J-Vid 12 – My Watch

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In this J-Vid, I talk about my watch. Here’s the dialog:

Good evening, this is Andy!


Konbanwa, andi desu!

I have an interesting watch!


Watashi wa omoshiroi tokei o motte!

This watch is orange!


Kono tokei wa orenji-shoku desu!

I’ve had this watch for about 4 years!


Watashi wa yaku yon-nenkan, kono tokei ga a~tsu ta!

I bought this watch at Wal-Mart for about $10!

私はWal – Martで約$ 10この時計を買った!

Watashi wa Wal – Mart de yaku juu dorra kono tokei o ka~tsu ta!

So what kind of watches do you have?


Soredewa, tokei no shurui ga ari masu ka?


BGM Title: Minxy Techno Fun Time

BGM Artist: Lensei & MissHannahMinx

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