I've Finished Azumanga Daioh!!!

And it’s a grate anime! Hey everyone it’s the Andy-San back at Urbana again after a weekend at home.

This weekend was okay. I chilled with my folks and relaxed for awhile. I even learned how to play part of the opening theme to Mahou Sensei Negima on the keyboard.

After coming back to UU, I finished up on Azumanga Daioh and it’s now one of my favorite anime of all time (with Dragon Ball being #1).

Umm, not much else to say so I’m gonna go to bed soon. Night!


6 thoughts on “I've Finished Azumanga Daioh!!!

  1. Last time I was on Jake’s site, he hadn’t updated for like, a year.  I guess xanga’s just not his thing.  I did ask Benjamin about updating.  He said he was thinking about it… and we still wait… I don’t know if he’s planning on updating soon.  I think he’s thinking about it.

    I’m talking to you on msn right now!!  HAHA HAHA HAHA!!

  2. i dont know anime at all. except for maybe sailor moon. &golden boy. golden boy is funny as hell.

    also, id like to add that i like your profile picture. it’s very entertaining :D.

  3. Golden Boy is one of the funniest anime I’ve ever seen!

    For my profile pic, I wanted to show off my bowl of chocolate mint ice cream but the ice cream itself didn’t show up in the pic. Tis funny it tis.

  4. Good Gawd, not more quotes:

    Just when I thought this thing was done and over with, it comes back like thrown-up moldy bread.

    In an effort to be nice (and because I don’t want the florn player’s gina to consume me), I offer you a humble suggestion: get a LiveJournal.

  5. And more quotes:

    Ha! You deleted everything. You whore, you should go to LiveJournal.

    Blatently ctrl-c/ctrl-v’d

    “Doesn’t Nelson’s nose look like a penis? You shoulda went south of the border with that honker instead of fallin’ asleep with Sara.”

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