My Best Week Ever!!!1

I was looking over my stats on Google Analytics, and found that I got the highest amount of views this week (currently 91) since I started!! I feel that my lil’ ol’ blog is finally growing up!

I believe that the high amount of views can be directly attributed to the following:

1 – Quitting my job.
Although I may have pulled my financial plug for the time being, I feel that I made the right decision. I know that if I really want to pursue making an income online, I had to take it a bit more seriously. How do I do that? By quitting my job so that I’m under pressure to generate income again. Of course, I could go out and get another job, but before I do, I need to get off the ground. I’m pretty darn sure that I can do that with $1,000.

2 – Commenting on blogs.
This simple action has been recommended in order to bring traffic in, It definitely works, let me tell you! I first tried it on some anime blogs like OGIUE MANIAX. It brought in some people so I continued doing it, but in personal development blogs since they’re the closest to my “niche”. Wow, my traffic skyrocketed! I went from having 8 visitors a day on average to breaking my record of highest daily visitors with 26 visitors (23 visitors was my previous record)! Try commenting on blogs; it worked for me!

3 – Following my passion.
Ever since I quit my job, I told myself that I would follow my passion by recreating to give people who enjoy cooking a platform on which to share their knowledge and talents with the world. It’ll also give me the money I need to pursue other things I’m interested in, as well as money to pay the bills. My goal is to become a member of the New Rich.

Who are the New Rich? You can read about them in books like “The 4-Hour Workweek” by Tim Ferriss or just Google it. In a nutshell, the New Rich are those unique individuals who decide to live life on their terms and no one else’s. They separate their time with their income by creating passive streams of income and outsourcing all of their menial tasks that require too much time.

What would I do when I become a member of the New Rich? It’s hard to say at this stage in the game, but I would want to start things off by buying some things. Things like a new car (I’m thinking something sporty), new guitars, new amps, new PA system, new computer, some new clothes, new glasses and contact lenses (because I’m tired of looking like a librarian), etc.

After I buy the toys, I would like to take my friends and family (in separate trips) to different places around the world. I want to take my friends with me to visit Japan. I want to take my family with me to visit Italy.

After that, I want to travel by myself for awhile. Go back to Japan for awhile, maybe visit London, see The Palace of the Parliament in Bucharest Romania, and who knows where else!

Well, I’m gonna get something to eat so I’ll see you guys later. Bye now!


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