I got it!!

Sup everyone it’s the Andy-San comin’ at’cha with some news.

Today was another hectic double-job day as I went to McDonald’s then Wal-Mart. On the bright side, I saw Eriopolis at his job today and we talked for a bit about the Magic deck I should buy. Wal-Mart only had Guildpact decks there so I chose Izzet Gizmometry as my first Magic theme deck (yay me ^_^). I’m gonna try it out against some of Eriopolis’ decks tomorrow to see how it fares.

Well that was the jist of my day so I’ll be going to bed now. Peace out!


A Case of Teh Mondays

Hello everybody it’s the Andy-San here with suff and pants.

Today was crappy as I had to work at both McDonalds and Wal-Mart, and on top of that my allergies were acting up. I’ve accomplished pretty much nothing and the MTG deck I wanted wasn’t there so I don’t have anything to counterbalance today’s crappiness. I did wear my cool new shirt I got from Mom (not possible you say?) of an 8-bit wizard. You can see a picture of it at http://www.ipartyhard.com/processtype.asp?ProductID=393&ProcessType=2&pageid=9&subpageid=96

I’m gonna head to bed. Peace out!


Tonight's Episode: Happy Mother's Day or Freaky Sunday.

Sup everyone it’s the Andy-San back with some news.

Today was just plain weird. When I came in to work at Wal-Mart today, I saw my cousins and my aunt (the one holding my dad’s guitars hostage) and we discussed when to come over and pick up our stuff. She also said that she’s willing to let me buy Dad’s Alvarez off her although she never said an amount. After that I saw my dad’s ex-girlfriend Nancy (the one who got my dad to drink again which killed him). Luckly I was switching registers so I didn’t have to deal with her.

But back to the guitar offer. I’ve been fighting my aunt over the possession of my dad’s guitars since he passed away in ’04, and she’s now allowing me to buy at least some of them off her? I think something’s up but if she’s willing to sell I’m willing to buy. The Alvarez is a jumbo body acoustic made in the early ’80s if I recall right. The neck was damaged and fixed a long time ago, making it very fragile and reducing its financial value. I’m gonna offer $200 for it and mention these facts to her if and when she objects. I also want to buy my first guitar, a Kay Les Paul clone. It’s not a very expensive guitar but it was my first and holds a dear place in my heart. It’s in good condition to my knowledge and I’m gonna offer $100 for it, $200 at the highest.

Sam Goody is going out of business and I plan to pick up some DS games over there for $20 a piece. I wanna get Tetris DS and Brain Age. I think I’ll go Wednesday.

Well guys I’m gonna go and watch Big Momma’s House 2 so peace out!


It's Still Alive!!!

Greetings, it’s the Andy-San with some major news.

After several month’s of hibernation, AnJa shall return to monitors everywhere sometime in the near future. I already have a domain set up so all I have to do is tweek the site up a bit and we should be good to go. I’ve decided to revive AnJa because I need a site to work on to get rid of my HTML rust and it’s been offline for too long. I can’t wait to get it back up again, but it may take some time if I want to redo some of the pages (and I’m sure I want to).

In other news, I’ve been working my ass off at both Wal-Mart and McDonald’s today. I also saw 2 girls that I’ve had a crush on back when I was in school: Jenna Schleucher and Jess Green. I said hi to Jenna (who said hi back and was real nice) but I ignored Jess. I don’t know why I didn’t say hi to her. I felt scared to say anything to her. God, it’s just like back in high school. I guess I’m going through a depression, thinking of the good times I had back in high school with my friends. I’m not sure what’s gonna get me over this depression for good.

Well enough of the emo, it’s time for me to go to bed. Have a good night everyone!


It's Nice…

…to have my first whole day off in a while! Hey it’s the Andy-San back again with an update.

I went over to Eriopolis’ place today and chilled for a bit. We played some Magic, watched various video clips we got, and ate some ‘za. I also gave him episodes 50-80 of Naruto. He also explained to me of a top-secret project he’s thinking of entering into DoD sometime, and I agreed to help him out with it (no it’s not a collab). So today was surprisingly productive as well as a good day to chill.

Well I’m gonna go to bed since I gotta get up early. Peace out!


Life Is Teh Grate!

Sup all it’s the Andy-San back with more news.

Wal-Mart is working out grate; I’ve had nothing but compliments from both customers and employees. I even got a card today from a customer asking me to help him with his website.

In other news, I’m still deciding which Magic deck I should purchase. I have determined that I would like to run an Aggro-Control hybrid deck and the only Magic decks available at Wal-Mart are from GuildPact. Advice would be nice (haha rhyme lol rofl >__<)

Speaking of MTG, Eric loved his birthday present of 52 episodes of the subbed Naruto (more to come). I got horribly lost leaving Urbana and ended up in Findlay which was a total pain in teh ass to navigate back home. But other than that I had a great time at Urbana playing Magic, eating Casano’s, and just chillin.

Well I’m gonna hit teh sack. Peace out!


I Return…

Aloha errbuddy it’s the Andy-San again with news.

I apologize for my lack of updates as I have been preoccupied by Wal-Mart among other things. I did orientation yesterday after a last-minute reschedule and did my training today. Tomarrow I think I’m gonna be on a register or something for a brief shift and after that I’m going to visit The Big E aka Eriopolis for his birthday. I got lots of suff for his b-day that he’ll love, but I can’t say anymore or it will ruin the surprise.

Peace out all and see ya next time!


Cleaning Fryers is Teh Suck!

Sup homies it’s the Andy-San with more news.

Today wasn’t very productive; in fact it just plain sucked. I had to clean the fryers for the first time today, during a rush, while Mary (one of the co-owners) was there. So not only was I doing something that I’ve never done before, I had to do it closely surrounded by people with the heat of the fryers flying in my face making it almost unbearable. And my right hand is a little sore on top of all that.

I also told a lot of the McDonald’s workers that I got the job at Wal-Mart but I haven’t told the managers because I’m not sure how to set up my schedule/availability yet. I should get a confirmation call from Wal-Mart either tomorrow or Monday for orientation. Like I said before, I’m probably gonna work at Wal-Mart in the mornings and work at McDonald’s at night and on Saturday I won’t work at all (I do need one full day of rest).

I got school tomorrow so see y’all later!


I did it!!!

Hello everyone it’s the Andy-San back again with some important news.

I went in for my interview at Wal-Mart expecting a short 15-30 minute interview with the interviewer saying at the end “We’ll see you back here on so-and-so date for the next interview”, but that didn’t happen. I got all 3 of my interviews done in succession and they sent me home with forms for a required drug test, to be completed at the hospital on 127, which will take about 3 business days to complete. I cashed my check from McDonald’s, pissed in a cup, and went home to tell the good news. Although it’s not technically official until the results from the test come in but since I don’t do drugs of any kind I can say that I’m now a part of the Wal-Mart team. I plan to work at Wal-Mart fulltime most likely in the morning (like 9-5 or something like that) and work at McDonald’s from the time I get out of Wal-Mart until 10pm. I’m so happy that I got the job (I’m a cashier by the way), but I’m not gonna get full of myself and walk-out of McDonald’s if things get tough and if I do decide to leave I’ll put in my 2 weeks and work until I’m done.

I’m gonna go and chill for the rest of the night so peace out and much love to everyone!


Oh the allergies…

Hellos errbuddy it’s the Andy-San back with more suff.

Well today was pretty non-eventful. I watched Scary Movie 4 and part of Wrestlemania 22. I also had to endure teh allergies of suckdom at work. I’ve got a small crush on this new girl at work. I get along with her friends pretty well and I want to talk to them about her before I do anything with her. Tomarrow’s the big day. “<ref=”Scott Stapp>Wal-Mart, I am ready to work.”</ref>”

I gotta get up at 5 tomarrow so catch ya later.