Life Is Like a Boat…

…or so I’m told.

I called BGSU to see if they received my transcripts and everything else. They have and they said that because I’m signed up for the spring semester, I won’t find out if I’m going or not until early September when classes start.

I’m really nervous about BGSU. I guess it’s the waiting that’s making me feel this way. It could also be that I haven’t gone to college since May 2007. I’m a bit rusty academically speaking, but I’m sure I’ll be fine.

I talked to Ben about buying his old car off him. He said that it’ll cost me $2,000 for it since it need a new transmission. He doesn’t want to do payments so I’ll have to wait until I have the whole $2,000 saved up. According to my financial projections, I predict that I’ll have it by November. It’s gonna take forever, but I’ll finally have my own vehicle again!!

Also, I called to see if the tire tube for the moped is in, and it’s not. God-damn! How long does it take?! It’s been several weeks and it’s still not in. WTF, mate?

Tomorrow, I’m going to mail back the Magic Kids package that I ordered at the beginning of August. I read through the whole thing, including the extra stuff they mailed me every week, and came to the conclusion that it’s too gimmicky for me. Magic Kids says that it’s not in the business of making get-rich-quick schemes, but in selling children’s clothes. Judging from the amount of “easy tips you can order to get you from earning $5,000 a month to $12,000 a month” crapola that I’ve been getting in the mail, I’d have to disagree with them. I’ll send their package back and get my pre-dated check back.

I’m a bit pissed off at Jon right now. I guess he was kidding about the whole “kicking you out because you wanna be a stand-up comedian” thing. Now, he wants me to write lyrics since I’m the singer.

While a lot of bands operate this way (the singer writes lyrics, the guitarists write the riffs, etc), I know a lot more that have a “go-to lyrics guy” that’s not always the singer. Neil Peart, the drummer from Rush, is an excellent example. Even though Geddy Lee sings, Neil writes the majority of the lyrics and Geddy tweeks them. Just because I sing doesn’t make me the sole lyrics writer. It’s difficult for me to write lyrics because I’m not used to that writing style. I can write stories, essays, blog posts, etc. However, it’s hard for me to write the lyrics to a song. It can als be attributed to having a lot of other things on my plate right now like BGSU, Wal-Mart, getting a car, etc.

Well, that’s it for me today. Now, I’m gonna grab me something to eat before I go to work. Bye!


P.S: Happy 2-month anniversery, Spicy Melon!! I doubt that I’ll get it up and running again, but who knows what the future may hold…

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