Miss Me?

I know, I know; I’ve been a very bad blogger as of late, what with all the erratic posting and flat-out ignoring this lovely blog altogether. Fortunantly, that’s going to change…


I’m going to be playing catch-up with putting my videos here on my blog. It might take awhile, but that’s the plan for now.


As far as upcoming projects and updates to my many video series, I’ll break down my response series-by-series:



Unless it’s for a special reason, I think I’ll be sticking with the mobile vlog format. As I’ve said before, school in the Navy is very demanding so I won’t be posting as much while I’m assigned to classes.

If you want the most frequently updated info,  follow me on Twitter. Otherwise, I’ve been trying my best to stick with doing at least one video a week, and even that sometimes goes out the back door. Just keep in mind that I’m in the military so my free time can quickly change depending on my schedule.



Ah, the series that got everybody talking!

If you’ll recall, I decided to put N-FAQs on hiatus awhile ago for several reasons. One was that I was starting to run out of fan-submitted questions to answer. The questions that I did get though were normally repeats of a question that I already answered in an episode.

Ultimately, I wasn’t having fun with the series like I did before and I felt that it had run its course. Rather than say that I don’t wanna do another episode of N-FAQs ever again, I put it on hiatus to give it a rest for awhile in hopes that I’ll come back to it with a fresh new batch of questions for the series. This still stands as I’m not currently making any new episodes of N-FAQs nor do I have any scripts or anything planned or written down. As always, you guys are still free to ask me questions via YouTube and I’ll be happy to answer them! Who knows, maybe the right question will prod me into making a new episode of N-FAQs!


Know Your Anime:

I’ve hinted in some of my videos that I was working on a new anime review series, and I’m happy to report that I’ve decided on the lineup of series that I want to review!! Unfortunantly, I can’t reveal the series in question, but I will say that it’ll be a mixture of very current anime, anime that just finished up, older anime, and obscure anime.

I’m currently working on the format of the series as well. I’m thinking somewhere along the lines of AnimeTV meets Atop The Fourth Wall, but I’ll try to keep the cheesy banter to a minimum (no promises though, hehe).


Movie Night / First Impact Anime:

Bringing up KYA inevitably brings up my two previous collaboration series with The Talkin’ Vedalken. If you’ve followed the episodes, you’ll know that Movie Night was basically a precursor/prototype for FIA. However, the Movie Night series recently saw a surge in popularity so there is a possibility that we may resurrect it as like a special episode or something.

As for FIA, I really want to record something when I go home on leave so there’s also a possibility of us busting out some episodes before my leave time is up. There’s plenty of anime out there to review, so I don’t think it’ll be a problem to find material.


Life In…Video:

I don’t really have much to say about this series’ status other than it’s more of a “when inspiration strikes” kinda series. If anyone out there wants me to get some footage of something in San Diego (NOT LA or Hollywood since I don’t have a car to get up there & back), feel free to say something & I’ll try to get out there. Otherwise, if I see something noteworthy then chances are that I’ll record it!


WAR (Wednesday Album Review):

Man, I really missed this series! I’ve been planning on bringing back the series for awhile now, but because of the amount of time it took to write the reviews, I had to always postpone it for something else. I have SEVERAL ideas for albums to review and I even have one of the reviews almost finished! Look forward to new episodes coming out soon!


Chrome Sparks & Riff Ideas:

I’ve been playing guitar a lot more nowadays & I’ve been coming up with some new riffs! Although simply playing the riffs for you guys is fun, I really want to have the full band setup so it doesn’t just sound like some guy playing guitar in his room. Hey, at least it’s not in the basement anymore, amirite?


Card Games on Helium:

There’s nothing much to say about the status of this series either. It’s pretty simple to make and it all comes down to just doing it. Expect new episodes to come out very soon!!


Well, that’s all I’ve got for now. Be sure to keep an eye on this blog! See ya!!



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