Is Weight Gain Sexy?

Hey guys. I was wondering around the YouTube the other day and came across this video:

It really creeped me out, especially reading some of the comments of that video. It’s been messing with my head all day!!

As pretty much everybody knows, being overweight has a shit-ton of health consequences like The Beetus. When I went to college, I gained like 30 lbs from all the crap I ate everyday. Just look at me in one of my older videos:

Yeah, I’m not too proud of that one. I keep it up anyway because It shows the progression of my videos.

Anyway, when I left UU, I lost all of my college weight and then some. Right now, I’m 209 lbs. My goal is to get back down to 180 lbs but no less than 170 lbs. Since summer’s pretty much over, I’m not as concerned about my weight as I was in the spring.

However, I’ve been doing some research on various diets and I’m reall curious about the raw food diet. Steve Pavlina went on the raw food diet and blogged about his changes in mood, mental clarity, weight loss, and other things. You can read about his raw food experiences here.

In conclusion, unless you’re underweight, weight gain is NOT sexy. Unless it’s up to 0:20 in the video max.


6 thoughts on “Is Weight Gain Sexy?

  1. Tastes vary, and to some people weight gain is very attractive. The video is simply aimed at them.

    That being said, the girl in that video can REALLY hold her weight well. The end result would probably be generally considered more attractive than her skinny self to most people, even those that don’t enjoy weight gain, I think.

  2. @ Envy – I heard in the comments for that video that it’s actually pictures of different girls. I dunno for sure though because we can’t see her face.

    I suppose it’s attractive for people who are into that sort of thing. Me, not so much. I certainly don’t mind if girls are a little overweight though, but like I said in the post, once the video goes past 0:20, it’s all downhill from there.

  3. As Envy said, everyone’s tastes vary. Personally I’ve NEVER believed that what’s attractive in a women has much to do with “how skinny she is”. Very simply I’ve seen some “heavy women” (in some cases VERY heavy women) that are VERY attractive and sexy and I’ve seen skinny chicks that were just butt ugly…often times because they’re so skinny. Unfortunately we live in a society where what’s considered attractive is usually dictated by the fashion industry…an industry no less that for the most part is ran by guys who like other guys! Personally I don’t want a woman who looks like a teenage boy…I want a woman who looks like a woman!

    On that note I also have to say that I would MUCH rather be with a woman who’s a “Big Beautiful Woman” and who feels comfortable and confident with herself rather than be with a woman who’s constantly worrying about her diet and what -other- people think she should look like. I’ve known women who literally count every last calorie as they are constantly worried about their “percentage of body fat”…arrggg…who’d want to be with a woman like that to begin with?? You go to “wine and dine” an otherwise beautiful lady and she sits there and has a piece of lettuce because she’s already had her calorie quota for the day and she spends the rest of the evening talking about how she really needs to loose just 5 more pounds…what’s the point?

    I also have to say that the comments about health, a woman’s weight and weight gain are simply WAY off base…”skinny” does NOT automatically equate to “healthy”. It’s a very bad misconception that a woman has to be skinny in order to be healthy and more over it’s very degrading to women as a whole to imply such things. The simply truth is that there are a great many heavy women out there who are considerably healthier than some skinny women who are paranoid about gaining weight…particularly when you factor in genetics. When a woman starves herself just to get down to or maintain a “size 4″…that’s -NOT- healthy as she’s denying her body the nutrients that it needs to actually be healthy. On the issue of health specifically, as long as a person eats right and exercises regularly, a person (male or female) can be perfectly healthy regardless of what people as a whole regard as “physically fit”.

    It’s a shame that the author of this article has such a horrible misconception of what’s considered “sexy” apparently based on a woman’s weight…such a person will likely never be happy with his (her) partner, particularly if said woman ever bears any children. Again however he (she) should realize that again everyone’s tastes are different…just because he (she) doesn’t think this type of thing is attractive doesn’t mean everyone thinks the same way, nor should they. You don’t like heavy women? That’s fine…but don’t assume everyone has the same taste as you and don’t chastise others for having the guts to be happy with themselves whatever their (or their partner’s) weight is.

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