I Have Five Guitars Right Here!!!!!

I have five guitars right here!!!!!
From left to right: Kay Les Paul Clone, Squier Scarface Strat, Silvertone Apocalypse Special, Dean Exotica Rosewood Supreme, and Epiphone SG Junior.

That’s right, my newest guitar came in tonight, much to the chagrin of my parents (“Whaddya need another f’n guitar for?!”). It’s an Epiphone SG Junior with a single P-90 in the bridge. Sveet! The guitar sounds great, although I haven’t tested it at higher-than-room volumes yet. Jon busted the high-E string, but it’s okay since the guy I bought it from gave me an extra set of strings. I promised my parents I wouldn’t splurge again until I get a job.

Yeah, I’ve decided to re-enter the work force again. I’ve already filled out four applications today (one for Menard’s, Bob Evans, Wendy’s, and Sonic) This blog isn’t making me enough money to live off of just yet. When it does, I’ll quit my job with no reservations. In the event that I do find a job that I like, I’ll find a way to manage my blog and my job. Hell, I did it when I was working before so no worries there.

This post was originally supposed to be guitar advise for beginners, but I wanted to show you guys my newest guitar along with my whole collection. Maybe I’ll do it tomorrow.

Well, I’m gonna watch some Ikki Tousen. Night!


P.S: Almost forgot to add a quick video of me showing the SG. It’s a bit dark, but you get the idea:

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