Happy Terrorist Day Part 2nd

Has it really been 6 years since 9/11? Sup guys it be the Andy-San here kickin’ it at my c0mp00k3r.

Work was grueling as always today, but on the plus side, I found my cheap-o car the other day. It’s a red Chevy truck in good condition. All it needs is a good vacuuming and that’s it as far as I can tell by just looking at it. They’re asking for $900 but I’m sure I can talk them down to $500 or so. At the rate I’m working, I’ll have enough in 2 weeks maybe 3 weeks for good measure. Hopefully, the truck is still there by the time I have enough money, but even if it’s not, I know some other people that sell cars for cheap so I’ll be a’ite.

After I’m done with this post, I’m gonna try to put up a vlog with my crappy webcam and good mic. I’m not sure if it’ll work so don’t expect anything just yet.

In other news, I learned the riff to “Sunglasses At Night” last night. I’m also working on playing Wolfmother’s “Woman” but there’s a killer hammer-on that I’m having trouble with.

Well, I’m gonna try to make that vlog. Oh and before I forget, please vote for George Lynch at http://www.chopshopradio.net/hall-of-fame/index2.php so that he gets a bitchin’ wallpaper made of him. Currently, Pete Townshend is in the lead with 112 votes and George Lynch at 77 votes. I’m gonna post a bulletin on Myspace and MyYearBook (which I also have now) every day to show my support for Mr. Scary. Thanks again!


Edit: I added a new audio log due to my camera’s crappiness. Enjoy!

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