It's Times Like This…

…that I wish I were at a regular college instead of ITT Tech. Hey it’s the Andy-San again with pants. Yes, pants. Actually it’s about my day.

Today was better than yesterday although I worked more today. I still don’t like working 2 jobs but I am beginning to save up money instead of losing money. I think I’ll hold out until the end of my vacation and then decide whether or not to quit McDonald’s and work Wal-Mart full-time. Boy are my tendons killing me (>o<)

Well I’m gonna go to bed. Good-Night everyone!


A Case of the Mondays…On a Tuesday?

Hey everyone it’s the Andy-San again with suff to say.

Today was terrible for me. First I had to work at McDonald’s, then I went home to rest a bit and eat, then I went to work at Wal-Mart. I was 10 minutes late to Wal-Mart and I took almost 15 extra minutes on my break so needless to say the managers weren’t pleased with me today. I feel like I’m overworking myself and that I need to have only one job to support myself.

I’ve been seriously considering going to Urbana when I graduate ITT Tech (and yes I do plan to graduate) to make myself more marketable. I want to major in Computer Information Systems by the way. I really need to get out of this town and make some new friends ^_^

I’ve watched all of Green Green except for the 2 OVAs and I hope that Eriopolis liked them too. That’s pretty much it for me so see ya next time!


P.S: I readded Trifecta and Nothing Can Happen to the ODK MySpace although I had to sacrifice quality to get the files to fit. If you don’t have a link it’s

Today Rocked But The Shizzies Still Burn…

You got the Andy-San here, rockin’ the mic in full effect! 

Today was a most productive and fun day. I chizziled with Eriopolis and he got a 160 GB external hard drive, Kingdom Hearts II and the Player’s Guide, a Ravinca FatPak, and some McDonald’s. I used my Wal-Mart discount card for KHII and the hard drive and E got a discount on the Player’s Guide at GameStop for buying the game even though he didn’t buy the game at GameStop. Much props to Bernard for hooking us up fat. Oh and I used my half-off card at McDonald’s too. E saved $50 today because we both rock…bitch! I also came up with a good idea for a blue/black Magic deck to work on.

And then it happened. The thing that killed my good-day buzz. Eric Dewd. I chatted with him to see what he’s been up to and he gets in my face about shit I did on the Shizz Underground 2 months ago. I mean seriously, do those Shizzies have anything else better to do than trash someone who doesn’t even regularly post anymore? I thought Eric Dewd and I were cool but apparently I was wrong. They need to get over what I did and move on. I posted a response on the Underground about it to get it off my chest so I feel a little better

Well it’s that time again. Time to go to bed. Good-Night everybody!


Nothing Can Happen (no really)

You got the Andy-San here all by myself in my room on my computer wasting my sleepy-sleep time.

Nothing really happened today. I worked at Wal-Mart for most of the day and came home to chill.

However,  Eriopolis and I will get his hard drive from Wal-Mart tomarrow (or today actually), work on my Magic deck, and if time allows, another rant.

I’m gonna hit the sack so peace-out everyone!


Another Episode of "Good News/Bad News"

Hello again it’s the Andy-San kickin’ it old-school style!

Today was most productive. I moved all of our stuff that we wanted out of our dad’s house, cleaned it, and organized it (for the most part that is  ^_^). I even got my keyboard and keytar back, both of which are quite 1337.

And with our stuff back in our possession, we were handed the bad news. We couldn’t get any of the guitars, which was not surprising in the least bit but it was still disappointing. I couldn’t even get my own guitar back because they believed that it’s a rarity and worth a lot of money. So for now, all I can do is look up prices for the guitars and make them offers based on the prices. My stepdad said that he may buy some and let me pay him off for them so things are beginning to look better.

I’m gonna get some rest for tomarrow. Peace out!


Justin's a Douchefag, I get suff, and I >3 Green Green! More at 11!

Whuzzupp everyone it’s the Andy-San back again with news.

Justin, one of the managers at McDonald’s, recently hired his girlfriend as a front person. I was very mad at him yesterday for doing that. Even though she’s a nice person, I feel that it was unethical to hire her because it creates a conflict of interest due to her relationship with a manager. And yet it doesn’t surprise me. It was similar with his former fiancee Lindsay. She became a manager and as soon as she breaks up with him, she quits McDonald’s. I hope that Alicia (his girlfriend) loses interest in him and finds someone else to go out with (I would but she’s far too high-maintainance for my tastes ^_^).

But enough of that crap. I got the word from my aunt that I can pick up my and my brother’s stuff at our dad’s house at 11am Saturday and I think that my stepdad will help out but I gotta ask to be sure. I’m gonna offer my aunt $300 for Dad’s Alvarez and my Les Paul clone.

Also, I’m really getting into this anime called Green Green. I’m on episode 4 right now. I have the entire series which consists of 12 episodes and 2 OVAs, all subbed since an English dub isn’t available yet. I recommend it highly if you like Ranma 1/2 or other similar anime.

Well kids I’m gonna let you go for now. See you next time!


I got it!!

Sup everyone it’s the Andy-San comin’ at’cha with some news.

Today was another hectic double-job day as I went to McDonald’s then Wal-Mart. On the bright side, I saw Eriopolis at his job today and we talked for a bit about the Magic deck I should buy. Wal-Mart only had Guildpact decks there so I chose Izzet Gizmometry as my first Magic theme deck (yay me ^_^). I’m gonna try it out against some of Eriopolis’ decks tomorrow to see how it fares.

Well that was the jist of my day so I’ll be going to bed now. Peace out!


A Case of Teh Mondays

Hello everybody it’s the Andy-San here with suff and pants.

Today was crappy as I had to work at both McDonalds and Wal-Mart, and on top of that my allergies were acting up. I’ve accomplished pretty much nothing and the MTG deck I wanted wasn’t there so I don’t have anything to counterbalance today’s crappiness. I did wear my cool new shirt I got from Mom (not possible you say?) of an 8-bit wizard. You can see a picture of it at

I’m gonna head to bed. Peace out!


Tonight's Episode: Happy Mother's Day or Freaky Sunday.

Sup everyone it’s the Andy-San back with some news.

Today was just plain weird. When I came in to work at Wal-Mart today, I saw my cousins and my aunt (the one holding my dad’s guitars hostage) and we discussed when to come over and pick up our stuff. She also said that she’s willing to let me buy Dad’s Alvarez off her although she never said an amount. After that I saw my dad’s ex-girlfriend Nancy (the one who got my dad to drink again which killed him). Luckly I was switching registers so I didn’t have to deal with her.

But back to the guitar offer. I’ve been fighting my aunt over the possession of my dad’s guitars since he passed away in ’04, and she’s now allowing me to buy at least some of them off her? I think something’s up but if she’s willing to sell I’m willing to buy. The Alvarez is a jumbo body acoustic made in the early ’80s if I recall right. The neck was damaged and fixed a long time ago, making it very fragile and reducing its financial value. I’m gonna offer $200 for it and mention these facts to her if and when she objects. I also want to buy my first guitar, a Kay Les Paul clone. It’s not a very expensive guitar but it was my first and holds a dear place in my heart. It’s in good condition to my knowledge and I’m gonna offer $100 for it, $200 at the highest.

Sam Goody is going out of business and I plan to pick up some DS games over there for $20 a piece. I wanna get Tetris DS and Brain Age. I think I’ll go Wednesday.

Well guys I’m gonna go and watch Big Momma’s House 2 so peace out!


It's Still Alive!!!

Greetings, it’s the Andy-San with some major news.

After several month’s of hibernation, AnJa shall return to monitors everywhere sometime in the near future. I already have a domain set up so all I have to do is tweek the site up a bit and we should be good to go. I’ve decided to revive AnJa because I need a site to work on to get rid of my HTML rust and it’s been offline for too long. I can’t wait to get it back up again, but it may take some time if I want to redo some of the pages (and I’m sure I want to).

In other news, I’ve been working my ass off at both Wal-Mart and McDonald’s today. I also saw 2 girls that I’ve had a crush on back when I was in school: Jenna Schleucher and Jess Green. I said hi to Jenna (who said hi back and was real nice) but I ignored Jess. I don’t know why I didn’t say hi to her. I felt scared to say anything to her. God, it’s just like back in high school. I guess I’m going through a depression, thinking of the good times I had back in high school with my friends. I’m not sure what’s gonna get me over this depression for good.

Well enough of the emo, it’s time for me to go to bed. Have a good night everyone!