N-FAQs 25 – Getting Kicked Out of Navy Boot Camp RESPONSE

Moral of the story: Don’t take cookies back to the compartment!!

In today’s episode of N-FAQs, I clarify what happened in boot camp when someone took food back to the compartment and was careless about it. This is also a video response to N-FAQs 13, which you should watch for some backstory.

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**Tech Notes**

*Program Used*

Sony Vegas Pro 12.0 (Build 367) 64-Bit

*Camera Used*

Canon PowerShot SX 230 HS

*Music Credits*

BGM: Introduction
BGM Artist: I Divide

BGM: Try Honesty
BGM Artist: Billy Talent

BGM: Interlude
BGM Artist: I Divide

Intro & Ending Footage

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