I'm Going To My Happy Place!

I was browsing through my RSS feeds and read an interesting post on Illuminated Mind.net. You can see it here. This got me thinking about my dream sanctuary aka happy place. Here are a couple pictures of Japan that inspire me:

Minobu temple and cherry blossoms
Minobu temple and cherry blossoms
Kakunodate in Akita.
Kakunodate in Akita.
From oosezaki Cape.
My Fuji from Oosezaki Cape.
From Syojiko Lake.
Mt Fuji from Syojiko Lake.
Mt Fuji from Fujiyoshida City.
Mt Fuji from Fujiyoshida City.

You can find these pictures and more at http://homepage2.nifty.com/hsuzuki/english/.

While I was making this post, I was listening to YouTube videos of Misora Hibari. She’s the Frank Sinatra of enka, which is traditional Japanese music. Basically, enka is to Japan as country is to America. While browsing through her vids, I came across this interesting band called Tokyo Jihen doing what appears to be a Misora Hibari cover (I think):

I looked up a couple more of their videos and I think that they’re pretty good. They mix enka singing with loungy jazz and some rock thrown in. I love Japanese music because it’s not afraid of mixing different genres of music together, whether it’s within a song or in an album.

Well, I’m gonna head to bed. Good-night!


2 thoughts on “I'm Going To My Happy Place!

  1. I read that post as well and it also conjured thoughts of my ‘happy place’. My first thought was the local airfield where I fly my radio control airplanes. It’s beautiful, slightly off the beaten path and has a great community of flyers to hang out with.

    I enjoyed checking out your pictures. Japan certainly has a lot of beauty to offer. Thanks for sharing your ‘happy place’ with us! Eric.

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