched in what he gave me (if that made any sense at all).

Well it’s been a blast celebrating 100 posts and here’s to many more! I’m gonna go watch some Mahoromatic so good-night and godspeed!!!


Working Out Worked Out (today anyway)

Yo it’s the Andy-San kickin’ it in my room.

Today was a koo day. I went over to E’s till 7. We chilled, practiced on the guitar, worked out, and I finally gave E Mahoromatic and all of Eureka 7. He’ll have to wait for Mahou Sensei Negima until I get back from vay-kay at Disney World (I leave this Friday I can’t wait!!!).

Yeah today’s workout was tough but I did better than I did previously. My big prob is doing it every other day. Sometimes I forget or I gotta go to work or whatever.

I ran MAGfest by the gang and they want to go as well. This is grate news! But the big issue is money and I don’t know if everyone will have enough in time. Then again, it’s only July so we have plenty of time to save up. I can’t wait!

Well I’m gonna watch some Mahou Sensei Negima so good-night everbody!


Weight: 205.6 lbs

Wigga Hit My Mirror!!!

Hey guys it’s the Andy-San with news.

I got to chill with Eriopolis today for a couple hours. He ganked the rest of FullMetal Alchemist from me while we played Magic and E showed me some of his drummin’ skills on a drumpad that he or Ben got. I also finished the song “Play It Loud”, which is a parody-of-sorts of the song “Cool It Now” by New Edition. My vocals aren’t the best, but it’s an okay song considering I made it in about 2 hours. It should be up on ODK’s MySpace soon. Speaking of which, ODK really needs to get together sometime so we can do a full recording. I need to get back in guitar-shape because it’s been too long since I’ve practiced regularly.

So my day was okay until I was getting to my car at the end of my shift with Wal-Mart. Some guy clipped my driver-side mirror on my car; luckily there was no other damage to it. All I know is that it was a white vehicle that struck it from the back since the mirror was 5 feet from the car and there’s a white streak on the side of it. I called the police and they did a police report (not a crash report) on it and the officer told me to give him a call if I found out anything about who struck my car. So after that I told a manager to leave a note for the lady in charge of surveillance about where my car was, the relative time it was hit, and the color of my car and suspected car. I’ll see what’s going on with that tomarrow when I come in to work.

Well that was my day and now I’m going to hit teh sack. Peace!


P.S: Play It Loud is up on ODK’s MySpace at



Hey guys, guess what? I’m back! After a month of dealing with death (my step-aunt, my car, and my grandma-all within 2 weeks), I have finally returned!

So what have I been doin’ for nearly a month that would keep me from updating my site? Well, workin’ for extra cash for that car payment, that’s what! Anyway, the tourney before last week’s (I totally forgot about last week’s) saw my defeat at the hands of Ryan once again. Oh, I’m mad at that guy! Luckly, Alex beat him using some insane combos. I think that I might need to restructure my deck if I have any chance of beating him. But I don’t know.

I also watched all of the episodes in the 1st and 2nd seasons for Ranma 1/2. I also got Seasons 3 & 4 and I’m trying to convert them to MPEGs so I can watch them on my DVD player.

Well, I’d better get goin’. Later days!

“So what we’re gonna do is shake ‘er up a little bit ‘n see if we cain’t get something out of there.”

-Me rambling like an idiot.



Sup, everybody! I have some good news. Well, it looks like my move to Tripod was a bit premature. I have decided to stay here on Geocities. I’m now having my large music files on Tripod directed here to free up space (which, by the way, royally messes with the structure of the page).

In other news, my 2nd interview with Wal-Mart was last Thursday and while it was a tad rocky, I think I hit it off pretty well with my interviewer, Matthew, who actually graduated from the same ITT Tech that I’m going to right now! He majored in Multimedia. He said that due to the massive amount of people sending in their apps, it might be from 1 week to 1 1/2 weeks before anyone would call me to set up my 3rd & final interview. I called up the hiring center on Sunday and they told me (very rude-like, I might add) that it’s not open today and to call back tommorrow. So, I did. And I was redirected to the Wal-Mart training center because I guess the area the hiring center was located at cost too much for rent so they moved somewhere else. Anyway, I called them and they said pretty much the same thing that Matthew did. Oh, well. At least I made myself known. I’ll give them a call back either this coming Thursday or Friday.

Last Friday was the start of Season Two of the King of Games Tournament. Unfortunatly, I was unable to come due to lack of parental approval because they were out & about. Ben had broken out of retirement and dueled. I’m not sure if it was a one-time deal or what. More to come on that issue. Anyway, I believe Ryan won that one, again. He is beginning to annoy me. The first time I dueled him, I had previously beaten a bunch of newbies, so my guard was down because I thought that Ryan was having beginner’s luck. I could have beaten him twice, but I held back. The next time we duel, I will go all out. No holding back. Now that I know his strategies, I will crush him in the next duel. Which is, if I’m not mistaken, next Friday. I am ready for you, Ryan. But the question is, are you ready for me? I am the Season 1 winner of the King of Games Tournament. I have beaten the best to earn my spot: Eric, Ben, Jake, and Alex B. I’ve beaten them all. And when the Tournament of Champions rolls around, I will retain my title as King of Games. So set your calandar for next Friday. Because I’m coming. And I’m bringing my A-game with me.

Well, now that I got that out of the way, I have more good news. I received my Ranma 1/2 DVDs last Thursday. Huzzah! As of this update, I’m up to only Disc 3 of 5. There are about 13 or so episodes per disc. I will definatly get the next set when I can.

Update-wise, unless you count the new location of my large music files, none really. Now that I know I’m staying here on Geocities, I will bring you more updates as I can. Until then, have a good one!

“What did you do with Shampoo, you dried-up monkey?!”

-Mousse talking to Cologne, I’m assuming.



Hi, everybody! Well folks, it has come down to this: I’m deciding to move my site. No, please. Don’t cry. I’ll still be around. I’m moving my site over to Tripod so the Internet midgits will leave me alone. Actually, it’s more of a bandwidth issue.

You see, this site only allows a daily bandwidth of 15MB. It sounds like a lot, but it’s not when you break it down. According to, data transfer, or bandwidth, is measured by the amount of data that is retrieved by the server whenever you open up a webpage. For example, my Excel Saga section, probably the biggest section I have because of the spiffy background theme. The page itself is only a mere 5KB. But when you load the page, not only is that loaded, but the background theme and the picture are loaded too. Together, it totals a whopping 1,437KB, or 1.44MB everytime that page is loaded. Let’s do the math, shall we? My bandwidth is 15MB a day. That means that in order to shut my site down for an hour, you would have to go to the Excel Saga page at least 11 times a day, and it will only successfully load it 10 times out of those 11. That’s Tripod, on the other hand, offers a 1GB monthly bandwidth. That’s 33 1/3MB a day on average (if every month had 30 days); over twice the amount of bandwidth of Now do you see why I’m moving?

Anyway, as for updates, technically none for this site. I spent all day moving all of my crap from here to my Tripod site. It’s not up yet, as I have to change all the hyperlinx and all that happy bulls**t so you can look through my site. Since it took me a good whole day just moving everything, it will be a while before I can link everything together and make the move complete. Which means that it will be a while before I shut this site down.

In other news, my final for XML was today and I think I did good. I won’t know until I find out my grade on it. But, I’m doing fairly well in that class anyway; so I’m not too worried. It’s Day 1 of possibly 3 that I’ll have to wait for my DVDs. I still can’t wait for them to come in!!

Well, I got to go. Later days!

“Stop! Pajama-time!”

-Excerpt from the Eminem single “Just Lose It” from his album “Encore”.