How You Can Help End the Problem of Blogs With Great Content and No Readers

I was looking through Twitter just a little while ago and came across a link to this blog post:

Being a blogger with a small (but rapidly growing) amount of traffic, I think that this is a great idea! There are a couple blogs out there that I try to help out by commenting and linking them. One such blog would be Our Travels. Although pretty self-descriptive, it’s about this couple who travels around the world and takes pictures and gives advise on what to see/not to see and things like that.

Well, I’m gonna go to bed early in order to wake up earlier and start work on freelance blogging. See-ya!


2 thoughts on “How You Can Help End the Problem of Blogs With Great Content and No Readers

  1. Hi Andy, Thanks for the link and the comments. You’re quite right that I provide lots of details and that’s for a few reasons. I love to share my travels and hope that others enjoy them. Secondly, I find that making posts about a specific topic is a much better way to get ranked in the search engines. If I was to make a broad post about Kyoto then it’ll be much harder for me to rank well.

    Anyway, I like the blog keep up the good work!

    Jeff From Our Travels´s most recent post..Kyoto Imperial Palace – Kyoto, Japan

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