Guitar Has Leveled Up! You Get: Ibanez Tube Screamer TS-7

Sup it be the Andy-San here kickin’ it on my only day off this week.

I got up around 11 this morning, which felt great to sleep in finally after a grueling straight week of work. I really hope that I get more than 1 day a week off, although I don’t want to lose too many hours. I’d also like to work nights again because I’m not much of a morning person, but they’re shorthanded as it is and there’s not many workers there that are out of school so I’ll stick the course for now (but I really miss sleeping in ).

In other news, I bought a new pedal for my guitar. It’s an Ibanez Tube Screamer TS-7 and it’s killer! I was looking for an overdrive pedal that wasn’t METAL ALL THE TIME!!!1 like my DigiTech Metal Master pedal. I took a bike ride up to Wal-Mart, piddled around, and went to the music store. Originally, I wasn’t gonna buy anything; I was gonna do the usual “look around for an interesting guitar, amp, or pedal and then leave.” I saw the overdrive pedal out of the corner of my eye and couldn’t belive it was an actual Ibanez Tube Screamer. Granted, it’s not the original green pedal, but for only $25, it’s the best damn pedal I’ve bought yet!

Now if only Boss and especially Digitech could learn a lesson from Ibanez and not sell their pedals at prices well beyond the $50 mark, which I think is the median for effect pedals; you should sell the single effect pedals for under $50 (unless it’s a signature pedal, but keep it under $70) and the higher-end multi-effect pedals for over $50 but no more than $300 (unless it has an ungodly amount of effects and/or is a signature pedal). Please guys, lower the prices. When we have to save up to buy a pedal, you know you’re overpricing them. We should always have enough money to buy at least a single effect pedal.

Anyway, back to the Tube Screamer. This thing is awesome! It has the sweet rock tone I’ve been looking for, and I can play any style of music short of metal (I can coax some happening classic metal tones out of it ala Scorpions and some nice Jimmy Page and Angus Young-esque tones). It has 2 modes: TS9 and Hot. TS9, I’m assuming, is more of the original Tube Screamer sound. The Hot mode is like the TS9 mode but with MoAr GaIn!! I use the Hot mode mostly because it’s louder and with my chorus pedal, I can get a pretty happening sound. I took a page out of Alex Lifeson’s (Rush) and Zakk Wylde’s book and I have the chorus on all the time. It makes my cleans sound terrific and adds character to my distortions.

Yeah, I’ve been biking a lot lately. On the way to Wal-Mart today, I got caught in the rain which sucked but at least I didn’t have to deal with it on the way back. Another thing that’s been bothering me is that I don’t have a place to put stuff if I buy something. I just hold onto it and it’s killing my wrist to do that and steer the bike at the same time. I guess I need a small backpack or something for when I go out on bike rides and buy st00f.

And in this completly random paragraph, I think Ben’s here this weekend, but he’s working so there goes another oppurtune jam time. I watched Wild Hogs and it’s damn funny, although the beginning was a bit confusing at first. I just got Zombie Loan as well as the Alien Nine DVD. I haven’t seen Zombie Loan yet and Alien Nine looks okay. Did I mention that I want a Dean From Hell really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really bad? Ok, that’s enough of that.

Well I’m gonna get off, but before I go, be sure to vote for George Lynch for the Chop Shop Hall of Fame so he can be immortalized in a kickin’ wallpaper (this month Dimebag Darrell was inducted finally). You can vote at . See-Ya!


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