7 thoughts on “It's OvAr Two-Thousaaaaaaaaaand!!!!1

  1. Hey Andy! I can’t help but come to your blog nearly every day. I really dig your insight and youthful charm. Even at “over 40” years of age, you help me remember what its like to be young. Keep on shining, moonbeam.

  2. Hey there, Andy-San. ^_^

    I’m a longtime reader (about a month), but a first time commenter. To me, this blog is like a reality television program, and I am always rooting for you. If you ever want to come visit New Jersey, I live in Plainsboro- about 15-20 mins from North Brunswick. I hold regular “cuddle parties” with both boys and girls, and they’re great ways to safely and consensually express affection and meet new people.

    Well, I hope to hear more from you.


  3. Your writing style is superb! As a bit of a history buff, I’d really like to see more posts about your past and some of what led you to be who you are today. Possibly a weekly segment? šŸ˜‰

  4. Now normally I woudln’t respond with nothin but i think that last comment is just downright uncalled for. Travis, take your shit elsewhere, like my momma said, “if you cant say nothin nice dont say nothin at all”.

  5. Wow, word gets out on campus and the comments explode. So dude, would you consider yourself “edgy”?

  6. To Alan Churnay: Thanks for the comment! I’ll continue to be in the springtime of my youth, and keep it well documented!!

    To hambufger: I’m working on getting more pictures up on the site, but because my current POS camera isn’t working at the moment, I can’t give you guys new pictures of me for now. When I get a new camera, I’ll definitely put up some pics and do some vlogging as well.

    To shinster007: My friend Eric says the same thing about my blog being a reality show, except it’s actually watchable lol! If I’m ever in NJ, I’ll try to swing on by!

    To Groverfan: Thanks for the comment about my excellent writing style! I’m really diggin’ your idea about talking about my past. Look forward to it soon!

    To travis: Who’s to say what’s meaningful and what’s not? I mean, when I was in high school and in college, I was totally uninterested in a lot of what the teachers and professors were discussing. I was more interested in unconventional knowledge such as how various everyday objects work and things that otherwise tickled my fancy. If you don’t find my blog interesting, tell me what you’d like to read about and I’ll gladly take it into consideration.

    To Billy Bronco: Yeah, I agree that travis’ comment is uncalled for. If he continues to post comments like that, I’ll either ban him or delete his posts.

    To Steve W: Judging from my posts, one could certainly think that I’m edgy, but I personally don’t classify myself as being edgy. Calling myself edgy makes me sound like I’m trying to be extreme for extreme’s sake, if you know what I mean. As Popeye once said, “I yam what i yam and that’s all I yam!”

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