Deja Vuesday Double Edition: Only 2 More Days…& 12/07/2004

Hey guys!

Since I wasn’t able to finish last week’s Deja Vuesday, I’m making this week’s Deja Vuesday twice as big!!

We’re gonna kick it off by going back three years to when I was dreading coming home from UU for Christmas Break:

Only 2 More Days…

…Till my birthday!!! Hey guys it be the Andy-San here trying to relax from the thought of going home for Christmas.

I had no exams to worry about today so I went on a walk to McDonald’s cuz I missed lunch. I tried to play Tetris DS on the WiFi but no one was online so I just played a marathon and left. I then walked to the music store to see if they got something new to play with. They didn’t so I just messed around on the keyboards and discovered a couple new riffs. After that I walked back to campus and waved at Dan as he was leaving to go home for winter break.

Wow, I haven’t been to J & L Music since I left Urbana back in 2007! It was a pretty small store, but I enjoyed going there and playing on the keyboards when I went out on walks. I played their guitars a couple of times, but I enjoyed their keyboards much more.

In other news, my bro Jon bought his first guitar; a Les Paul clone. He didn’t have the money for an amp or anything else besides the guitar, some picks, and a gigbag. He says that it’s horribly out of tune but he’s been practicing Stairway to Heaven so I’ll work with him on getting better over the break. I’ve been practicing like mad lately but I still can’t do some chords right despite being Lord of the Fifths (kinda like power chords but using only 2 strings instead of 3).

So, Jon’s been playing guitar for three years now? Wow, how times flies! In January, I’ll have played guitar for five years. I did originally pick up the guitar around 1992 when I was seven, but I quit shortly after and didn’t pick it back up again until 2005 when I was nineteen.

I’m still quite uneasy about going home for break because my parents will get on my case about not having enough money to get a car and spending it on “bullshit”. And my stepdad’s gonna find out that I quit my job working in the cafeteria eventually. If and when that happens he’s gonna be furious. However I’ll tell him that I’m getting a work study job with the IT department on campus this coming semester so it won’t matter.

Well I’m gonna go and do something (I don’t know what) so take ‘er easy!


Well, it seems that not much has changed when it comes to my parents getting on my case about stuff. This is something that shouldn’t be a problem for me since I should be living on my own at this point in my life, but I believe that things happen for a reason. I’m sure that I’ll be back on my own in a couple of months, I just know it!

In the second half of this week’s Deja Vuesday, we’re going to look back at one of my posts from the recovered AnJa (my very first website) for the first time! This was five years ago when I did a major redesign to AnJa:



Greetings and welcome to the revamped AnJa. No, AEC isn’t operational. But, I have corrected and updated the site. Why have I renamed the site? Well, “Andy’s Ultimate Site of Ultimateness” isn’t exactly search-engine friendly, so I renamed it to AnJa, a much easier-to-search name. I do apologize for the long lapse in updates, but I’ve been busy with work & school and my computer has 128 MB of RAM, which makes it very difficult to have multiple programs up at the same time, especially Yahoo! Pagebuilder, that memory-hungry little…

At this point, my Dell desktop that I had bought for my high school graduation, which is currently collecting dust downstairs in my basement, wasn’t powerful enough to run the web editing programs that I was using (i.e: Dreamweaver & Yahoo! PageBuilder). Later on, I added an extra 512 MB stick of DDR RAM and a couple of hard drives that all added up to 720 GB.

Well anyway, I am for sure going to give you a sneek peek at my new comic, “Teen Titans: Genesis Chronicles” as well as bios for TT:GC and Teen Titans (as in the show). Also, today is a very special day. Today is my B-Day. I’m now 19. Huzzah! I plan on buying that new Nintendo DS for X-Mas. I saw tons of pix & clipx of it and it is DA BOMB! My only gripe on it is the lack of games for it: only 6 will be available for the holidays, which is DA BUM! Oh well. I’ll have to wait until ‘05 to get the good games, namely the Yu-Gi-Oh! game. Well kids, that’s all for now. See yuz!

“If you like freshness and you know it, raise your paw. Meow!”

-Steve Robinson II, from my school.

“I want some crack!”

-James “The Snowman” Snow, also from my school.

TT:GC was my fanfic of the Teen Titans series that was on Cartoon Network at the time. I might put it up here, but I dunno for sure.

I bet you guys are chomping at the bit wondering what I got for my 24th birthday, huh? Well, I got the tags for my car and a candy bar…

Why are tags so fucking expensive?!! なぜ?If anything, the tags are a practical gift that I can use for the rest of the year; the candy bar, not so much 😉 .


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