Happy Egg & Bunny Day!!

Happy Easter, everyone!

Because of the craziness that ensued after I got back late from MEPS on Thursday, I haven’t had the time to do a follow-up video. Don’t worry, because I’ll be recording & editing one today. It should be up by tomorrow, but I’ll try to get it up today if I can.

It’s gonna be great to see my aunts again when they come down from Michigan! They’ll only be here for a couple hours and then they’re off to Florida.

For an upcoming Life In… video, I’m hoping to collab with my best friend Eriopolis! It all depends on how our schedule’s work out though, but it will be epic! I didn’t think I’d enjoy the Life In… videos as much as I do, but after watching the finished version of Life In…02 and how everything just came together, I felt really proud of my work and I’m really excited to make videos again!

Well guys, I’d better head out. My aunts are gonna be here soon and I’m gonna record a vlog before I go back home too. See you guys tomorrow at the latest!


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