Cruisin' With Al Di Meola

Here’s the studio version of “Cruisin” by Al Di Meola:

Here’s a live version, audio only:

Today, I chatted with that group from India. They seem a little less aggressive than the group from Pakistan, but they both have a good idea of what I want done on Tomorrow, I get the estimate from the group from India so we’ll see where that goes. Hopefully, it will be under $1,000 since that’s all I have at the moment.

You might have noticed some changes to today. I have added a nifty video widget that can earn me income. I’ve also added a Donate button to the end of all of my posts. I need some money to start up Although I have $1,000, it’s not enough to market the site and depending on what the Indian group’s bid is, it may not even be enough to make the site itself. Please donate. Even an extra $10 would mean $10 closer to making my dream of a reality.

Well, that’s enough e-panhandling from me. I’ll see you lovely lemon drops later!


P.S: I’ll be working on the other vlog that I recorded a couple days back. It’s probably gonna be too big for YouTube, so I’ll just upload it to Google Video. Stay tuned!

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