Welcome To TheAndySan's WordPress Blog!!!1

Welcome one and all, it’s the Andy-San here at my new WordPress blogsite! You probably know me from my Xanga site (www.xanga.com/theandysan), Oof Da Kitty’s MySpace account, The Shizz.org,  or perhaps you just stumbled here and are wondering what the hell’s going on. If you want to know about me just check my old posts or IM me sometime. This paragraph was totally not super-ganked from my first Xanga post lol!

I’ve decided to move my blog to here to better assist my eventual move to my own site at www.theandysan.com. Until then, I’m going to be posting from here. Since I’ll be using WordPress for my site, I’ll simply export everything from here to my own site when I get it.

Wow, that paragraph was confusing! But yeah, welcome to my new blogsite for the zillionth time lol!

Till next time, peace out!


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