How To Get Out of a Musician's Rut

So I was browsing around my messages from today, and I came across a new email from housethegrate:

thanks for the comments on the myspace tracks. those are recent jams i’ve done, completely improvised, so yes, very much lacking focus. i’ve had difficulty in the past few years focusing on music, which is one reason i haven’t had much in the way of new releases and shit. i’m working on my craft, though, for sure, trying to get solid on guitar for real. i appreciate you still diggin my tunes and i hope i can have some new stuff for you to enjoy soon.

i’ll keep in touch man.


I replied by sending him this:

It’s good to hear that you’re still working to improve yourself! To be honest, aside from the jammy stuff and the gigs you did with Shawn Phase and Spamtron, I haven’t heard much new material from you since Houseworks was released.

When I get stuck in a funk playing guitar, I usually listen to my main inspirational players like Marty Friedman, Paul Gilbert, and Al Di Meola.

I even watch videos on how to play guitar for beginners, which may seem beneath players like us who’ve been playing for awhile (January 2010 marks my 5th year of picking up the guitar again), but we tend to forget things along the way as we progress as musicians.

Another thing I like to do is listen to music that I don’t normally listen to, which is not necessarily new music. I’ve been getting into jazz fusion beyond Al Di Meola like Casiopea a lot lately, although I still can’t get into Allan Holdsworth as much as I’d like to (his solos are dynamite, but his chords are too spacey and Muzak-y for me). I normally listen to a lot of classic 80s-90s metal so I popped in some new stuff like Atreyu’s new CD *hint-hint*. The throaty screams annoy me, but the guitar work is solid.

I’d love for you (and your bro too) to participate in DoD again! It’s been ages since you’ve done that, and I think it would help you get back into creating music again, regardless of the quality of the song!

Keep me posted!


P.S: The MySpace link still isn’t working.

So what do you guys do to break out of a funk, musical or otherwise? Leave me a comment below!


P.S: I’m thinking about starting up a Question of the Week kinda post for Fridays. What do you guys think of that?

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