Got My First Check From McDonald’s…

…and it was only $18! What’s a guy to do with that? Why, buy a 4.5 pound (2 kg) bag of chicken nuggets of course! Hey guys, Andy here in the wee hours of the night!

In super awesome news, I just passed 300 followers on Instagram! Thanks so much, everybody! I know I don’t post as many pictures there as I used to when I was in Japan, but I’m so grateful for the support!

Watchin’ Teh Animuus

Lately, I’ve been getting back into anime. I really like to find older series because it was before the moe boom in the 00s, which got tiring to watch all the time. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed most of those moe series, but when that’s the only thing being made, it gets boring and you begin to notice the cookie-cutter anime-by-numbers approach these series like to do. Oh, that’s the glasses one. That’s the normal one, That’s the clumsy one. That’s the one with the tig ol’ biddies. That’s the one who’s flat-chested. It became so easy to spot, and sadly, they didn’t get much character development beyond their one-note fetishes that they’re marketed to the super-obsessive Japanese otaku for in hopes of paying $80 for a DVD or Blu-Ray with maybe 3 episodes on it. I guess all that illegal totes legit downloading from back in the day before Crunchyroll and Hulu were a thing caught up to us somehow, huh? /rant

YouTube Schedule Mess-Up

I want to apologize for messing up the YouTube upload schedule this week. I totally forgot to schedule the videos for this week, which is why you only got the May 2016 Update PART DEUX and one reupload. I’ve since fixed the schedule for this week, and reuploads will be out once a day everyday at 10AM EST for the time being. If you guys are okay with that time slot, I’ll stick with it for now. If not, let me know.

Also, I’m working on the last 3 episodes of my Go! Go! Nippon playthrough on AndyCade, which will be released when they’re complete. I had to shift some things around due to work, getting homework done, and stuff like that. I’ll be sure to keep you guys posted on that so you’ll know when they’re coming out.

Back To The Animuus

Well guys, I’m off to start watching Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 tonight. Dunno how many episodes I can get through before bed, but we’ll see. Good night!


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