N-FAQs 02 – The Hardest Thing About Navy Boot Camp

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Alright cowboys, it’s time to bring back my N-FAQS video series by going over what the hardest thing I had to do while in boot camp.

I got asked this question (and many more) by one of my subscribers and it took myself a bit to narrow it down, but I did and I sent him this message:

That’s a tough question, especially since what I might think is hard might be super-easy for somebody else.

If I did have to point out one of the toughest moments I had in boot camp, it would have to be anytime I took the PFA, which is the physical test. I had to take it a total of 4 times during boot camp while the majority of everyone took it 3 times. The reason I had to do it an extra time is because I failed the final PFA (5 pushups away from passing, dammit!), but I passed it the second time so no worries.

Generally speaking, the first 2-3 weeks will be the toughest since you’re being introduced to a whole new lifestyle. The quicker the division catches on to the fact that they’ll pay for even one guy screwing around, the easier things will be.

I learned a lot from my Chief, and one of the things he said that stuck with me was “everything you do affects everyone around you”. Although this goes along with what I said about just one guy screwing around affecting the whole division, it can also be used positively.

For example, I would always do my best at everything despite not being very good at doing certain things. This helped motivate several of my shipmates to do their best (I found this out shortly before Battle Stations) as well as give me a hand whenever I had trouble with something.

Well, that’s all I got for tonight. I’m gonna be hanging out with some shipmates tomorrow and then back to the grindstone on Monday. Take care!


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