Why I'm Convinced That Ohio's Becoming Tropical Again

Hello everyone it’s the Andy-San here again on this unseasonably warm day. It’s 65°F outside, which makes it quite nice for a good walk (I can’t go on a bike ride due to my back tire blowing out and I also haven’t picked my bike up from my aunt’s).

Eric and Ben went back to UU last week for the new semester. Actually, Eric left earlier than Ben to go to Ohayocon with Sean and the rest of Genshiken UU as well as the Wittenburg and I think the BGSU anime clubs. I bet they had a blast and it sucked that I couldn’t go, but what can you do?

I finally had my orientation at Taco Bell this past Friday after two reschedulings (if that’s a word) and I won’t start work until my uniform comes in, which they said would be a couple of days so basically anytime now.

I felt like such a loser in front of my friends the last time we hung out because everyone seemed to know what they wanted to do with their lives and were working towards it except me. I know what I wanna do, it’s just that I can’t do it without a college education. I want to live in Japan, even if it’s for a short time. In order to do that, I need a bachelor’s degree because the main source of income for American gaijin besides the military and such is teaching English. By law, you are required to have a bachelor’s degree to teach English. They don’t really care what field the degree is in so long as you have one. My plan was to get my BA from UU and go into the JET program or something similar so I can go over to Japan and teach English. If I wanted to stay, I’d have to find another job in order to change my visa since you only get a one or two year visa with JET. If I changed my visa, I would only have to apply for renewal every three years unless something came up. Since I would have a BA in the IT field, I could go into that if I didn’t wanna teach English anymore.

Because it’s highly unlikely that I’ll be able to go back to college, I’m preparing a new life plan. I’d like to persue a career as a musician, but I don’t wanna do it full-time until I’m able to sustain myself with it. The big problem is that I don’t know many musicians around here and even less that aren’t in a band. I would love to join Ben’s band, but they’re not doing anything at the moment because he’s in college and they like their current singer Goofy. We could shuffle Goofy into Ben’s spot while he’s away and put me in as singer, but I’m already sounding like a pretentious SOB so I’d better move on to a new paragraph.

Well, I gotta pee so piss, er, peace-out everybody!!


P.S: It’s been 636 days and 251 posts since I joined Xanga.

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