Deja Vuesday – Post-Holiday Edition – Have a Merry Boxing Day aka Merry Belated Christmas!!!

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It’s that time again! It’s Deja Vuesday!!

In this post, we’re gonna take a look back at what I was up to last year in the post Have a Merry Boxing Day aka Merry Belated Christmas!!!:

Seasons greetings everybody, it’s the Andy-San here with a post-Christmas, err, post.

Compared to some people, I didn’t get much, but I really didn’t ask for much anyway so it worked out. I got a new stereo system for my car (no moAr listening to my headphones while driving or AM radio for me!), some socks (I was in desperate need for socks, you’ve no idea!!), a $15 iTunes card (good idea, seeing as how I should be buying music moAr), a gift card from my aunt for $10 or $15 at Wal-Mart (quite useful, read on), and a clock radio for my iPod.

This year for Christmas, I bought myself a spiffy new SD memory card (4GB at 60x speed, bitches!), lunch at Wendy’s (I ate way too much though), and a padded guitar strap for my Epiphone SG Junior that I bought earlier this year as a birthday/Christmas present to myself.

Now on to some potentially good news. The clock radio didn’t work right for my iPod (it’s a 3rd Generation if you’re wondering) so my mom wants to return it so I can get something else. I have some things that I’d like to get, but I can only get so much so I’ve narrowed it down to these: a new computer desk, a new speaker system for my computer, or a digital camera. I will need a computer desk for when my room is built in January, but I could probably get one later. My current speakers that came with my computer are starting to peter out, but I usually use my headphones so it could wait. I’ve wanted a proper digital camera for ages and it would’ve been especially helpful to get me through my depression in college, but I’m unsure about the quality of a camera that’s under a C-note (that means $100). Alright, now it’s a toss-up between a digital camera and a computer desk since a new speaker system for my computer can wait.

Man, that iPod has been giving me headaches lately!

I sold it on eBay to a guy in Canada. The battery was dead when I sent it to him because I don’t have a Firewire port to charge it with (one of the reasons I sold it) and Jon has the only charger for it. He claims that it’s a total dud, and I asked him if he charged it with Firewire since it’s an older iPod and can’t recharge via USB. He says that it doesn’t work at all, which is untrue but it does have a crappy battery life in my opinion (another reason I sold it).

So now, he wants a refund (reasonable) and $20 to ship it back. Uh, no. I’ll be more than happy to refund him once I get the iPod back, but I’m not forking over $20 for shipping! I looked it up, and it’s against eBay’s policy to do so. Technically, I shouldn’t refund him since he issued the complaint more than 7 days after he received it, but I’m a good sport and will refund him anyway once I receive the iPod. Whew, that felt good getting that off of my chest!

Anyway, back on topic. It’s been a year since that post and I still don’t have my own room. Bollocks I say! Oh well, I’ll just have to wait until I move out to have my own room (or should I say apartment?).

My desk is pretty cool, but it wasn’t built to have a bulky CRT monitor on top. The thing’s all up in my face! I can’t wait to get a flatscreen monitor so that I don’t go blind.

I like my current camera, a Sanyo Xacti CG6, but I’m not against upgrading. It’s not a priority to get a new digital camera, but if I have the spare scratch, I’ll probably get one.

As for new computer speakers, well, I’ll wait until I have my own place before I even think about it.

Just when you thought the Planet Express Ship was done delivering Good News Everyone, it has moAr Good News Everyone (gotta love the CopyPasta)!! I now have a new job working at Taco Bell. Yeah, it’s not my dream job, but it’s but a step in my plans to move out on my own. Since I will have a job that’ll allow me to live with my parents at the expensive rate of $250 a month (steep, but at least I don’t have to deal with my weed-smoking cousin or my always negative aunt anymore), I don’t have to worry about going homeless like I thought was gonna happen. In the meantime, I’ll save up a bit and I’ll try to get a job at Wal-Mart in the upcoming year by bugging the ever-loving shit outta their personnel department. Cheap, but effective. After I get a job at Wal-Mart and work for them for around 6 months, I’ll try to look for another city’s Wal-Mart to transfer to. I’m thinking of either Bowling Green or Urbana since they’re both pretty good towns and close to bigger cities like Toledo and Springfield respectively. Then, live it up as only a single white boi can, lol!!

Toxic Hell: almost as thrilling as my job at Sodexho. Remember children, being a ho of Sodex is dumb (inside joke)!

Also, I can’t believe that I actually wanted to work for Wal-Mart again! Ahh, to be young and naive…

I still want to live in a college town like Bowling Green though. If I get that job as a customer service rep, it’ll give me the experience I need in order to procure a job elsewhere.

In other news, I learned a couple new riffs like Jessica from the Allman Brothers Band. I’d love to join Ben’s band as either a singer or rhythm guitarist, but I dunno if I’m good enough for that. Although Ben did say that I’m better than the guitarist from Bowling For Soup, which isn’t saying much, but it’s something. I don’t know a lot of people, much less musically-inclined people, so I feel weird asking someone I don’t know very well, “Hey, you wanna start a band?” Also, my bro wants to go to Berklee to study music there but I dunno if he’ll be up to their standards in less than a year’s time even though he said that they are open to students of all experience levels. I wish him luck and hope that he doesn’t fall into the same pitfalls that I did.

Well, I’m gonna go take a crap so I’ll see you cats on the flip-side. Laterz!


P.S: this is my 249th post and I’ve been on Xanga for 624 days.

I’d still love to collab with Ben on something. Eights and Aces is in a rough spot right now. I heard that they fired their drummer Dan and Tylor’s now singing & playing rhythm guitar. Oh boy…

I haven’t been practicing guitar that much lately because I’ve been too preoccupied with where my life is (and isn’t) going. Once that’s cleared up, I shall practice more seriously.

Well, that’s it for tonight’s Deja Vuesday! Take care!