Integrity: I Don't Has It

So I was pulled into the office at Wal-Mart today.

Earlier that day, I had called a member of management (let’s call him Matt) and said that I wasn’t able to be at work this weekend due to a lack of transportation. Matt thought I was kidding, but it was true. I didn’t tell him this, but I’m going to visit my Aunt Pam this weekend and I’ve been trying to get people to cover my shifts so that I wouldn’t have to call those days off and leave them with no one. I would have had this taken care of earlier, but my stepdad kept on changing the dates that I was to request off. It went from Thurs-Sat to Fri-Sun.

A week ago, I posted a note above the time clock, where everyone else puts up extra hours they need covered or if they’re looking for hours to work. I did manage to get Jess to cover my Friday, but I dunno if she got my message on FaceBook about it. If not, oh shit…

So after I was done with my early 15-minute break (an hour-and-a-half into my 4-hour shift is a mite too early for my taste), I went into the office. Two managers were there and they asked me about what was going on and if I considered carpooling with someone. I told them that I was going to my aunt’s for the weekend because my main mode of nightly transportation (my parents) is gonna be out-of-state for the weekend, and thus, I can’t go to work. I couldn’t find anybody to cover my shifts, save for my Friday shift, and decided to call in to at least give Wal-Mart a heads-up ahead of time so they can hopefully find someone to cover for me.

They didn’t like that one bit. They thought that I was trying to do something underhanded when I didn’t mention going to my aunt’s that weekend. I apologized for not bringing that to Matt’s attention because I thought he wouldn’t accept me going to visit family as a valid excuse. He was also not very pleased about me calling off in the first place so I didn’t wanna add fuel to the fire. When they asked me about the note for hours above the timeclock, I explained to them that I was trying to get people to cover my shifts because the trip was planned and rescheduled on too short of notice to go into the computer and simply request it off. I would need to do that at least three weeks ahead of time, and even then I still need to be approved.

So to make a long story short, I’m probably going to be coached, similar to written up, for a lack of integrity. I need to keep this job at least until I go to BGSU if I’m accepted. If I’m not accepted, then I’ll need the job until I find a more profitable one so I can move out.

Well, I’m gonna be going to bed cuz I gotta get up early to leave so I’ll see you guys when I get back on Sunday or Monday if I’m too tired to write. Bye!


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