What Matters Is That You Start

So before we begin, I want to give a quick update on where I’ve been lately since I haven’t uploaded any new or reuploaded videos or made a new blog post in awhile.

I’ve been busy wrapping up Summer I semester projects as well as working a lot at McD to catch up on bills that I fell behind on those last couple of months when I was unemployed. I feel like I’ve turned a dark corner in my life and that I’m in a much better position than I was at the beginning of the year or even the beginning of the summer. Come Fall semester, I should be much better prepared. Just gotta work on my time management, you know?

Anyway, new and old stuff will be coming soon so stay tuned! Now onto the post!!


Getting Started on YouTube Today

I was browsing around my YouTube Subscriptions and came across this video:

When I began YouTube back in 2006, it was a lot harder to get into making videos because you had to have a digital camera since there were no cell phones with video cameras on them at that time (or at least decent ones that weren’t insanely expensive). Now, with a camera on every phone, it’s almost TOO easy to get started making a video for YouTube.

But over this past decade, more and more YouTubers have joined the platform and the upload and production quality has significantly increased. This is both good and bad in that there are some very legit looking videos on YouTube now that could very easily be aired on TV without anyone batting an eye at the production quality, but at the same time, it’s getting more and more intimidating for new YouTubers starting out.

Just know that when everybody starts out, we’re not that good. We suck. We’re awkward on camera and we don’t yet know what we want our channel to be. THIS IS NORMAL. Go back and look at ANY big YouTuber’s first couple of videos and compare them to their videos today and you’ll see a HUGE difference.

Once you get into the groove of making videos, then you can begin to add the cool special FX, intro, green screen, better camera, and all that stuff. All of it is secondary to the video itself, the CONTENT if you will. None of the cool whizbang FX are gonna save an inherently crappy video.

It doesn’t matter what you start off with when you decide to make YouTube videos; what matters is that you start.


Fresh Out The Bath

Stop…look and watch! Ready yet? Get set! It’s TheAaaaaaaandySan! Okay, dunno where I was going with that, but hey, here I am with another blog post!


As the title implies, I got done taking a great bath, with Epsom salts which helps with muscle aches and helps me feel so much more relaxed! I was even in there for a good 40 minutes before I realizing how long I was in for, haha!!


Update To The Upcoming Update


Anywho, seeing as I’m sure that you guys didn’t come here to learn about my bathing habits, I wanted to let you know that in an upcoming video, I say that I’m going on hiatus from making new videos for awhile. I should clarify that I meant on a regular basis. I still want to make a couple of videos here and there, but it won’t be anything super-scheduled. I mean, I’ll let you guys know when they’re coming out on Twitter a day or two in advance, but that’s about it scheduling-wise.


I asked you guys what questions you’d like me to answer on an upcoming episode of Life After Navy, and you certainly didn’t disappoint! I have a couple really good ones that I want to get out there on YouTube soon!


I was also thinking about a One Cuppa Japan-esque series where I talk about something on my way to school. The idea is that I’d turn the GoPro to face me while I talk, and I’d talk about something for about 15-20 minutes. Is that something you guys would be interested in for future videos? Let me know!


Let’s Life


I decided recently to cut back my coffee consumption to just one cup a day (which is where I got the idea for a series similar to OCJ) and so far, the benefits outweigh the negatives. I sleep all the way through the night more often now, and my body doesn’t feel all twitchy when I lay down. The downside is that I’m not as sharp as I was when I was all hopped up, but hopefully that changes with having more restful sleep and my body getting used to operating on less caffeine. I don’t think I’ll quit coffee entirely as there are also good health benefits to drinking dark coffee, but since I don’t have to keep my head on a swivel all the time like I was when I was in the Navy, I don’t mind cutting back a little.


Once my current money situation settles down, AKA I get some paychecks my way, I want to shift back to healthier food. One of the things that I notice when I eat all this cheap college food is how tired I am during the day. Around noon or 1pm, I’m ready to take a post-lunch nap! I think as I get older, all these unhealthy habits start to catch up to me. I’m also gonna look into getting a conversion stand for my bike so I can bike for exercise even when the weather isn’t so good.


Turning In


Anyway, I think that’s it for me tonight. Gonna get some Zs and start my Sunday fresh! I have some housework/laundry to do in the morning. Night!



I’m Making Some Changes

Hi. Hello. It’s been awhile, hasn’t it?


Taking A Break From Videos (Kinda)


I’m looking for new ideas for revamping my blog. It’s been such an ongoing thing for me, and lately I’ve been drawn back into writing again.


I think that I need to take a break from videos for a bit because whenever I sit down to make one lately, I’m not happy with it. I am going to, however, make an update video telling you guys more about it and to list some changes that are gonna happen to TheAndySan channel.


Changes To The Video Schedule


Changes like putting AndyCade on hiatus. I’ve been debating on whether or not to continue the series since working on it has helped me become a better editor and I’ve become especially more familiar with audio editing because of my work on AndyCade. But as it stands now, it’s very time consuming of a project and I’m not super-into video games (I’m a casual player) so it’s best to put it on the shelf as a regular program. Does this mean that I’ll never ever do AndyCade again? No. I’d like to bring it back as an occasional series, but for now, it’s not going to be done on a regular basis. I’m going to finish out my upcoming game (debuting tomorrow BTW) and that’ll be it for now.


I’m still gonna do the reuploads so that there’s regular content on the channel, but those will be reduced to just one episode a day every day. I haven’t determined a time slot for it yet, but I’m looking into late morning/early afternoon EST. New videos (when made) will be on a couple hours before the reupload, and I’ll announce when a new video’s coming out on Twitter so be sure to follow me there!




I’ve been too focused on growing my YouTube channel that it’s taken the joy out of making videos for you guys, and that’s not something that I want to happen. Financial/unemployment problems also leaked onto everything including my grades in college this past semester and my general attitude online and off. I became bitter, pining for when I was in Japan doing cool things regularly.

I would watch all these great up-and-coming YouTubers, who I started to follow when they only had a couple hundred subs or even less, surpass me in subs and although I was super-happy for them to get the success they deserved, I was also really jealous.


“Why couldn’t I get those subs too? What’s wrong with my videos? Is the lighting bad? Is the sound bad? Did I ramble on too long? Did I say ‘umm’ and ‘ahh’ and ‘you know’ too much?”

“What’s wrong with my videos?”

“What’s wrong with me?…”


It was this mentality that paralyzed me and deadened my creativity. My videos suffered, and it became a vicious cycle of anger and self-loathing.


Back To Blogging Basics


So because of all of this, I decided it was time for me to get back to my blogging roots; where this whole thing started, even before YouTube.


I originally started blogging way back in 2005 because I wanted to stay connected to my best friend when he went off to college. He started blogging on Xanga because some of his college friends (who later became my friends too) were doing it and wanted him to do it too. I randomly came across his blog one day and decided to create my own account so I could start blogging too.


I became enamored with the concept of connecting with not only my own IRL friends, but with others from all walks of life and from all corners of the world. So my blogging grew from just keeping in touch with my best friend in college, to expressing myself and connecting with others. YouTube then became another platform of that philosophy of worldwide connection. At first, I made videos occasionally because I didn’t have my own camera (back before all phones came with a halfway decent one) and I also didn’t understand how to edit stuff. My mannerisms in those early videos weren’t the best either, and it’s hard to watch some of them now. But, I kept them up to show my progression as a YouTuber and as a person. When I joined the US Navy in 2010, I started to get more confident in my approach to video making, and thus my videos improved. I also bought new equipment to improve the quality of the videos as well since YouTube had, at that time, just made uploading HD videos possible.


The more and more I did YouTube, the less I did traditional text-based blogging, and I later stopped updating my blog altogether.


The Future of TheAndySan.com


I don’t have a plan or a schedule for when new blog posts will be coming out, and I think that’s for the best since working to feed The Content Monster will inevitably make the quality suffer as I try to scramble to put something together on a scheduled basis. But do expect more blog posts than the occasional once-every-three-months comeback post. 😀


I’m also gonna work from time to time on the look of the site as well as update for newer videos and things like that, so there may be times where you get a frequent amount of “new” posts. Just putting that out there.


For now, I’m gonna take a nap, then work on an update video for YouTube to let everyone there know what’s going on.


See ya soon!



Vlog 223 – January 2016 Update


A little late, but here’s my first monthly update video of 2016!!


Feel free to leave suggestions for future videos in the comments or PM me on YouTube! Enjoy and please comment!!





**Tech Notes**

*Camera Used*

Sony CX430V

*Mic Used*


*Programs Used*

Sony Vegas Pro 13.0 (Build 428) 64-Bit
Audacity 2.1.1

*Music Credits*

BGM: Half Hour of Acoustic Guitar
BGM Artist: John Scallon

Vlog 222 – Major Announcement and First Video of 2016

My NEW Channel!!

First video of 2016, with a MAJOR announcement for my channel!!

This is also my very first video edited on Adobe Premiere Pro CC!

I’m still learning how stuff works, so there’s desyncing issues here and there. I dunno how to fix it, but hopefully this won’t be an issue in the future.

The reason I’m using Premiere is to experiment with a new editor. I’ve been using Sony Vegas since pretty much the beginning (aside from my VERY early videos which were cobbled together with Total Video Converter), and Premiere seems to be the go-to program for non-Mac users. I’m not giving up on Vegas; just trying something new.

Feel free to leave suggestions for future videos in the comments or PM me on YouTube! Enjoy and please comment!!



**Tech Notes**

*Camera Used*


*Programs Used*

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015
Audacity 2.1.1

Vlog 219 – December 2015 Update

My last monthly update video for 2015!!!!!

Finally found an apartment up in Portage near WMU, which I’ll be doing a tour video and moving into very soon!!

Feel free to leave suggestions for future videos in the comments or PM me on YouTube! Enjoy and please comment!!



**Tech Notes**

*Camera Used*


*Programs Used*

Sony Vegas Pro 13.0 (Build 428) 64-Bit
Audacity 2.0.5

*Music Credits*

BGM: Thirty Four (D-SLO Brown ReMix)
BGM Artist: Zero T

BGM: Can’t Get Over You (D-SLO Brown ReMix)

BGM: Feathers (D-SLO Brown ReMix)
BGM Artist: ESTA ft. JBird

BGM: Higher (D-SLO Brown ReMix)
BGM Artist: Two Another

BGM: Darkest Sound (D-SLO Brown ReMix)