N-FAQs 23 – Top 5 Restaurants To Go To After Graduating Navy Boot Camp

Top 5 Restaurants To Go To After Graduating Navy Boot Camp – N-FAQs 23

It’s been a year, but N-FAQs is back with a whole new set of questions to answer!!

In today’s episode of N-FAQs, I list recommended restaurants to visit after you graduate boot camp.

Directions & Stuff

Giordano’s Pizza

Full Moon Restaurant

Jack’s Pizza & Burgers

Emily’s Pancake House

Wildberry Pancakes

Submit Your Questions

Thanks for tuning in! You can submit questions of your own by YouTube personal message or via the comments below! If your question is picked to be featured in an episode of N-FAQs, then I’ll put up a link to your YouTube page in addition to giving you a shout-out. If you would like to remain anonymous, please say so in your message. Hooyah!!

Thanks for all of your questions so far, and if you have any more, by all means keep them coming!


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