N-FAQs 20 – Things To Know Before Boot Camp

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In this week’s N-FAQs, I talk about some stuff you should learn before you go to boot camp! Now that I’ve gotten my whole backlog of pre-February 2011 questions answered, I’ll be doing shout-outs to the people asking me questions on all future N-FAQs.



can i ask whats the stuff that you need to memorize in booth camp like 11 gen. orders ???? and what??

and just wonder when you pass your asvab how many months did you wait to shipped to booth camp


thanks for your video info’s



Hey there, thanks for the email!


So what is this booth camp that you speak of lol?


Aside from learning your 11 General Orders (hint: they all begin with “To”) and the Sailor’s Creed, I’d recommend learning how to take oral quizzes.


I’m the kind of guy that likes to read over the same question over and over to help answer it. However in most cases, that’s not how they did things in boot camp.


They line you up, you have to stand at attention, and they give you a question and about 15-20 seconds to answer it in the proper format that they teach you (Chief or Petty Officer, [repeat question] is ).


Most of the time, the questions are about rank recognition (collar devices and such), chain-of-command (which differs depending on your ship and division), 11 general orders, etc.


Other things that I would get an idea of how to do are folding (although their way of folding is much different than what most people do), how to march behind people without stepping on their heals (I would definitely, definitely, DEFINITELY recommend to your recruiters to help you and your fellow DEPers by doing marching exercises as this will save you TONS of frustration during your stay in boot camp), and how to get along with people & be a team player.


As far as the length of time between finishing the ASVAB and getting orders to boot camp goes, it differs from person to person. For me, it took about 6 months to go from first stepping in the recruiters’ office to going to boot camp.


As I said in one of my earlier videos, joining the Navy is not a quick fix to your problems; with emphasis on “quick”. Just be patient and let things process.


Thanks for the email and good luck!!




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