Whatcha Gonna Do When Eriopolis Runs Wild On j00?!!!1

Mornin’, it’s TheAndySan hurr with some awesome news.

Eriopolis has qualified for regionals in Magic: The Gathering. Right now, my boy E-Dub is in Columbus taking on the best in Ohio. I’m so fucking proud of him, even if he comes home with a big goose egg for victories!! We’re all rooting for you E!!!1

Lately, I’ve been hooked on When The Sun Sleeps by Underoath. I don’t like the screaming at all, but the actual singing parts are totally worth enduring the screams. Give it a whirl on the ol’ dusty CD player!

In other news, I’m gonna be seeing Great White tonight at their cancer benefit concert. I’m totally stoked for this, guys!!

Also in other news, I’ve created Eights and Aces MySpace page. I’ll be in charge of it so when they start doing live shows, I’ll put up videos as well as songs. Check it out at http://www.myspace.com/eightsandaces!!

I seriously can’t wait until I get my external hard drive up and running again. Those data recovery services are f’n expensive though. However, considering how much money I’m pulling in with this site, it might not be too much longer til it’s fixed. Data Recovery: I Needs It.

Well, I’m gonna watch some To Love-Ru so I’ll post after the Great White concert. Later days!


P.S: It’s been 1,515 days since I had a website.

Why I Don't Go To Protests

Hello first day of spring, it’s the Andy-San here with a fresh-off-the-grill slog. Mmm, slog! As always, you can watch the video or read the slog script below:

Hey guys, it’s the Andy-San here to discuss why I don’t go to protests.
One of my managers asked me to join him in a protest at Washington D.C. and I turned down his offer. Initially, the reason for this was because I didn’t want to go all the way out to D.C. and possibly be stranded since I wouldn’t be driving my own truck and also because I don’t know him very well personally. As I began to really think about it though, I found out the two real reasons I didn’t want to protest:

1 – Openly protesting exposes your identity. If a protest were to turn sour, I don’t want the FBI or whoever else to show up at my house and brainwash me. I don’t want them to know who I am as an individual. It’s not that I have anything to hide, it’s just that I want my privacy to be maintained. Obviously, I know that by posting this, I’m exposing myself a bit and they can trace me. However, I’ve protected my personal information decently so unless they really, really want to go after me, they won’t find me.

2 – Protests present problems but no solutions. Anybody can complain, but it takes someone who’s motivated and educated on the situation to present a solution to the problem. If a protest were to present a detailed, functional, and practical solution to resolve what they’re protesting about, then I would support them. I still wouldn’t expose myself, but I would do other things like put up a link to their site on my blog and recommend my viewers to visit their site and support them however they want.

Now, I’d like to define a proper solution as best and as simple as I can. Is your solution:

1 – Detailed? Picture this: you’re working a job that you really hate (some, like me, wouldn’t have to think too hard about it!). You tell the boss, “This job sucks! I hate working here!” If you didn’t get fired for saying that, then your boss might ask, “Why do you hate working here and what can I do to help?” Most people either don’t know how to answer the question or just complain about something trivial. It’s okay to vent (just try not to make a scene, ok?) because it releases your frustration and allows you to better focus on a solution. However, simply venting won’t fix the solution. If you want to change the problem, make sure you point out details. Is it a certain work policy that you don’t agree with? Is a certain coworker giving you trouble? Or is it a personal issue? Writing down the details helps you to keep track of things and lets you filter out less relevent matters and expand upon the more pressing issues.

2 – Functional? It’s as simple as asking, “Does it work?”. Can your solution work in practice or is it just theory? Have there been successful attempts at implementing similiar solutions? Be sure to cite these solutions to make your case more credible.

3 – Practical? Is your solution feesible? Can your plan be utilized with a reasonable amount of money and manpower?

4 – Good for the company? I’m sorry, I had to pull out a classic Office Space quote. It’s still a valid question though. Is your solution aiding everybody or just a select few? Will this adversly affect others within the company?

Final summation (totally not ripped off from TheGradualReport lol), the reason that most protests don’t work is because they’re essentially bitch-fits on a larger scale. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes protesting works; take Martin Luthur King Jr for example. For the most part, however, it’s just venting without a proper solution.

Well, that’s it for me for now. Enjoy yourselves!

Andy-San out!

I noticed today that I got 69 views yesterday. Holy ass-crackers, Batman! I’m also planning on redoing my Love Hina review as well as doing a review of another anime (most likely Bleach). I’ve found that you have to reveal some plot in order to do a proper review. Besides, the review I did was far too short even for my tastes. Stay tuned as it’ll be coming soon!

Well, that’s it for me today. Enjoy yourselves and leave a comment if you’d like. See-ya!


Finally!! My Love Hina Review!!

What’s goin’ on, it’s the Andy-San here with terrific news.

After about a week, I’ve finally written a review for Love Hina and I’m gonna post it as a slog on YouTube. Check it out here:

Here’s the written version if you don’t wanna watch the video:

Anime Review #1 – Love Hina

What’s goin’ on, it’s the Andy-San hurr to review Love Hina. I’m going to try to make this review as spoiler-free as possible so don’t fault me for not revealing any plot.

I’m a real sucker for romantic-comedy anime, so I loved it right from the start. It also has the harem aspect, but unlike most harem anime, the female characters hate the male lead initially and for a long period of time. In a nutshell, Love Hina’s the story of a young man who become the manager of an all-girls dormitory while trying to get accepted into Tokyo University and discovers himself and his love interest. At least, that’s how the manga goes. The anime doesn’t change the manga storyline as much as it abridges it, which is the case for about 95% of all anime.

Now a lot of people complained about the lack of originality in Love Hina, often calling it a Ranma 1/2 and Tenchi ripoff, but I define originality in anime as how the creator puts their own spin on pretty standard storylines and how they take the story from beginning to end. Think of it like any other story. They all have words in them, but it’s the writer’s choice of words that make the difference between, say, The Great Gatsby and Scarface. They’re essentially the same story, but it’s the creator’s personal touch that makes them different.

Getting back to Love Hina, it’s a great story and I couldn’t reccomend it any more if I tried. In conclusion, although the anime is quite inferior to the manga, I still liked the anime because it got me interested in the manga and it’s just plain good. I suggest reading the manga after you watch the anime so you get filled-in on some missing plot elements as well as a solid conclusion that’ll made you wanna read it all over again, which is the mark of a classic.

Pros: excellent storyline with some character development, hilarious physical comedy, and good animation.

Cons: unsatisfying conclusion, the slapstick got a bit old at times, and overall inferior to the manga.

Well, I’m gonna eat my spaggetti so I’ll see you little cupcakes later!


Why I'm Convinced That Ohio's Becoming Tropical Again

Hello everyone it’s the Andy-San here again on this unseasonably warm day. It’s 65°F outside, which makes it quite nice for a good walk (I can’t go on a bike ride due to my back tire blowing out and I also haven’t picked my bike up from my aunt’s).

Eric and Ben went back to UU last week for the new semester. Actually, Eric left earlier than Ben to go to Ohayocon with Sean and the rest of Genshiken UU as well as the Wittenburg and I think the BGSU anime clubs. I bet they had a blast and it sucked that I couldn’t go, but what can you do?

I finally had my orientation at Taco Bell this past Friday after two reschedulings (if that’s a word) and I won’t start work until my uniform comes in, which they said would be a couple of days so basically anytime now.

I felt like such a loser in front of my friends the last time we hung out because everyone seemed to know what they wanted to do with their lives and were working towards it except me. I know what I wanna do, it’s just that I can’t do it without a college education. I want to live in Japan, even if it’s for a short time. In order to do that, I need a bachelor’s degree because the main source of income for American gaijin besides the military and such is teaching English. By law, you are required to have a bachelor’s degree to teach English. They don’t really care what field the degree is in so long as you have one. My plan was to get my BA from UU and go into the JET program or something similar so I can go over to Japan and teach English. If I wanted to stay, I’d have to find another job in order to change my visa since you only get a one or two year visa with JET. If I changed my visa, I would only have to apply for renewal every three years unless something came up. Since I would have a BA in the IT field, I could go into that if I didn’t wanna teach English anymore.

Because it’s highly unlikely that I’ll be able to go back to college, I’m preparing a new life plan. I’d like to persue a career as a musician, but I don’t wanna do it full-time until I’m able to sustain myself with it. The big problem is that I don’t know many musicians around here and even less that aren’t in a band. I would love to join Ben’s band, but they’re not doing anything at the moment because he’s in college and they like their current singer Goofy. We could shuffle Goofy into Ben’s spot while he’s away and put me in as singer, but I’m already sounding like a pretentious SOB so I’d better move on to a new paragraph.

Well, I gotta pee so piss, er, peace-out everybody!!


P.S: It’s been 636 days and 251 posts since I joined Xanga.

I Wonder If There's a Bleach Marathon on All Hollows Eve?!!1

Sup everyone it’s the Andy-San here kickin’ it on Halloween.

I called Wal-Mart again today and they said that because I didn’t wanna work on Saturday they won’t hire me. I was so pissed at them because of this, even though I know that Saturday’s their busiest day!! I won’t update my availability until I get back from ITT Tech and find out what days my classes are.

I got into one of those super-emo moods today when I was working. I felt so alone. It’s so depressing without my friends around. I always felt stronger when I was with them, like I could take on the world and win. Without them around, however, I feel cold, detached, and powerless. Talking with my co-workers just isn’t the same as talking to my friends. I also had the feeling that I was holding them back from persuing their own goals. Jesus, wasn’t I suppose to have been done and over with this emo crapola when I graduated high school?! I need to live by an ocean so I can scream out my frustrations, Japanese-style.

Say, there’s an idea! I’d love to visit Japan, but there’s so many expenses one has to worry about. Usually around $3,000 is sufficiant for the whole thing if you don’t have a way to cut expenses (i.e: stay with someone you know, go on a business trip, etc.) My big plan for when I get out of college is to visit Japan. Depending on whether or not I find a company that’ll transfer me to Japan, I might have to just visit to look for a job and once I have one, apply for a different visa. I’m hoping to learn at least some basic Japanese so that I can get around most places with little trouble. Man, just thinking about visiting Japan gets me pumped!! Gai-sensai!!! I am in the springtime of my youuuuuuuuth!!!!!1

Well, I’d better go. I’ve got a couple episodes of Bleach to watch before I’m all caught up. Once again, Happy Halloween everyone!!


With Our Powers Combined, We Are Spamtron!!!1

…No, not really. Hey guys, it be the Andy-San here.

I had a blast with everyone at good ol’ UU!! I feel human now that I saw everyone from college. Before I felt like a robot that gets up, goes to work, works, comes home, eats, sleeps, and does it all over again. We played Magic (I’m using Eric’s Red deck of D00M!), watched anime, and I got to see the new dorm and the single rooms. Also, members from the BGSU and Wittenberg anime clubs came to UU to meet with Genshiken UU. The VP of the Wittenberg anime club had an ungodly amount of anime that easily put my collection and Eric’s collection combined to shame.

I talked with my mom and stepdad about the loans for UU and we agreed to see what happens with my meeting at ITT Tech. They still plan on starting a freight business, but they’ll get their loan the first of 2008. This means that if it takes me 6-9 months to graduate ITT Tech like I planned, it’s still possible for me to have my parents cosign my loans for UU since their credit check for their loan will happen well before I graduate ITT Tech. They didn’t give me a definate yes or no answer, and I didn’t expect them to. Like I said before, they want to know what’s going on with ITT Tech before they do anything with my loans.

Well, I’m gonna watch some Bleach so g’ night!


I'm Goin' To ITT Tech!!!1

Hey guys it’s the Andy-San here in my room.

Today I received an email from the guy who suspended me from UU. He says that academically speaking I fulfilled all the requirements for reapplication. However, I still owe UU a shit-ton of money and because my parents won’t cosign my loans, I can’t get grants because my stepdad makes too much, and their financial aid department is sheer bollocks, I won’t be reattending Urbana University. Ever. I could pay them off with a job I’ll get through ITT Tech, but I might as well go someplace else for my education if I plan to get a bacholors degree. So due to this unfortunate but manageable setback, I’m reattending ITT Tech (hopefully the Dayton campus) in the winter and finishing up for my degree. After that, I plan on moving out of the county to look for work. I’m looking at the Dayton-Springfield area or possibly the Bowling Green area. If I can find a job in Springfield, I could possibly live in Urbana and commute since Springfield is fairly close, but I dunno.

Andy’s Roadhouse is cutting back my hours due to the lack of business. I’m getting along a bit better with everyone, but I’ve been on edge lately and I apologize if I offended anyone. Now that I know I won’t be going back to UU, I need that Wal-Mart job so I can commute to ITT Tech with little worry of cut hours. Nothing against Andy’s Roadhouse (I’m grateful to them for taking me in and giving me the money for a truck), but I need more hours and a higher wage.

Well, I’m gonna watch some more Bleach so I’ll see-ya later!


Guitar Has Leveled Up! You Get: Ibanez Tube Screamer TS-7

Sup it be the Andy-San here kickin’ it on my only day off this week.

I got up around 11 this morning, which felt great to sleep in finally after a grueling straight week of work. I really hope that I get more than 1 day a week off, although I don’t want to lose too many hours. I’d also like to work nights again because I’m not much of a morning person, but they’re shorthanded as it is and there’s not many workers there that are out of school so I’ll stick the course for now (but I really miss sleeping in ).

In other news, I bought a new pedal for my guitar. It’s an Ibanez Tube Screamer TS-7 and it’s killer! I was looking for an overdrive pedal that wasn’t METAL ALL THE TIME!!!1 like my DigiTech Metal Master pedal. I took a bike ride up to Wal-Mart, piddled around, and went to the music store. Originally, I wasn’t gonna buy anything; I was gonna do the usual “look around for an interesting guitar, amp, or pedal and then leave.” I saw the overdrive pedal out of the corner of my eye and couldn’t belive it was an actual Ibanez Tube Screamer. Granted, it’s not the original green pedal, but for only $25, it’s the best damn pedal I’ve bought yet!

Now if only Boss and especially Digitech could learn a lesson from Ibanez and not sell their pedals at prices well beyond the $50 mark, which I think is the median for effect pedals; you should sell the single effect pedals for under $50 (unless it’s a signature pedal, but keep it under $70) and the higher-end multi-effect pedals for over $50 but no more than $300 (unless it has an ungodly amount of effects and/or is a signature pedal). Please guys, lower the prices. When we have to save up to buy a pedal, you know you’re overpricing them. We should always have enough money to buy at least a single effect pedal.

Anyway, back to the Tube Screamer. This thing is awesome! It has the sweet rock tone I’ve been looking for, and I can play any style of music short of metal (I can coax some happening classic metal tones out of it ala Scorpions and some nice Jimmy Page and Angus Young-esque tones). It has 2 modes: TS9 and Hot. TS9, I’m assuming, is more of the original Tube Screamer sound. The Hot mode is like the TS9 mode but with MoAr GaIn!! I use the Hot mode mostly because it’s louder and with my chorus pedal, I can get a pretty happening sound. I took a page out of Alex Lifeson’s (Rush) and Zakk Wylde’s book and I have the chorus on all the time. It makes my cleans sound terrific and adds character to my distortions.

Yeah, I’ve been biking a lot lately. On the way to Wal-Mart today, I got caught in the rain which sucked but at least I didn’t have to deal with it on the way back. Another thing that’s been bothering me is that I don’t have a place to put stuff if I buy something. I just hold onto it and it’s killing my wrist to do that and steer the bike at the same time. I guess I need a small backpack or something for when I go out on bike rides and buy st00f.

And in this completly random paragraph, I think Ben’s here this weekend, but he’s working so there goes another oppurtune jam time. I watched Wild Hogs and it’s damn funny, although the beginning was a bit confusing at first. I just got Zombie Loan as well as the Alien Nine DVD. I haven’t seen Zombie Loan yet and Alien Nine looks okay. Did I mention that I want a Dean From Hell really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really bad? Ok, that’s enough of that.

Well I’m gonna get off, but before I go, be sure to vote for George Lynch for the Chop Shop Hall of Fame so he can be immortalized in a kickin’ wallpaper (this month Dimebag Darrell was inducted finally). You can vote at http://www.chopshopradio.net/hall-of-fame/index2.php . See-Ya!


New Anime Is Always A Good Thing…

…Unless you have no time to watch them! Hey everyone it’s the Andy-San here.

I got back from my parent’s house not too long ago. We went out to the Mongolian Grill to eat with my aunt, uncle, and cousin (she’s really into anime and definitely knows her stuff). Even my stepdad went, and although I was really against it at first, I figured even he can’t stay mad at me forever and went anyway. We talked about my job situation and although he was mad that I don’t have a job, he didn’t make a big fuss about it. I was really thinking about eating Chinese for dinner before they called, but I’m glad that I didn’t go before they called or it wouldn’t have been as good, but I regret eating 2 Triple Cheeseburgers from McDonald’s 2 hours before. Damn, now I’m gonna have to really work my fat arse out tomorrow! After dinner, we watched the Lakefest fireworks which were loads better than the 4th of July fireworks and they brought me back shortly after that.

In other news, I’m working on some scales that Travis taught me the other day and they’re totally killing my hand. He showed me his new Marshall TSL head and JCM-900 cabinet and his secondary Les Paul Standard fitted with an EMG ZW set as well as his new basement setup that’s a lot neater and better organized than before. He said that he was gonna buy a Gibson SG that’s at the music store so I can’t wait to see and hear it!

I’ve been watching some new anime to check out and I like what I’ve got so far. I’ve watched Umisho and Doujin-Work, which are really new in Japan. Umisho is a sports romantic-comedy about the adventures of a high school swim team. It’s very funny and I like all of the characters, but the stand-out character is the captain. Think Gai-Sensai in swimming gear. Doujin-Work is about a girl who wants to become a doujinshi author in order to make money. Basically, it’s like Comic Party but with a female lead. Doujin-Work’s not bad, but I prefer Umisho over it.

Well, I’m gonna go take a bath and watch some moAr anime. Peace!