Do You Enjoy Watching Anime?

I do. Unfortunatly, not a lot of people do, and these people watch more anime than I do.

They are the anime critics and reviewers. It’s their self-appointed job to weed out the pink from the stink. It seems like a good idea, right? People want to know which series to buy and which ones not to buy.

I think I said it best when I posted this comment on Ogiue Maniax’s blog:

I think that most anime reviewers look down on a lot of titles, similar to what movie critics do for most comedies. Can’t anime simply be enjoyable? So what if it’s the same high school romantic comedy format we’ve all seen a bazillion times!

Just like every movie doesn’t have to be as good as Titanic to still be good, anime doesn’t have to be as good as, say, Cowboy Bebop to be worth watching. If that’s how some of you feel, then I’d recommend that you find a new hobby or continue to watch the same old thing over and over again.

I’ll say it, I love romantic-comedies. Sure, a lot of them are cesspools of fan-service, aliens, harems, magicians, mythical creatures, shinigami, angels, demons, maids, guns, robots, and all that jazz. But that doesn’t take away the enjoyment I get when I watch them.

The reason I like rom-coms so much is because they don’t take themselves seriously like a lot of “good anime” do. Sure, it may have a compelling plot, an interesting character, and/or an amazing plot twist, but “serious anime” like Gundam is so full of itself and there’s too much crap to remember.

I like an anime that has a smaller roster of characters that are easily distinguishable and have names that I may recognize them by instead of just “the guy with the spiky blonde hair” or “the chick with the short blue hair”.

Love Hina is an excellent example. Where it “lacks” in plot, it makes up for it with character development. You know who Narusegawa, Keitaro, Su, Mutsumi, Shinobu, Kitsune, Motoko (my favorite!), and Kanako are. Sure, there’s a lot of comic violence as Keitaro is punched to the moon and back and enough panty shots to make even a gay man blush. However, the characters are well fleshed-out and they seem like they could leap out of your manga or computer screen at any moment.

I’m sure that a lot of you didn’t like what I said, but I’m just putting in my two cents for what they’re worth. Just loosen up, guys!

I plan on doing better anime reviews when I get my camera, which should be sometime next week or even later on today. I have a lot of series to work with and will be taking suggestions for series reviews as well.

Well, I’m going to watch some Salaryman Kintaro so I’ll leave you guys with this video that I’ve been listening to (ehh?!) nonstop since I got off work:

Some of you eagle-eared listeners out there might recognize this as one of the songs from Three Ninjas Kick Back! It’s called Nan Arayo (I Know) and it’s by Seo Tai-ji. It plays during the scene where they tour Japan. Strange, no? Here’s an alternate music video to the original song, played by the SAME BAND:


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