Deja Vuesday – My Goals

For this week’s Deja Vuesday, we’re going to look back at the post My Goals:

Yeah I know it’s a really generic title, but it’s what I wanna talk about. Hello everyone, it’s the Andy-San here.

My Goals:
-not work at Toxic Hell.
-not have a job but a means to make money that I enjoy doing.
-go back to college and graduate.
-persue my dreams of being a pro musician and pro blogger.
-live in Japan even for a short period of time.

It’s a simple list really, but how will I achieve them?

Goal 1 – not work at Toxic Hell:
-find another source(s) of income that’ll be able to match or surpass my income with Toxic Hell.
-save up a bit ($500 should do it).
-quit Toxic Hell and utilize my new source(s) of income.

Well, I for one am happy that I completed this goal. Taco Bell was an awful place to work at! I didn’t have to save up money because I moved straight from Taco Bell right back to Wal-Mart. Yay, progress…

Goal 2 – not have a job but a means to make money that I enjoy doing:
-find what I enjoy doing.
-complete Goal 1 doing something I like.

I have yet to fully realize this goal. I’m constantly in learning mode and looking for new ways to make money online so that I don’t need a job to support myself. I am making money from this blog (around $20 a month), but I can’t live off of $20 a month.

Goal 3 – go back to college and graduate:
-complete Goals 1 and 2.
-pay off my debts with as much money as I can.
-save up a bit ($1,000 or so).
-apply to a college that’s within my budget, in Ohio, and has a major in Japanese.
-get accepted.

I still want to go back to college, but I need to pay off my debts before I decide to go back full-time. According to what Sallie Mae said, I can take out loans from them again if I pay off my delinquent balance of $290-ish. This is good to know in the event that I just want to take a couple of classes before I go back full-time.

Goal 4 – persue my dreams of being a pro musician and pro blogger:

Pro Blogger:

-become a pro blogger to complete Goals 1 & 2.
-pay for my own domain name.
-transfer my blog via WordPress.
-use ad-generating programs like AdSense to make money.
-generate traffic to increase income.
-continue to utilize various programs for my blog to generate income.

Pro Musician:
-complete Goals 1-3.
-play as much and at many different places as possible for exposure.
-set up a MySpace account, FaceBook group, and TuneCore account.
-make albums and sell them online via TuneCore as MP3s & CDs (and possibly vinyl).
-sell merchandise and CDs at shows.
-sell merchandise online too.
-gather a following and continue to make music for a living.

Becoming a pro blogger is a lot harder than I made it out to be. There’s more to it than just getting your own domain, creating a nifty design in WordPress, slapping some ads or affiliate programs up there, and posting content. The big thing that aspiring pro bloggers like myself need is patience. Even the seemingly overnight sensations were posting for a while before they were discovered. It usually takes about 6 months to a year before a blog begins to really generate a notable amount of traffic. I’ve noticed that with this blog, although I’ve been losing a good deal of traffic ever since I lost my own internet in January. That will change in the coming months as I continue to post on a regular basis.

This goal has been especially hard to do because I can’t seem to find anyone who’s free to join the band. However, Ben and I will collab in making some songs inspired by I Set My Friends On Fire and put them up on MySpace. More to come on that!

Goal 5 – live in Japan even for a short period of time:
-complete Goals 1-3 and possibly Goal 4.
-apply for programs that can get me to Japan at little cost like the JET programme.
-if that doesn’t work, find other means to get to Japan.
-save up around $2,000.
-find a place to live.
-immerse myself in the unique culture of Japan and enjoy myself.

Well, I’m gonna shovel some snow. Later!


I seriously miscalculated how much it’ll take for me to move to Japan. $2,000’s fine if you’re staying for a couple weeks or a month (not counting the plane ride and hotel stay). But if you wanna move there, it’ gonna be loads more costly. I’m guesstimating around $7,000-$10,000 if you want to move to Japan.

When I’m generating enough online income to sustain me and are halfway decent at reading and spaking Japanese, then I’ll go and live in Japan. I might hop a plane and visit before then though.

What are your goals? What do you want to accomplish in 10 years time? Leave me a comment below!


2 thoughts on “Deja Vuesday – My Goals

  1. Hey Andy,

    I wrote you a msg on I’m also brainstorming business ideas. I actually lived in Japan (the city of Nagoya) for a year during my college years. My tip: Yes, it’s useful to know hiragana and (especially) katakana before you go, but don’t expect to get too competent in the language — you’ll learn as you live there. That was about 9 years ago that I lived there, so I’ve lost a lot of it.

    Anyway, I contacted a couple other members of the board about brainstorming and possibly collaborating. Personally, I want to go back to Japan (not to live permanently, but I want to visit often), and I’m trying to think of a way to integrate Japan into a plan for self-employment. I’m thinking of focusing on Asia somehow (I have a Master’s in Int’l Studies) I currently work for “the man” — a big law firm in downtown Chicago. Anyway, you’re young, but oyu probably have more tech skills than me, so I’d love to include you if I can start collaborating with people.


    1. @ Mike – Thanks for the comment!

      I got your message on the forums and I’d love to collab with you. My internet connectivity is limited at the moment, but I’ll try to help you as much as I can.

      What subject of Japan (or Asia) do you want to focus on? Anime? Manga? Learning the language? The scenery? Other aspects of the new and/or old culture? Living in Japan as a gaijin (foreigner)?

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