Deja Vuesday – Mission:

That’s right, Deja Vuesday’s back after a long hiatus!! Today, we’re going to be looking at a post I did almost a year ago. Here’s the link to original post.

Sup urrbody, it’s the Andy-San planning for my upcoming website.

I seriously can’t wait to start up my own site. I figured that if I don’t have the money for a checking account, I’ll get it later so that I can start this beast sooner. I still wanna go through BlueHost since it looks like their hosting package is the best. My plan is to use my upcoming check and what I have saved up to pay for the hosting, set up my site via WordPress, add all the ad programs like Adsense, and continue to write killer blogs. I can’t wait!!

Almost a year later, I’m still using BlueHost as my domain host, using ad programs to generate income(although AdSense fell to the wayside almost a month after I put the code up), and continuing to write (although I’m currently writing less than before; I’m going back to posting at least five times a week).

When it comes to making money from a personal blog, I’ve found it to be a very difficult road to travel. It’s definitely not impossible to monetize a personal blog, but it’s harder to do than a blog within a niche or with a specific focus like a personal development blog, a finance blog, or even a blog about blogging. Today, I deposited my February earnings from my PayPal account. All $19.83 of it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful for receiving money for doing what I love. What I’m trying to say is that you shouldn’t expect to make a living from your personal blog effortlessly within a year.

I’m always testing out new monetization methods so it’s only a matter of time before I stumble upon the “magic program” that’ll make me millions from this blog, hehe.

In website-related news, I can’t wait to begin testing out domain names for my online WebStores! I’ll buy the domains after I get caught up with my bills, which should be by March 25th provide that no more bills crop up before then. Also, I’ll get started on my taxes tomorrow!

In other news, our band might be playing soon. Although I still think that we need more practice and a crowd-drawing act to open up for, I also think that we need a push to get ourselves going. A PA system would also be greaaat. Since Chip’s grounded again, we’ll have to do this without him. Overall, I want to practice some more before we play in front of anyone.

Well, I’m gonna get off for now. Be sure to tell your friends about me! Peace!!


P.S: It’s been 693 days and 267 posts since I joined Xanga.

Man, I remember practicing with those guys, and I always felt like the odd man out. I’m glad that we never played in front of anyone; we would have been booed off from the start!

I forgot to mention this in my last post because I was so excited about Eriopolis agreeing to have me room with him, but Ben wants to start a small side project with me. He was really inspired by the band I Set My Friends On Fire and wants to do something similar. I’ve been working on some really heavy riffs before he mentioned the project and I want to contribute those to it. Once we get a MySpace page up and running, I’ll put the link up here so you guys can check out our stuff.

Well, I’m off to get some gas (Tuesdays seem to be the cheapest day to get gas; I might do a post on that later on) so I’ll catch you guys later!


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