J-Vid 02 – College Goals

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In this video, I first correct parts of my introduction video and then I talk about how I plan to come over to Japan via a college study-abroad program. Here’s the dialog in Romanji and English:

Konnichiwa, Andy desu.
(Hi, I’m Andy)

Ohio kara kimashita.
(I’m fron Ohio)

Nijuusan-sai desu.
(I’m 23 years old)

Shumi ga takusan arimasu.
(I have many hobbies)

Nihongo no benkyou mo, gita mo, terebi wo miru koto mo suki desu.
(I like Japanese studies, guitar, and watching TV)

Anime ga toku ni suki desu.
(I especially like anime)

Nii kagetsu kan shigoto o sagashi te ki ta ga, watashi ha mada shigoto o mitsuke te i nai.
(I’ve been looking for a job for two months, but I haven’t found a job yet.)

Findoree ohaio daigaku to nippon he no ryuugaku ni iku ni idou shi masu.
(I want to move to Findlay Ohio to go to college and study in Japan.)

O negatte ne!
(Wish me luck!)


P.S: The next Japanese video that I do will have the Kanji accompanying the dialog so that people who can read it can get a better understanding of what I’m trying to say (which includes my native Japanese audience as well as foreigners in Japan).

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