N-FAQs 12 – Advise On Choosing A Rate In The Navy

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In this week’s N-FAQs, I talk about choosing a rate in the Navy.


dude, im joining the navy pretty soon, and I have an inspect at MEPS next week…do you know anything about the jobs in mass communications(MC) and IT?


Although I don’t know much about the MC rate, I do know quite a few ITs from my boot camp division (heck, even my boot camp ship’s LCPO is an IT).

From what I understand, ITs deal with computer networking while MCs deal with press releases and the like. ICs are very similar to ITs in that they deal with a ship’s inner network, so that’s something else to keep in mind.

Basically, keep an open mind when you go to MEPS for your prospective rate. That’s the best advise I can give!!

Thanks so much for all of your questions! I’m gonna start recording more N-FAQs this weekend. Be sure to stay tuned!


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