Content Creator or Content Consumer?

Yesterday, I wrote a lengthy comment on a post about the decline of content creation on Danny Choo’s website. Give it a read:

Same here!

Although I’ve written 631 posts as of right now, I’ve been recycling my older content as well.

The reason I recycle my older content is to give my readers/viewers/whatever you guys call the people who visit your website(s) a chance to look at what I wrote several years ago. This gives them & me a sense of prospective in how my writing style and length, as well as my personal life, have changed.

Now, I don’t just slap up an old post and call it a day. I dissect the older posts and write how each section relates to me today.

I’ve noticed that despite the ever-growing word length in my posts, I don’t write as much original content as I used to. I attribute this partly to recycling, but mostly to vlogging on YouTube and using Twitter.

Before I started using Twitter almost a year and a half ago, my posts would typically be short topical bursts about my day intertwined with my other interests. After using Twitter, I notice that my posts are longer and as a result of getting my quick little random mind bursts out via Twitter, my posts are much more concise too.

Although I’ve had an account on YouTube since March 1st 2006 and have been browsing around it since late 2005, I didn’t really start to take advantage of using YouTube as an extension of my online presence until last year when I got a proper working camera and was able to record whenever wherever I wanted to. It was a definite step-up from what I used to do, which was either using one of my friends’ cameras or my older-than-sin webcam that didn’t even have a mic on it so I had to use a karaoke mic that I bought from Wal-Mart if I wanted audio.

Wowzers, this turned into one long post, haha!! But anyway, there’s my two yen!

This got me thinking; has the online community-at-large become more about consuming & re-purposing content than it is to creating fresh ideas with original content? While the former seems to be a fast-growing trend, I believe that the latter is also still growing, but not as rapidly.

Speaking as somebody who has written over 630 posts as well as recorded over 100 videos over the course of 5 years, creating original content is certainly not easy. However, it’s incredibly rewarding to look at the comments, the video responses, the emails, and looking at the behavior of my visitors/viewers/readers via Google Analytics.

I also know that re-purposing content can be a challenge in its own right. Just try editing an AMV (anime music video); it’s harder than it looks! Although I haven’t created an AMV, I do recycle my content on a regular basis with Deja Vuesdays and Twitter Thursday Throwdowns. As I said before, I recycle my older content so that new visitors can see my older material as well as my older visitors being able to see the differences between my older material & my newer stuff and how my older content relates to me now.

So tell me, are you a content creator or a content consumer/recycler? Regardless of your stance, be a content creator and leave me a comment!


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