Deja Vuesday – I'm Looking For An Online Job To Fit My Life Plan

In this week’s Deja Vuesday, we’re gonna take a look back to exactly a year ago when I was wrote a draft of my life plan at that time:

As the title says, I’m in the market for a job online. I’m looking for something leaning towards writing like a blogging job. No, I haven’t given up on any of my website ideas.

The reason I’m doing this is so that I can make a living doing something that is not only fulfilling, but relevant to my career. I feel that I have a lot to learn about before I really hit it big online. I also want to improve my writing skills, and if I do that with a larger audience, then I’ll be able to gather results quicker than if I just focused on

Basically, here’s my life plan at the moment:

1. Get an online job as a blogger to improve my writing skills and gather a larger audience.

2. Once I start making money from blogging for other people, then I will save up that money to buy a car.

3. When I get a car, then I’ll save up to move out with my friends in July-August of 2009.

4. When I move out, if my site isn’t earning me a high enough income to live off of by then, I’ll continue to blog for other people until it does.

5. Once I’m earning a high enough income from my website to live off of that is also consistent, then I’ll shift most of my focus to it and possibly continue blogging for other people.

After I do all that, I’m not sure what I’ll do. Depending on how much money I get, I could take my friends and family with me on trips around the world. I’m sure that when I complete the above list, possibilities that I’m currently unaware of will reveal themselves.

Well, I’m gonna watch some of Please Teacher until it’s time for dinner. I’ll be back later on to show my Drawing of the Day (I think I’ll call it that from now on). Bye!


I think at this point, I was very disappointed in how much it would cost to get where I wanted it to be and I began to understand how much and how quickly I could & couldn’t make money online.

Right now, a year later, I’m set to be pulling in almost $40 a month. Now don’t get me wrong; I’m psyched that my writing and videos are bringing me any kind of money, but the fact is that I can’t live off of $40 a month living on my own or even with roommates since my food costs alone will drain it completely.

I’m not sure if I had given up on the idea then, but I want to attend college again. I’m looking into taking classes at Edison Community College’s Greenville branch because it’s close to home and although I could take only online courses at Owens, I think that the small 45-minute commute will do some good for me mentally. Will it put some wear and tear on my car? Yes, but at least it’s not a brutal 66 mile (106 KM) commute like when I was going to ITT Tech for almost 2 years.

Whether it’s for the first time or you’re giving it another try like I am, are you thinking about going to college? Leave me a comment and tell me about it!


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