Gormak Is Invincible!!!

Hello everyone it’s the Andy-San here to tell you about today (or yesterday actually)

I went over to Cody’s graduation party (which was grate BTW) and I brought my minitape recorder with me so I could get another rant in and I finally did. I call it “Gormak Is Invincible!!!”. It’s low quality because it’s on a minitape recorder and I set it at half speed instead of regular speed. I think that it’s our funniest rant yet and I’m going to get it mixed and up on MySpace tomarrow.

Well I’m gonna hit the sack because I gotta work at 6:30 in the morn so peace out to all my homies and Cody if you’re reading this, your grad party was great (^_^)!


Rain, Rain, and yes; More Rain

Hey guys you got the Andy-San here with suff.

I made 2 remixes of Trifecta so check out ODK’s MySpace for that soon. I worked at Wal-Mart again today and I did door greeter for a while so that was a change of pace but it was too boring for my taste so I’ll leave it to the pros (^_^). I also cleaned most of the stuff we got from Dad’s and I’ll just finish it tomarrow.

I might get together with Eriopolis and Ben tomarrow (as in today) to do some ODK suff after I finish the basement and we get the mics from Jake’s house. I’m just itchin’ for another rant and if we play our cards right we might be able to get Jake and/or Cody in on this too.

Well I’m gonna go to bed so peace out.


P.S: The ReMixes are up if you wanna check them out at www.myspace.com/oofdakitty

My Head Kills or The Post of Nothing

Sup it’s the Andy-San again with news.

My firewall is being a total dick and sometimes my Internet goes out. I’ll get that fixed later. My head is killing me right now. Today was a normal day as I worked at Wally World. Tetris DS is an addictive game. I play it every break.

Well there’s not much else to say so peace to all my homies and good-night.


Stupid Internets!!!

Hey guys you got the Andy-San here kickin’ it to the fresh beats.

Sorry about not updating last night. If you didn’t get the idea from the title, my Internet took a big shit on me and I just now got it back.

Yesterday was a grate day. I chilled with Eriopolis and we played Magic with my new Dimur deck. I almost beat him but I lost. I gave him the Apprentice program so he can play Magic online. He’s also up-to-date on Naruto as well. After that, I got my McDonald’s check and bought some storage tubbies to put the stuff we got from our dad’s house in and I treated myself to Tetris DS.

Well, I’m gonna go. I gots bills to pay and such so peace out my homies!


Finally It's Here…

Hey y’all it’s the Andy-San again with great news! I didn’t save money by switching to Geico but it’s almost as good.

I was in town today getting some generic Cool Whip when I stopped by Cards-N-Stuff the local trading card shop to look around. I found the deck that Eriopolis wanted me to get and I bought it for 10 bones. I shall try my new deck against one of his tomarrow (or should I say today?).

After working at Wally World all day, I came home to enjoy a homemade pudding pop that I had gotten the Cool Whip for and it was grate ^_^

Then after that, I did my final exam for my online math class and bombed it with a 66%. It’s passing but it works. In a matter of 3 weeks, I raised my grade from a 3% (yes a three percent) to a decent 76% all thanks to my tutor who helped me shake the math rust I’ve accumulated since graduating high school. Much props to her!

Well kiddies I’m gonna hit the sack. I’ve got a grate day ahead of me and I want to enjoy it. Peace out!


Only One More Day…

Hey man you got the Andy-San here kickin’ back with pants. Yes, pants.

Today was an okay day as I got to talk to Steve finally. He didn’t seem too bummed about his graduation party; in fact he said that he had a blast. After workin’ at Wal-Mart, I massaged my shoulder, kicked back and watched Raw.

Well not much else to say so see ya next time!


I Feel Better

Hey it’s the Andy-San again with suff.

I worked at Wally World all day and when I can home I tried hooking up the NES I got from our dad’s house but to no avail.

In other news, I’ve been getting myself back into guitar shape for some projects that are in the concept stage right now. I’ll just say that they’re video game covers.

I played Magic with someone via Apprentice last night and it was quite fun. I’m gonna give Eriopolis the program this Wednesday. Speaking of which, I can’t wait until Wednesday when I get the whole day off.

Well I’m gonna take a shower and head to bed. Peace-out all!


It's So Hot Outside!!

You got the Andy-San here so getcha pull off of this shizz (no not the forum).

I worked at McDonald’s today and it wasn’t so bad except for the morning rush that was nuckin’ futz and the heat that was teh suk. After work I took over the trash and ran into Eriopolis so I chilled with him, Abbey, Cricket, and Ellen from work. Me and E (fear my 1337 grammorz) went to his house to play some Magic. I really want to construct a Dimur discard deck.

Well I’m gonna go and see if I can play someone on Apprentice MTG so peace out!


X3 Is Teh Bomb!!

Whuzzupp urrbuddy it’s the Andy-San here again with news.

Today was an alright day. I just got back from watching X-Men 3 and it was pretty cool. My next day off is Wednesday so I’ll see if anyone wants to do anything. I’m seriously getting burned-out on work. I can’t wait for my vacation.

I really don’t have much to say today so I guess I’ll see you all later.


Wigga Hit My Mirror!!!

Hey guys it’s the Andy-San with news.

I got to chill with Eriopolis today for a couple hours. He ganked the rest of FullMetal Alchemist from me while we played Magic and E showed me some of his drummin’ skills on a drumpad that he or Ben got. I also finished the song “Play It Loud”, which is a parody-of-sorts of the song “Cool It Now” by New Edition. My vocals aren’t the best, but it’s an okay song considering I made it in about 2 hours. It should be up on ODK’s MySpace soon. Speaking of which, ODK really needs to get together sometime so we can do a full recording. I need to get back in guitar-shape because it’s been too long since I’ve practiced regularly.

So my day was okay until I was getting to my car at the end of my shift with Wal-Mart. Some guy clipped my driver-side mirror on my car; luckily there was no other damage to it. All I know is that it was a white vehicle that struck it from the back since the mirror was 5 feet from the car and there’s a white streak on the side of it. I called the police and they did a police report (not a crash report) on it and the officer told me to give him a call if I found out anything about who struck my car. So after that I told a manager to leave a note for the lady in charge of surveillance about where my car was, the relative time it was hit, and the color of my car and suspected car. I’ll see what’s going on with that tomarrow when I come in to work.

Well that was my day and now I’m going to hit teh sack. Peace!


P.S: Play It Loud is up on ODK’s MySpace at www.myspace.com/oofdakitty