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Ok, I’ll be the first to admit, I’ve been neglectent of this blog.

Without my own internets, I’ve been bumming off of Jon’s laptop (which my stepdad disapproves of) and sometimes posting at work (it’s really hard to focus on a post at work). Because of this, it’s made my posting schedule a nightmare-and-a-half. I thought about it over the weekend and decided to actually adhere to a blogging schedule starting next week.

Here’s my new blogging schedule:

Monday – Learning Japanese

Tuesday – Deja Vuesday

Wednesday – Personal Development

Thursday – Anime & Manga

Friday – Guitar

Saturday – My Life

Sunday – My Life

Breaking It Down

Monday – Learning Japanese

On Mondays, I’ll be posting about my progress in learning the Japanese language. I’ll also be posting some Japanese lessons as well. Depending on the news that week, I might also talk about something in the Japanese news.

Tuesday – Deja Vuesday

On Tuesdays, I’ll be doing what I like to call Deja Vuesday. I got the idea from Writer Dad when he did something similar. My Deja Vuesdays are a little different. What I do is I look through my archives of posts that are at least a year old, repost them, break them down into sections, and talk about their relevence to me today. I like Deja Vuesdays because they’re not only easy to post, but they can give exposure to some of my older posts that are otherwise collecting e-dust.

Wednesday – Personal Development

On Wednesday, I’ll be discussing my personal development. I’ll be gauging where I’m at in life and what I can do to better myself as well as how you can better yourselves through what I’ve learned. If I do any 30-day trials, I’ll be posting my progress that day also.

Thursday – Anime & Manga

On Thursdays, I’ll be talkin’ ’bout anime and manga. I’ll post my anime/manga reviews, what I’m watching and will be watching, and some anime news.

Friday – Guitar

On Fridays, I’ll be posting stuff about guitars. I could post about my progress in playing guitar, lessons, a certain guitar player, buying a guitar and equipment, reviewing guitar magazines, and/or bands in the news.

Saturday and Sunday- My Life

These two days are gonna be about what’s going on in my personal life. They’re essentially free days where I can talk about whatever I want to.

Where Do Vlogs Come In?

Good question! I don’t really have a set day or time to do vlogs; they just seem to be made whenever the inspiration/free time crops up. Because they take more time than writing a blog post, I won’t be doing them everyday just yet. For now, I want to do one at least once a week. It can supplement pretty much whatever topic I’m discussing that day so I don’t want to relegate it to a certain day or what have you.

Having a Scheduled Blog

I feel that having a scheduled blog can be more liberating than restricting. When I was thinking about doing something like this before, my line of thinking was, “what if I don’t want to talk about X-topic today?”. However, now if I run across that problem, I can still write about it; all I have to do is just schedule it to be posted on the specific day.

Also, having a scheduled blog can make things more predictable (but not boring) for you the lovely audience!

The only things I worry about now are if I can get online to post in time and not writing because of writer’s block. These are to be expected of course as every writer experiences these.

Tell me what you guys think of the new schedule along with your suggestions in the comments below. I’m off to take a shower and eat before I go to work today.


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